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The End part 1

Real Jump City (Normal pov)

It was an ordinary day in Jump City. For the citizens there didn't appear to be any signs of trouble or any signs of anything going on. Unbeknownst to them there was a battle going on above their world. Many soul reapers appeared all over the city, including many heroes like Superman, War Hawk the son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, Batman, and many others.

They arrived to the city to assist their allies who were fighting in the fake Jump City. A few of the Soul Reaper captains stayed behind to help the heroes in case the barrier that surrounds the fake Jump City falls.

Superman and Batman watched above into the sky. To others there was nothing there, but they knew otherwise. That up there was where the fight was going on. It was invisible to the world and it was in a different dimension, but if anything happens to the pillars then it will be revealed to the world.

They were soon approached by two Soul Reaper captains who did not go with their friends up to the battle. One was captain of squad 13 Jushiro Ukitake and captain of squad Shunsui Kyoraku. Both were former apprentices of Genryusai Yamamoto who was once the head captain of squad one and of the 13 court guards, till he departed to the next life. The two captains approached the two heroes with Nanao Ise who was Shunsui's lieutenant.

"Hey you two how's the evacuation going?" Captain Shunsui asked.

"We're not evacuating just yet. We informed the mayor that we're just here to do some inspections and not to alert the citizens for fear of panic." Superman explained.

"I suppose that is wise. Despite the years if people found out about something going to happen to their city they would panic and that would create a lot of chaos." Captain Ukitake agreed.

"Still, wouldn't it be better if they know the truth." Nanao said as she spoke to the two captains and heroes, "It would be better if they knew and have time to get out. It's not the 20th century anymore, there are people in this world who have learned not to panic like wild animals."

"True, but there are those who will," Batman looks down on the city, "It's those kinds of people that can cause harm to others and will create so much chaos it will be worst than what Mark IV's army will do to the city."

Shunsui nodded and lowered his hat, "Yeah, I guess that's true."

Just then the captain of squad 4 Retsu Unohana appeared along with her lieutenant Isane Kotetsu, "Hello gentlemen, how are things here?"

Ukitake greeted the squad 4 captain, "Everything is fine Captain Unohana and how are you?"

Retsu Unohana smiled at the men, "I'm fine, I sent some of my squad members to help the wounded in the fake Jump City."

"How's it going?" Superman asked.

"Everything is going fine. So far no one has gotten hurt or killed, although I'm unsure about Isamu since he took off to battle Mark IV," Captain Unohana explained.

"That's not good. I hope he can hold his own till the others finish with those creatures of Mark IV," Ukitake said, a bit concerned for Isamu.

"I wouldn't worry he's a tough kid. Besides he won't be alone when he fights Mark IV," Batman said.

"Who's going to help him?" Isane asked.

"An old rival, an old enemy, an old friend," Batman explained leaving the lieutenants confused, while the others knew who it was.

Fake Jump City (Ichigo's pov)

I jumped around the city taking out many of these Crocodragon Knights. It was big pain in the ass fighting them since if they bit me or cut me their poison would do serious damage. I managed to kill many of these creatures, but more were coming. Some charged at me so I jumped in the air and waited for them to attack me.

"All right you bastards take this, Getsuga Tenshou (Moon Fang Piercing the Heavens)!" I shot off a power blade wave attack towards the knights, wiping them out.

Several Crocodragon Knights continued to try and attack me, but I managed to use flash step to get away. As I moved away from those creatures I spotted Ikkaku and Yumichika surrounded by the Crocodragon Knights as they moved in on them. I landed next to them and began to help them against the knights.

"Hey! Who said you could join in our fight Ichigo?" Ikkaku asked as he cut down three of the knights.

"Just thought I'd give you guys a hand that's all," I said as I cut down five of the knights.

"After all these years you should know by now we don't need help," one Crocodragon Knight came towards Yumichika who cuts off the creature's head off. He pulled away his hair and smiled, "These things are no match for us or the captain,"

I looked over where Yumichika was pointing at as I saw a huge explosion as hundreds of Crocodragon Knights were being cut down as blood and limps were being thrown in the air. I knew who was killing those creatures and could sense it through the strong spiritual pressure. We soon saw Captain Kenpachi Zaraki emerging from the dead Crocodragon Knights.

