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She didn't feel as if she had one anymore, not without Michael. She had sent Eve off with David just after she decided to search for her mate, not wanting to put her in any more danger. She trusted David to protect her, and teach her what she needed to know. Hopefully she would see her daughter soon, as it had already been two months. She called every day to check up on them, but she longed to see her daughter.

But not without Michael.

Today, she had flown out to the castle where she and Michael had killed Marcus and William. The broken copter still hung from the ceiling and the bodies of the lycans and Marcus, although mostly decomposed, still laid there. The smell made Selene's stomach turn; rotting flesh combined with the lycan's stink was nearly the most repulsive thing she had even smelled.

She hoped there would be some sort of hint as to where Michael was. She craved his warmth, his touch. She wanted to feel his arms around her. The love sick thoughts would have to wait, as it seemed she had been followed. A growl tore her from her thoughts

Lycan, She thought Judging by the sound. She pulled her guns from the holsters and ran towards the sound. There was a whole pack standing there, growling at her. That wasn't what caught her attention, it was the figure behind them that had caught her eye. She shook her head slightly in disbelief and focused on the task at hand, the lycans. She fired off round after round, killing the lycans left and right.

There it was… that growl. She shivered and looked up. He was there, but unlike normal, the growl was directed not at the lycans, but at her. He charged at her, claws digging into her shoulder.

"Michael!" She cried out as he pushed her into the wall. Her vision darkened for a moment as her head slammed into the rock. She looked up to him. He was here, but there was something different. His eyes lacked the light she had grown so attached too. Her eyes searched his body and her eyes landed on an anklet around his ankle. It was glowing an ominous red. She realized she needed to get this off so she could be with him once more, yet she couldn't figure out how.

"Michael, listen, it's me." She whimpered. She saw no flash of recognition in his eyes as he dug his claws deep into her shoulder. She whimpered out of pain and fell down to her knees. She looked at the item that was causing her so much mental pain. Her hands futilely grasped at it and tried to break it. There was an amused growl and then he kicked her. She was sent flying into a pillar and landed right beside Marcus's decomposed head. She hissed in shock. She clearly wasn't expecting Michael's attack. Her chest hurt as blood leaked out of the corned of her mouth.

She reached down, pulling a gun out of the holster and shooting the gun at his ankle. She cringed as a pained howl rang in her ears as she felt like crying. I'm sorry Michael. She thought, looking down. She heard him growl again. She waited, and waited, and waited for him to strike her again, for the cold hands of death to finally take her. She felt a hand on her shoulder, but it was warm and clawless. She didn't move, afraid to see who was there. She no longer heard the lycans growling. She took a deep breath, and her heart fluttered. She recognized the scent anywhere.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered "The lycans… were controlling me. I had no free will, no power to do anything besides what they told me. Selene, please, look at me." She looked up and was met with sea-green eyes. Her arms wrapped around his neck, lips finding lips. She melted into him, they basically became one. With him, in his arms, she was home.

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