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The End part 4

Canyons (Normal pov)

Ronin opened his eyes and stared at the crazed clone known as Mark IV. Mark IV was very powerful. Ronin knew this. He also knew how far this mad man would go to make sure he would win in a fight. Even if that means taking shortcuts or even using innocent lives to get what he wants.

"So you must be Mark IV huh? I wasn't expecting you to be so tall and insane." Ronin said as he stared at the man who has caused so much pain to his loved ones.

"And you must be Ronin" Mark IV tilted his head, "You're older than I expected."

Ronin smiled, "I know, so you're the one who has caused my former apprentice's son's wife so much trouble," he sighed and shook his head, "It's a shame you were given life again and yet you waste it for revenge."

Don't bother wasting your breath old man, you've got little enough time to live." Mark IV smirked, "That's right. Omega has already picked up your disease. Would you like to know exactly how much longer you are going to live?"

Ronin laughs a bit, while coughing, "Yeah, I was told I didn't have long to live. A week at most, but that's okay because that's all the time I need to kick your ass."

Mark IV cackled, "Have you any idea what I've been doing? I beat Isamu, I killed Tetsip, and I'm just done with Talsamu. You are dying with each passing second. You honestly think that a frail old Soul Scum has a chance against Omega?"

Ronin smiled and began to laugh, "Kid, you don't know a damn thing about me let alone what I am capable of. See your suit got some things off me, but it doesn't know anything about my true power," Ronin pulled up his sleeves, revealing two tattoos on his shoulders, "In fact the only one who has seen my true power was old man Yamamoto, Talsein's father. Not even Talsein has seen what I can do."

"Just bring it already" Mark IV flexed his fingers, "I'm getting bored of this. The sooner I'm done with you the sooner I can get back to killing those two."

Ronin closed his eyes and began to remember how he got these tattoos in the first place.

Flashback (Ronin's pov)

"Dad what is this?" I was five years old when I found a book my father kept under the bed. I never knew what it was, but according to my dad it was very important.

My father Kashikoi smiled at me and rubs my head. I always looked up to my father. He was a great mentor and father. He always helped out the soul reapers who wanted to learn how to unlock their Zanpakuto. His methods were odd, but they always succeeded.

He was 7ft, he had long gray hair, gray beard, and wore a cloak to cover his body. He always had a staff with him, which had our family symbol on the top of the staff. My dad would always go out with his staff and walk around the seireitei, which was just being made. It wasn't big as the one we have now, but it was much simple back then.

My father approached me and took the book, "This, my dear boy is a very special book. One day it will be yours and with it you will unlock the great potential you have within,"

"Really?" I asked since back then I never knew I the 'great potential' I had would be even more than I ever imagined it would be back then.

"Yes, but you must be careful. For you see the great power you have might be too much for you to handle," I got worried, at first I was happy, but what my dad said about it being too much for me to handle made me worry, "If you're not careful that power might hurt those you care for,"

"What should I do then dad?" I asked my father wondering what I could do.

My father smiled and shows me the book, "In here there is a Kido that can help keep your power down, until there is a time when you may need to use it,"

I looked at the book and touched it, "How will I know when I need to use it?"

My father smiled, "You will know, but remember this book is very powerful. Don't ever misuse it okay?"

I shook my head, but I knew now that I was going to have to break my father's promise.

Present (Normal pov)

Ronin breathes in and out as he knew his part would be the toughest to go through. He knew by doing this there is a risk of him getting killed early. He looked at where his wedding band is and sighed. That was all he needed to keep his body from dying out on him or giving up.

Forgive me father. But it looks like I'm going to have to break my promise. Ronin put his hands together and began to chant the spell.

Mark IV waited for the old man to make his move. He hoped to get this over with so that he can kill Isamu and Talsein. Then he can deal with the ones who killed his beloved Morticia. Ronin's tattoos begin to glow as Mark IV saw the light glowing brightly. The tattoos appeared on his shoulders, legs, chest, and on his forehead as Ronin continued the chant.

Mark IV's suit detected something was wrong as Ronin's power began to increase.