"As destructive as always eh Zaraki?" I said remembering my past fight with Zaraki and despite how hurt he got he wouldn't stop fighting.

"Of course, though I wish these creatures would put up more of a fight than this," Zaraki saw more of the Crocodragon Knights appearing as they snarled against him. Zaraki smiled and began to laugh, "Oh now this is getting good, give me all you got!"

The creatures charged towards Zaraki who charged towards them. I sighed and knew no matter how many centuries have passed that guy will always be the same guy, "I wonder if he'll find anything that will be a new hobby besides fighting or killing,"

"Nope don't think so Ichi," I turned around and saw Yachiru, Zaraki's lieutenant on my shoulder.

"What the…? Yachiru what are you doing here? And not with Zaraki?" I asked wondering why she wasn't on his shoulders.

"I was, but then I saw an ice cream shop and went to get some. But then I found out it wasn't real," Yachiru said as her eyes turned watery, but after a few seconds the tears disappeared, "But now I'm back and going to join Kenny,"

She jumped off my shoulder and went towards Zaraki, "She is just odd as Zaraki huh?" I turned around to find Ikkaku and Yumichika were off fighting too. I heard some growls nearby and saw more of the Crocodragon Knights approaching me, "Heh bring it on uglies."

(Normal pov)

Morticia watched as the armies of Crocodragon knights were decimated. The creatures vastly outnumbered the heroes but the heroes were far more powerful. She felt the nervousness build inside her as her forces dwindled. The only thing keeping her safe was that the heroes couldn't risk attacking with the children so close.

Liana and Jake managed to bend the bars using the Force as they carefully got out. Liana went first and helped her brother out, "Come on Jake," she whispered quietly at her brother.

"I'm coming," Jake responded whispering quietly as well as he got out of the cage.

"Let's go," the kids began to walk away as they were going to meet up with the adults when six of the Crocodragon knights appeared around them.

The Crocodragons hissed furiously at the children as they encircled them. One of the creatures looked over at Morticia with the intent to inform her. Jake and Liana held the other a bit scared by these creatures.

"Save your breath lizard" Morticia didn't even look round, "Just keep an eye on them.

The Crocodragon bowed its head submissively to her before leering at the children.

"Let us go," Liana demanded, trying to act brave.

One of the Crocodragons snapped its massive jaw just a few centimeters from Liana's face. The horrid breath blew all over her face as a long slimy tongue stretched towards her.

Jake slapped the creature on the nose and it backed away a bit, "Leave my sister alone ugly,"

Morticia stepped over and smirked at the children, "Shut up brats. I'm trying to watch my future husband murder your scum friends."

Liana threw a rock at Morticia, aiming for her cheek. However, Morticia caught it with ease, "Our family is going to kick your butts."

Jake nodded, "Yeah, they won't lose."

"Tsk tsk, naughty children need to be punished." Morticia snapped her fingers.

Unbearable waves of agony coursed through the children as the shock collars administered a measure of Morticia's displeasure. The pain drove them to their knees as the kids screamed from the pain.

"Now, now" Morticia giggled, "If you're good mummy won't need to punish you. Understand?" she stopped the shock collars.

Liana struggled to get up as she glared at the woman, while her brother was on the ground crying. She wiped the tears from her eyes and spoke as best she could, "You're...not...our...mommy...you're...a...witch,"

Rolling her eyes Morticia turned back to the battle, "Shut up or you'll be an only child."

"You're the one...who should be quiet," Liana struggled to say as she got back on her feet slowly, "Our mommy would never hurt us...our mommy would protect us...and love us...you don't love us and no matter what you do to us...we'll never call you mommy or that monster daddy,"

"That is it you brats." Morticia breathed deeply, "Respect your elders and shut up!"

Just before Morticia hurt the kids a figured appeared with the kids holding two swords. The figure moved the blades behind the kid's necks cutting the collars off and freeing the kids from being shocked by Morticia. Morticia was shocked seeing this as she didn't sense or saw where this figure appeared.

"Don't just stand there you idiots" she snapped at the Crocodragons, "Get them!"

They didn't move. Then she noticed a thick spurt of blood coming from their necks, just before the heads of all her Crocodragon bodyguards fell to the ground.

Liana helped her brother up as the figure who wore a scarf over the face stared at Morticia. Morticia noticed the figure was a woman by seeing the chest area. More of the Crocodragon knights appeared behind Morticia as they got ready for their orders.

"Morticia," the woman spoke, "You have three options, surrender, be killed, or die a terrible death,"

"Wait a minute" Morticia snapped her fingers in realization, "I know you. You're that Soul Scum Misa."

The Crocodragons hissed threateningly as they drew their swords and spread out.

"You know." Morticia smiled, "There is a really nice man I could introduce you to. He wears a military uniform and absolutely loves Talsein and anyone associated with him. You two could hit it off."

Her Crocodragons blinked in confusion. Did their Mistress want this female dead or set her up on a date? She was obviously referring to General Maraxus, but he despised Talsein and anyone associated with him.

Misa closed her eyes and smiled, "Tempting, but I know your tricks. So no thanks now then surrender or else your death will be at the hands of two people you wronged."

"I wronged someone?" Morticia looked around in mock horror, "Oh I'm such a bad girl." she bit her finger teasingly, "Maybe you should come over here and teach me a lesson." she winked.

At this point all of her goons were wondering if she was alright in the head.

"No, but I will," Morticia's eyes widened as she looked over to see who spoke.

The kids looked over and smiled, "Momma!"

Ahsoka arrived and she had her eyes on Morticia, glaring at her, "Surprised Morticia?"

Morticia winced, "Oh shit."

Ahsoka took out her lightsabers and ignited them, "This time I won't let you escape,"

Morticia quickly gestured to Savage and Maul, "Kill her, and make sure you do this time." she turned to Blaze and Sub Zero, "You two get the kids. And you lizards deal with that Soul bitch"

As Maul and Savage approached Ahsoka and the two criminals were going after the kids all four were grabbed by Misa and Tetsip, "You want a fight then let's take it somewhere else," Tetsip said as he vanished with Sub-Zero and Blaze, while Misa disappeared with Maul and Savage.

Morticia saw her chance as she went for the kids, but someone else appeared surprising her, "Stay away from my kids, you bitch" to her surprise it was Ichiro who was alive and standing before Morticia.

"Daddy!" The kids hugged their dad who had baby Barriss in his arms, "Little sister!"

"Fuck" Morticia swore, "Would you just die and make me happy? Is it too much to ask?"

"Ichiro take the kids out of here and maybe sure they are kept safe. I'm going to finish this once and for all," Ichiro nodded as he held the kids close.

"Ahsoka, be careful and I love you," Ahsoka smiled at her husband and kids.

"We love you too mommy and kick her butt," Liana and Jake said at the same time.

"I will kids and I love you all too," Ichiro vanished with the kids leaving just Ahsoka, Morticia, and some of her Crocodragon Knights, "You know those knights are useless against me so why don't you fight me one on one or is it that you're afraid you'll die by my hands again?"

Morticia stepped back hastily, "Why should I fight when they can do it for me? Kill her!" she screamed.

The Crocodragon Knights charged at Ahsoka who stood her ground. She held her lightsabers tightly and then used her flash step to kill off all the remaining Crocodragon Knights though it left her a little tired as she panted a bit, "Now it's just you and me, bitch."

"Fuck you" Morticia backed away, "I don't need to waste my time fighting you."

"What's the matter Morticia? You were so confident when you were kicking my ass years ago or is it now you realized that you can't beat me," Ahsoka noticed Morticia got a little ticked, "You tried to replace me you failed, you tried to have a kid you failed, you tried to turn my kids you failed at that, and you tried to kill me you failed. You and Mark IV have something in common you both are failures and will never beat the originals."

"Last I checked there is no original for my boyfriend to fight against." Morticia sneered, "And once I'm done with you then I won't have an original either."

With that she ignited a crimson lightsaber and shoto, "Let's make this interesting. No powers, no Force, no magic. Just you and me hand to hand."

Ahsoka nodded, "Sound good to me though I don't need them to beat you."

She closed her eyes and remembered all she learned from Isamu, Hikari, and her former master Anakin. She knew she would need all her old skills to win. She wasn't going to allow Morticia to win and beat her.