'Danger' Omega started charging up 'Threat detected. Activating energy weapons' Omega's four arms started glowing blue and each fired a beam of energy at Ronin

The light exploded as the attack was deflected and Mark IV couldn't see what was going on. He was blinded for a few seconds till the light died down. Mark IV looked over and saw that Ronin's body has changed. His hair was long with white and gray hair, his eyes looked like a tiger, his skin was tan with gray stripes on them, his sword was gone, he had on a vest with no shirt underneath, and his jeans were gray with black stripes on it.

"Behold the ultimate and final form of a bankai. Be honored Mark IV you are the second one who has ever seen this form in battle." Ronin's voice sounded like two people talking and his teeth showed to be sharp.

"I don't care what the heck you are." Mark IV hissed, "I am destined to purify this world through destruction of Soul Scum. If you want to stop me then you must first get through Omega. And since this armor is invincible... you are finished." two energy swords appeared in his upper arms.

Ronin appeared before Mark IV and punched through the armor injuring Mark IV as he screamed in pain, "Very well."

Fake Jump City (Katalia's pov)

I opened my eyes. For a moment I wondered what had made me pass out. Then as my eyes focused on the worried face looking down at me I remembered. Markoneous, my master, my friend, and my mate.

"Katalia?" he offered me his hand, "Are you okay?"

Normally I would be asking him that question but in this instance it could be overlooked.

"I think so." I took the hand and stood up with his assistance. I towered over him and couldn't resist giggling. With me at seven feet tall and him just about six feet I was looking down on him.

"Well it is certainly lovely to see you again." He smiled up at me, "How've you been?"

I stared at him, "We need to talk about the past first."

He nodded, "I understand. We didn't exactly leave on the best note."

"You died in my arms." I grabbed his shoulders as though he would fade away if I didn't, "I watched you die!"

His calm and collected face twitched slightly as I'm sure my grip was hurting him. But right now I wanted answers. I lifted him to my head height so his feet were dangling in mid-air.

"Calm down Kat" he held his hands up apologetically, "Just kindly return me to the ground and I'll explain."

I slowly set him down and, as I expected, he fixed his robe. I had never pictured him as Guardian, mostly because he would only wear a suit, robes were not his thing.

"When I died in my father's tomb," he shuddered slightly, "I transferred my remaining life into you. As a result you became pregnant and gave birth to six kittens" he smiled, "The spark of my life that was imbedded in them grew as they did. When their combined ages was enough I was regenerated as Guardian. I was alive."

I frowned, "But why did you never return?"

"As Guardian I was not allowed to reveal anything about who I was, except to those who already knew. Since you didn't guess I was Guardian I couldn't tell you anything." He shrugged, "It was a messed up spell. I did have agents on hand to help you."

"Who? I asked, "Who did you send to help me?"

Mark raised an eyebrow, "Maraxus and Talon. The General knew it was me from the start. I ordered him to find which of the children would turn out 'evil'" he air quoted, "Then Maraxus and Talon would try and ensure that nothing bad happened to them."

"Marrissa" I replied, "She's now dating Talon."

"But Maraxus and Talon looked out for her from the start?" he asked.

I nodded.

"She needed people who she could trust in order to focus her abilities, and to keep her under control." He glanced down at his robe, "Ugh this not fashionable."

My heart filled with joy as I watched him picking at the long sleeves. I bent down and lifted him into the air once again. Before he could ask I pulled him into the deepest kiss I could. It had been almost twenty years since I last seen him.

Canyons (Normal pov)

Ronin and Mark IV continued their fight as Mark IV tried to counter Ronin's attacks. Ronin used his speed to dodge Mark IV's attacks and counter them by landing some strong punches and kicks. These attacks got through Mark IV's armor damaging him and making it hard to regenerate.

Mark IV shot off one of his energy attacks towards Ronin. Ronin let out a loud roar causing the attack to be blocked. Ronin appeared in front of Mark IV slashing him across the chest and face causing more damage and harm to Mark IV. Ronin created a kido energy ball and blasted Mark IV in the gut sending him flying into a large canyon causing it to collapse on him.