"Let's do this."

Fake Jump City (Rachel's pov)

Hikari, Katalia, Hanako, Harribel, and I were fighting some of the Crocodragon Knights in downtown. It was a good thing the city was empty otherwise this fight would have caused a lot of problems for the city, the people, and for us.

Hikari used her zanpakuto to incinerate all the Knights leaving them nothing but ashes. Hanako and Harribel used their flash step and swords to cut down many of the Knights with ease. I used my powers to create miniature projectiles that were small and strong enough to pierce through the creatures and kill them. Katalia's way of killing them was well a little bit different than our way.

Katalia was, at her core, a dangerous animal. Now she was unleashing her inner savage and slashed her way through hordes of Crocodragon Knights, she was coated in blood and guts but that didn't slow her down at all. Her muscles were reinforced with extremely high levels of energy so she could quite easily fight all day and not get tired.

We finished fighting the Crocodragon Knights, except for Katalia as we waited for her to finish up with the ones she was killing. Once she finally finished she approached the women. She looked calm and ignored the blood on her body.

"You okay?" Hikari asked.

"I'm fine," Katalia wiped the blood off her face and looked over to see the fight wass still going on, "I wonder if Isamu can really beat Mark IV. That body Mark IV is wearing has made him very powerful."

"True, but having power doesn't decide who wins. It's how you use it and what you do with it," Rachel said as she fended off more of the Crocodragon Knights.

"She's right, Isamu will find a way to win. Don't worry," Hanako blasted away more of the creatures.

"How can you guys be so sure he'll win?" Katalia asked as she ripped a Knight's jaw off.

"They believe in him, just as you should believe in him," Harebell said as she blasted away at the Knights.

Katalia nodded, then saw some normal Crocodragons appearing and heading towards them, "Looks like the fun for us is just beginning ladies."

"First one to kill all these guys wins!" Hikari shouted as everyone nodded and charged at the enemy.

Amusement Park (Normal pov)

Tetsip dropped off Darth Maul and Savage Opress in an amusement park, even though it wasn't a real one like from Jump City. The two brothers looked around and saw there was no Crocodragon Knights here. They also noticed there were no heroes around either. So either Tetsip dropped them off here to keep them away from the fight or someone would come to fight them both.

Just then they spotted a hooded figure appearing. The two brothers took out their lightsabers and got ready for who their opponent is. Maul couldn't sense who this figure was, but could sense it was someone who was strong with the Force.

"And who are you little one?" Maul asked as the figure removed the cloak that covered who they were.

It was a human female. She had short black hair that reached under her ears, a braid on the left side of her head, brown eyes, and light skin. The figure wore black tights with black camo shorts, black boots, sleeveless black shirt, black gloves, and two lightsabers in her hand.

"My name is Kalifa, padawan of Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, and I am here to kill you two Sith lords," Kalifa activated her lightsabers and got ready to fight.

Darth Maul and his brother laughed seeing this. They figured this had to be some kind of joke. Tetsip brought the two brothers to fight a padawan? To them this was going to be very easy.

"Brother allow me to dispose of this padawan," Savage said volunteering to kill Kalifa.

"Very well, but be quick about it. We must return to Mistress Morticia," Savage nodded as he activated his double sided red lightsaber.

Kalifa activated her own lightsabers as the blades were revealed to be green and blue, "Underestimate me and it will be your last, beast,"

This made Savage mad since he hates being called a beast or wild animal. Savage charged at the padawan bringing his lightsaber down on her lightsaber. She blocked it and went for a strike against Savage, who also blocked the attack. Savage continued on his assault trying to take down the young padawan. Kalifa however showed no sign of backing down or trouble against the monster.

Savage pushed Kalifa away as he used the Force to send her flying. Kalifa landed though on her feet and on top of one of the games of the amusement park. Savage charged at her, but Kalifa used some of the balls that would be used to knock the bottles down. She threw two at Savage who cut them in half. Kalifa jumped out the way, but while in mid air she threw the third ball which hit Savage on the head. She then used the Force to send the monster flying into the game knocking down the three bottles which hit Savage on the head.

"Looks like I win a prize," Kalifa used the Force to grab a stuff animal, "And for the loser a splitting headache."

Savage emerged from the destroyed game station roaring as he was mad. Maul sighed in annoyance as he saw his brother being mocked and is losing to a padawan. He never had any trouble dealing with a Jedi, except for Kenobi, but that was luck that Kenobi had. He wasn't going to allow his brother to embarrass him and make them look like Sub-Zero and Blaze.

"Savage kill her already or I'll do it myself!" Maul shouted at his brother.

Savage growled a bit at his brother. Kalifa noticed this and smiled, "It seems like your brother doesn't have faith in you. Perhaps he thinks you're a wild animal that needs to be disciplined."

Savage growled some more now at Kalifa, "Silence Jedi," Savage charged at Kalifa who blocked Savage's attacks. She moved out of the way and tripped Savage causing him to fall towards another game stand.

"That's it," Maul ignited his lightsaber and began to attack Kalifa who blocked his attacks. He used the Force to push Kalifa back and then went for another attack, but Kalifa jumped out of the way and jumped again this time standing on top of a roller coaster ride.

Savage got up and approached his brother, "Thank you brother, but I could have handled her,"

Maul glared at his brother, "You couldn't take care of one little padawan child. You disgust-(Whack!)

Maul was hit by a roller coaster cart by Kalifa who didn't look happy, "I'm 16 years old I'm not a child anymore," Darth Maul got up after Savage removed the cart from his brother. The two brothers nodded as they turned their attention to Kalifa who realized what she just did, "Uh oh maybe I shouldn't have done that."

Meanwhile (Isamu's pov)

Mark IV and I fought outside of the fake Jump City and into the canyons where it was connected to the fake Jump City. I was glad the others managed to create this world, still I was a bit mad that my masters lied to us about knowing Mark IV would return. Still I would deal with them later, right now I needed to deal with Mark IV.

I was in my bankai form as we battled through the canyons. I had to admit this new body of Mark IV was stronger than the last one. He was able to fly, his strength and speed increased, and he didn't need a sword to block my zanpakuto's attacks. This was going to be a challenge. We collided once more before pushing the other off as we hovered over the canyons.

"Not bad, you've gotten better Markie, although I think you should give up now or else," I did hope he would surrender, but another part of me hoped we continue with this fight since I wanted to make him pay for all he did to my family, and to end this madness.

"You have no idea of the power I wield." Mark IV had a dangerous glint in his eye, "You may have defeated me before, but not anymore!" he slammed his fists together and sent out a shockwave of energy.

I used my spiritual energy to halt the shockwave from hitting me, "And you have no idea of my power either," I powered up as my spiritual pressure began to shake the entire area around us.

"Actually I do." the eyes of the armour glowed green, "Every time you use your energy Omega will analyze it and work out your level of power, and how to defeat you."

I smiled since this was the first time I faced an enemy who had something like that suit, "Really? Well then I'll let you make the first move then and we'll see if you can defeat me with the suit,"

"Your mistake." Mark IV conjured an orb of white energy in his hands and flung it high into the air. The orb exploded and millions of lasers showered down, upon contact with anything they exploded violently and sent out bolts of lightning in a two meter radius.

"Uh oh," I used my flash step, dodging each one of the attacks, while almost getting hit with some of them.

"How long can you keep it up Isamu?" Mark IV conjured two more orbs, "I can keep going" he flung them into the air and watched as two more showers of lasers rained down on the battlefield.

I used flash step again this time away from the lasers. Some came towards me, but I decided it was my move, "Go Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!" I shot off a powerful white fang shape blast wiping away the lasers and going towards Mark IV. Mark IV easily moved out of the way, but I appeared nearby and kicked him in the face sending him towards the ground, "Urufufanguburēdo (wolf fang blade)!" I attacked him again this time with a direct hit.

I waited to see where he was since I knew it didn't kill him, though I wonder if it did some damage. I soon saw something moving around and realized it was him.

His armour was glowing red and he casually brushed his shoulder, "You must be losing your touch. Omega scanned your attack and conjured a shield before you were even close to touching me." the red glow vanished, "You can't win Isamu. Technology combined with magic is the reason Maraxus is still alive. It is the reason Omega is invincible. And it is the reason you will die this day."