Ronin appeared near where the canyon collapsed and waited for Mark IV to appear, "Come on out Mark IV or I'll make you come out."

Mark IV destroyed the canyon around him as he couldn't believe this old man was beating him, "I'll admit you're not the frail old man I thought you were." he declared, as Omega rapidly repaired itself, "But the longer you fight the more powerful Omega will become."

"I know about what your suit can do. Too bad it won't protect you for what I have planned." Ronin appeared in front of Mark IV and began punching him with quick jabs. But this time the punches didn't even scratch the armour. Omega's upper arms seized his fists and its lower claw slashed across his face.

Ronin kicked Mark IV across the face sending him flying into a wall as Ronin checked on his wound. The cut wasn't deep, but his blood was dripping from his face, "Heh damn he made me bleed. I'm impressed."

"Your illness is making you weaker Ronin" Mark IV sneered, "Time is running out for you." he raised his hand in mock salute, "I'll almost miss you."

Ronin laughed a bit, "Sorry Markie, only one whose time is running out is you. As long as my will to keep on fighting remains strong this body will not give up."

'You will perish Ronin' Omega hissed, 'The Forever Empire shall strike you down before consuming this world. Destiny is on our side and we shall be victorious!' the machine sounded utterly insane, 'You dare to stand against what is inevitable. Now you shall suffer! Activating Omega 3.0!'

Omega started glowing bright green.

"What is happening?" Mark IV asked in surprise, "I didn't authorize this!"

'We do not need you' Omega answered, 'We are the Forever Empire. And you are of no further use to us.'

Ronin was surprised seeing this, but shrugged it off, "Awwww you two are arguing how nice. I bet you two are also having trouble in the bedroom right?"

Omega grew taller, and taller, and taller until it was at least eighty feet tall with six large golden arms and millions of spikes across its body. A pair of golden wings sprouted from its back and started flapping with enough forces to lift stones from the ground and swirl them into an enormous tornado.

"Huh that's new," Ronin was surprised.

'DIE RONIN!' Omega roared, 'Long live the Forever Empire!'

"What this thing said!" Mark IV bellowed.

Downtown (Ryu's pov)

Markala and I took our fights against the new forms of Blaze and Sub-Zero to different part of the city. Markala took his fight with Blaze away from my fight so we can focus on our own fights. Sub-Zero really changed his image. He was 50ft tall, his body was covered in ice, his face was hidden behind ice and it looked like a skull. He roared at me and shot off powerful ice blasts.

I dodged them and moved out of the way as the ice attacks caused the area around them to freeze. If I got hit by one of those I would freeze to death, "Come on Zero we both know how this is going to end. Transformed or not you're still going to get your butt kicked."

Sub-Zero didn't speak. He just roared like an animal and charged at me. I sighed guessing the serum the men took did more than change their appearance. Still this seemed like an improvement. Those two not talking was better than them when they could talk.

Sub-Zero shot off from his mouth an ice blast. I dodged it, but kept running as the blast followed me. I jumped into a building which froze as soon as the blast hit it. Good thing my zanpakuto Akai fushichō fureimingu (flaming red phoenix) is resistant to the cold and keeps me warm. Sub-Zero broke through the building and proceeded to crush me.

I dodged the stomping and slashed my sword at his feet hurting him. I looked and saw my sword was burning. This gave me an idea. I didn't want to kill Sub-Zero, but hurting him would still be good enough. I climbed to the top of the building and saw Sub-Zero looking for me.

"Hey Frosty up here!" Sub-Zero saw me and came up after me. I waited for him to get to where I needed him to be. As soon as he got close I attacked, "Show him your heat and rage, Fenikkusu no ikari (wrath of the phoenix)!"

I shot off my attack as it took the form of a phoenix roaring. The phoenix saw Sub-Zero and charged towards him. Sub-Zero tried to stop the phoenix, but his ice attacks melted before getting close to the phoenix. The phoenix made contact and Sub-Zero roared in pain as the attack incinerated him. Sub-Zero fell off from the building and crashed.

I landed on the ground and found the unconscious Sub-Zero who returned to normal, "That was easy I wonder if Markala is doing any better,"

Fake Jump City (Ahsoka's pov)

Rachel, Hanako, Halibel, and Hikari waited as the others rested from a long fight. As we rested we saw Mark and Katalia coming towards us after they finished with their talk. Marrissa was resting after seeing her dad was alive and passed out. Talon was with her trying to get her to wake up.

"How's it going?" Mark asked.

Talon jumped to her feet and saluted, "She is perfectly fine, sir. Just a little overwhelmed."

"At ease Lieutenant" Mark gestured.

"Well the army of Mark IV is defeated, Blaze and Sub-Zero are off to jail, and I found me a muffin," Hikari revealed the blueberry muffin and began to eat it.

"The other Soul Reapers returned to the world of the living, while the hollows returned to their world after defeating the remaining army with your kid's army," Hanako turned to Marrissa who was still out cold, "That kid of yours Marrissa is a very powerful one."

"Makes me wonder what would have happened if she hadn't turn all dark and gloomy," Rachel wondered if Marrissa wouldn't have turned bad.

"Ah my beautiful daughter" Markoneous stroked Marrissa's black hair, "One of my children was destined to receive all the evil of my father Lucius the Immortal. But she also inherited all the power Lucius and I possessed. But I am proud of her." he smiled over at Katalia, "And her mother."

Hikari smiled, "She did help us in the end and saved the kids."

I sighed as I approached Markoneous, "Mark."

"Ahsoka." his smile faded, "I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am."

I sighed some more and looked Mark in the eyes, "I'm not going to ask how you're still alive or what happened when I passed out after confronting Lucius. Just want to know two things. One is why didn't you reveal yourself before us from the beginning and why did you betray the people from our world by trying to destroy us all?"

"I couldn't reveal myself because of the spell Ahsoka." his face was deadly serious, "The spell that brought me back to life forced me to wear that mask and never tell anyone who I am. The only way to be free was for someone to work it out and be powerful enough to remove it."

He glanced over at Katalia, "I am sorry for what I done to everyone in our world. But I was trying to protect Katalia and truth be told I'd do it again if I had to."

"You would kill a lot of innocent people and have us go through the same hell I went through!" I got mad that Mark would have innocent lives be killed again if given the chance.

"Hold up Ahsoka, look I understand why Mark did what he did. It's not hard to understand he was in love and wanted to keep Katalia safe," Hikari defended Mark, "Yes he killed innocent people, but he did it to save Katalia. We all did crazy things to protect the person we love. Rachel went with Talsein to keep Isamu safe and you, Ahsoka, agreed to marry Mark IV to save Ichiro."

I kept silent and knew I did betray the others to save Ichiro, still, "It's not exactly the same."

"In a way it is. Look we can't change the past and if Katalia was safe then Mark wouldn't have done what he did, right Mark?" Hikari turned to Mark.

"Of course." He looked surprised, "I am not a violent person. I didn't want to harm anyone. But Katalia is too important to me. I had serious doubts about my plan. But my faithful friends stood by me." he gestured over at the four armoured women who accompanied him.

"See Ahsoka? Soooo do you forgive him?" Hikari asked.

I didn't want to forgive him. It was easy when I thought he was dead, but now. I then turned to Marrissa and remembered how Barriss bonded with her despite all she has done. I forgave her because of what she did and I knew if it wasn't for Mark as Guardian then we wouldn't have made it this far.

"Mark despite all the evil things you have done and how much you deserve to be hated…I forgive you."

He inclined his head, "Thank you. Now then," he turned to his accomplices, "Ladies you may remove your masks."

In unison the four women removed their masks to reveal four very different faces. But faces Ahsoka knew very well from many years ago. The Imperial Guard. Mark's bodyguards and best friends. Vampira the red skinned vampire, Kiva the Twi'lek, Tia was a Togrutan like Ahsoka, and Demoness was a human with two horns growing from her forehead.