I smiled and shook my head, "You are good I'll give you that and your suit can read my spiritual energy right? Let me ask you this can it read my hollow energy?"

Mark IV didn't answer. Instead he conjured a screen inside the armour's helmet to run a search through its databases.

There was no information on anything associated with hollow powers.

"Fuck" he muttered before closing the screen, "Guess I better make sure he doesn't get the chance to use them."

I placed my hand over my face and soon thousands of white fragments began to appear as a hollow mask with wolf features and black markings appeared. My eyes glowed yellow and I began to snarl as my power increased causing the area around us to shake even harder.

Mark IV could sense my power increased beyond anything he calculated it would be. He didn't think the Soul Scum would have this ability. Still he wasn't going to allow this form to stop him. This was just a miner set up, but soon he planned to defeat me and win.

"Prepare yourself Mark IV because the fight has just begun."

(Ahsoka's pov)

Morticia and I continued our fight as we fought all over the destroyed fake Titan's tower. I continued to hold my own against Morticia despite being drained of using much power with the flash step. Morticia was as strong as I remembered and I could tell she knew all of my tricks, including the ones my master had taught me. Morticia went for another attack, but I jumped out of the away and was halfway from Morticia as we were panting.

"Damn, she's good," I whispered to myself seeing how she hasn't lost a step since we last fought.

"I will not lose to you Ahsoka" Morticia hissed, "This world is mine!"

"This world or any other worlds will ever be yours Morticia," I got back into fighting position, "I will defeat you and then Isamu will defeat Mark IV,"

"You are going to die Ahsoka. Just like Isamu, just like Talsein, and just like your dear Ichiro" Morticia cackled, "And I'll be sure to raise your children a lot better than you ever could."

I began to laugh which left Morticia a bit confused, "Wow you're pathetic. Even before you were separated from me I learned how to tell someone's spiritual energy even from a distance. Can't you sense it?"

Morticia didn't know what Ahsoka meant till she decided to sense what Ahsoka was sensing. Then she felt a familiar energy, It was faint, but she knew who it was. Her eyes widened when she realized who it was, but couldn't believe it.

"I guess that's another thing Mark IV is not good at huh? Getting the job done,"

"He's supposed to be dead!" Morticia shrieked, "Why won't those damn creatures just die!"

I aimed my lightsaber towards Morticia, "It's over Morticia now you have two options surrender or death. Trust me you don't want the death part,"

Morticia flung out her hand and unleashed bolts of Fore Lightning at Ahsoka.

"AHHH!" Ahsoka was caught off guard as the agonizing bolts surged through her.

"Is this cheating?" Morticia smirked, "Well I don't care about rules anyway."

Morticia zapped me again with Force Lightning as I screamed from the pain. She caught me off guard. I cursed myself mentally for allowing my guard to be lowered around this bitch. Morticia continued zapping me not stopping as she laughed off what she was doing. I knew she enjoyed it and didn't care what happens now.

"You were never a match for me." Morticia's face glowed in the wake of her attack, "Now feel the agony of your approaching doom!" she increased the power of her attack.

It was now time to pull out my attack. I just hope what Ronin taught me works or else this is going to end up being bad for me. Morticia soon stopped as I struggled to get up. She used the Force to grab my lightsabers and throw them into the sand. I finally got up and panted as she smiled.

"That...all...you got...bitch?"

"That does it!" Morticia raised her hands, "I've had it with you! Join the others in death!"

Morticia shot off Force Lightning at me. I stopped the attack using the Force as I began to pull all of it in my hands. Once I had enough I redirected the attack towards Morticia who dodged the attack, but then I appeared behind her. She swung her lightsabers at me. I ducked, used the Force to grab my green lightsaber and cut off Morticia's hands causing her to scream. I did a leg sweep causing her to fall on her back and I aimed my lightsaber at her neck.

"You cut off my hands!" she screamed, "You bitch!"

Slowly she relaxed and looked strangely content.

"An odd situation isn't it." she smiled, "If you kill me then you prove you are as dark and evil as I am. If you don't have the stomach to kill me then you forfeit your right to live. So what are you little Soka? Coward or killer?"

I wanted to kill her. After what she did to my kids, Barriss, and Ichiro this bitch had every right to die. But then I remembered what I learned in my time here and I knew what I had to do, "You deserve to die, but I won't kill you either," I deactivated my lightsaber and moved away from her with my back turned against her.

"And you prove how weak you are." Morticia got to her feet, "You would rather let others die than kill yourself." her eyes flared, "If you had killed Markoneous when you had the chance all the Jedi would still be alive. All your friends and family would never have been destroyed by the Forever Empire."

I sighed, "So you would rather accept death by my hands huh?" Morticia nodded, "That's a shame, I said I wouldn't kill you. I can't say the same from her. Goodbye Morticia and burn in hell," I began to walk away as I headed towards the others.

Morticia frowned, "What do you..." she trailed off as she felt someone standing behind her. She slowly turned to see the face of someone she feared more than Ahsoka.

"Hello, stepmother" Marrissa's eyes were a deep soulless black, "I have wanted to do this for a very long time."

Marrissa's long black hair twirled into black tentacles that wrapped around Morticia's wrists and ankles and held her right close to Marrissa's face.

"This, is for mocking my father and my loved ones." Marrissa slowly placed her lips against Morticia's.

Morticia struggled against the tentacles as Marrissa kissed her. But to no avail. Then her entire body lit up in pain as Marrissa's Kiss of Death set in. Venom flooded through her veins, poisoning her organs and making death seem preferable to this. But still the agony continued as the venom burned through her flesh and boiled her blood.

"Your boyfriend is next." Marrissa licked Morticia's eyelid, causing the Ahsoka clone's eyeball to sizzle in their sockets as they began to melt.

Finally, at last Morticia's heart and brain shut down. Granting her the escape from Marrissa's torture, and the step into death.

Marrissa dropped the dissolving body at her feet, "Good riddance"

Canyons (Isamu's pov)

Mark IV and I continued our fight as we battled all over the canyons. Every time we collided we would send a powerful shockwave that would destroy many of the mountains. Despite wearing my hollow mask I didn't seem to be getting close to hurting Mark IV or damaging the body he was wearing. This was not going as well as I thought it was.

We soon stood across from the other waiting for the next person to make his move. Just then we heard a loud scream and sensed someone had died. I knew who it was and knew this would make Mark IV very mad as I could tell from the look on his face who just died.

"I guess your new wife didn't survive. A shame too I thought with her you would have just let things go and leave with a new life," I sighed in disappointment, "You could have lived without us knowing, but instead you decided to come here, and now look what happened. You got Morticia killed and your army is losing. It's over Mark."

"You," Mark IV gasped, "You took her from me." he grabbed his head, "I'll... kill you. I will kill you." he let go of his head, "I'LL KILL YOU!" he screamed and raised his hands to the sky. Massive bolts of purple lightning rained down, all aiming directly for me.

Damn. I began to dodge the attacks as best I could. I used my flash step to appear behind Mark IV and swung my sword towards his arm, which he blocked it. We soon continued fighting all over the canyons. However, it didn't seem like my sword was doing much damage to Mark IV's body as I noticed it keeps recovering from the injuries.

"Die you Soul Scum!" Mark IV went on the offensive by grabbing my throat with one hand and raining merciless blows with the other. The armour itself seemed to be helping him as the fists were glowing with energy, inflicting even more damage. His fury over Morticia's death had turned him into a downright brute.

Then he turned and threw me with enough force to break the sound barrier straight into the side of a mountain, causing the entire landmass to collapse down around me.

Mark IV looked pleased with himself with what he just did, but he was also still mad after what happened to his wife. He was going to make those fools pay. He would make sure this world burns for what happened and would make sure everyone would pay. Just then he saw some movement. He growled a bit as he saw me coming out of the destroyed mountain with one part of my mask destroyed.

"Now I can see why Maraxus despises your species so much" he hissed, "You just don't know when to die."

I began to chuckle a bit since I couldn't laugh without hurting, "Really? I thought he didn't like Talsein, not us Soul Reapers."

"He hates all of your kind." Mark IV snorted, "Your race defeated the Forever Empire years ago and he has never forgiven you for that. I promise you this, even if one Soul Scum survives this battle he will hunt them to extinction. But before that I will kill you, then I'll be visiting your dear Rachel to send her straight to hell!"

I kept silent and thought about my next move. I knew I had one trick left up my sleeve. It was risky and it's been too long since I used it. But I knew I didn't have any choice. If I didn't beat Mark IV right here, right now, then everything my wife, friends, and everyone fought for would be all for nothing. I sighed and decided it was time for me to use it.

"Mark, I will never let you go near my wife, my kids, grandkids, friends, or any of the people in this world. Because I'm going to stop you once and for all," I stared at Mark IV with blood coming down my face.

"You think you can stop me?" Mark IV asked in surprise, "Haven't you figured it out yet? I cannot be stopped, there is not a trick in your arsenal that can compete with the power of Omega!"

I began to laugh, which left Mark IV confused, "Oh Markie you think I showed you all my tricks?"

"Oh let me guess" Mark IV rolled his eyes, "This is the part where you pull out a brand new attack that isn't registered in the Omega's databanks."

I nodded, "Yep and here's the thing I only used it once, but never used it on Talsein, although if I did then I would have beaten him in less time than it took me,"

"Bring it on then." Mark IV flexed his fingers, "The sooner your biggest move fails the sooner I can kill you."

(Normal pov)

Isamu closed his eyes as he began to use the chant his master taught him. Mark IV waited for Isamu to make his move and wondered what he had planned. Isamu continued with the chant as he made hand signs. Isamu's body soon began to glow brightly as he was almost done with the chant. Mark IV detected no change in Isamu's power and wondered this stunt was about.

Isamu finished with the chant and hand signs with nothing going on. Before Mark IV could say anything Isamu's eyes opened up and his power exploded as it sent a powerful shockwave at Mark IV sending him off his feet. He fell to the ground and looked up to see Isamu's power was increasing to a level he never saw in him before. Isamu's roared as his power increased. Mark IV then saw Isamu transforming as his mask soon became whole, but it was changing.

The mask began to change forms and it began to move from Isamu's face to all over his body. Mark IV tried to stop this, but couldn't get up. Isamu was covered in the bright light and the light blinded Mark IV. After a few more seconds the light began to die down and Mark IV looked over to see what happened. He saw the light covering Isamu was gone and he was surprised to see this new form of Isamu.

Isamu's body was covered in a white colored armor with a wolf shape hollow mask on his face with no showing of the eyes and it had black markings on it. He had a long white tail with a sharp tip at the end, his hair grew long and it was white, on his wrists were black covered fur, and he wore no boots as his feet were white with the nails sharp.

"What in the heck are you?" Mark IV raised an eyebrow as the Omega suit went into overdrive as it attempted to analyze Isamu's new form.

But no matter how powerful and advanced the suit was Mark IV couldn't get anything off this new form. He wondered what this new form was and why he couldn't get anything off how powerful Isamu was. This new form was indeed different than the previous forms he has analyzed off Soul Reapers. Isamu looked at Mark IV and he growled at him. Mark IV could see no eyes, only pitch darkness. Was it even Isamu at all or something else?

"I don't care what you are" Mark IV got to his feet, "I am far more powerful than any creature could ever hope to be." he raised his hands, "Bring it bitch"

Before Mark IV knew it Isamu appeared before him with great speed. Mark IV slowly lowered his head as Isamu slowly looked up at him and finally spoke in a deep raspy voice, "Okay," he opened his mouth and shot off a powerful red cero blast.

How did everyone like the surprise? I watched Bleach involving Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra, which was an awesome fight. Anyways in this version of mine Isamu had this form when Ronin trained him, but they deemed it too powerful so well it will be all explained next time. For those who don't know what just happened here is the info on Vasto Lorde: wiki/Hollow

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The General ducks under a Crocodragon Knight's attack and Talon slices it in half.

Talon: How you doing boss? Why are you trying not to kill these things?

General: Lieutenant, war is a terrible thing and these creatures we are fighting are intelligent beings. Plus, I helped create these things. Do you really think I would kill my creations?

Talon: These ones were created by Mark IV.

General pulls out a pair of Uzis: Have at you!

Talon: Am I going to have to protect you again?

General charges at the Crocodragon Knights: No retreat! No surrender!

Talon: Wait for me!