I was shocked to see who the women were, but then again I couldn't imagine anyone else who could have been Mark's bodyguards, "I can't believe it. You guys are alive, but how?"

Demoness smiled, "Mark kept his promise." she patted him on the shoulder, "He promised us that he would find a way to bring us back to life."

Many years ago, during Markoneous days as the leader of the Forever Empire his bodyguards had been killed off. He even executed Demoness himself. But now the five of them were embracing like it never happened.

"I can't believe it. It's good to see you guys again and Demoness you're okay with what Mark did to you?" I asked wondering how Demoness was okay that Mark killed her.

She shrugged, "He promised he'd bring me back." she punched him playfully on the shoulder, "I trusted him."

"Well it's still good to see you all again. A lot has changed since we last saw each other."

"Tell me about it." Vampira rolled her eyes, "How long was I dead anyway?"

"I think four years," I was surprised that this all began four years ago and how long it has been since then, "Wow I can't believe how much has happened since we first met."

"Only four?" Vampira looked surprised, "It only took four years for him," she pointed at Markoneous, "To stop being addicted to coffee?"

I laughed remembering how much Mark drank coffee, "So far he doesn't look like he drank any coffee."

Mark smiled amusingly, "When I was reborn I lost the need to consume sustenance. So no more coffee!"

His bodyguards let out loud cheers, "Bout time" Kiva teased.

While the others talked Hikari, Hanako, Halibel, and Rachel stood by unsure who these women were and what they were talking about, "Should we uh say something?" Halibel asked.

"Nah, let them have their moment." Rachel said as she sat down and began to meditate.

"I like that vampire girl," Hikari said as the others looked at her, "What? She looks cool."

Hanako rolls her eyes, "Whatever you say my old apprentice."

Canyons (Normal pov)

Ronin used his speed to dodge the attacks by the new and improved Omega who had gone rogue as it tried to kill Ronin. Mark IV no longer gave orders as the suit had a mind of its own. Ronin took some damage during his fight with the suit as it became stronger and harder to damage. Ronin punched the suit in the face. He then backed away and felt the suit's armor had become hard hurting his hand.

Ronin panted and coughed a bit, "Okay this is a little tougher than I thought."

Omega raised its six arms, 'Launch' The six golden hands fired from the wrists and zoomed at Ronin like missiles.

Ronin used flash step to get away from the missiles as they missed. Ronin then launched an attack at Omega, "O tora bakuhatsu (king tiger blast)!" Ronin unleashed a blast that took the form of a tiger as it charged at Omega.

Omega's six hands flew down and intercepted the blast.

'You are weak Ronin' the armour sounded amused, as six more hands formed, 'I am stronger than you. Your attacks are useless, your health is fading, and the end of your world is near. Once I have purified this planet through fire I will go to your Soul Scum Society and murder every last one of your race.'

Ronin knew Omega was right about his health fading. His time was coming, but he needed to hold out. He sensed that his allies were ready and knew it was time to end this, "You're right the end is coming and it's time for me to end this once and for all," Ronin appeared before Omega and punched him not affecting the suit.

The emotionless eyes stared into his, 'Your end is now.'

Omega's hands changed into six long golden blades. All six of those blades buried themselves into Ronin's arms, legs, and one through his chest.

"I win!" Mark IV cheered.

Ronin coughed up blood and smiled, "No…you lose," Ronin used kido to bind Omega keeping the suit from moving or attacking.

'Must escape' Omega started struggling, 'Energy transferred to shields'

Ronin breathed heavily, "Don't bother the spell keeps you from moving or using any kind of attack. You're done for,"

"No matter" Mark IV sneered, "You'll die any minute now. Then your spell will wear off and I will be free to do as I wish."

"Don't be too sure, now!" Isamu, Talsein, Kisuke Urahara, and Dr. Faith appeared surrounding Mark IV and Ronin, "Now use the spell before he escapes!"

"Master you sure about this? There has to be another way," Isamu didn't want to go through with this.

"I'm sorry Isamu. It's the only, please do it," Isamu nodded as the four men put their hands together and began to chant. This left Mark IV and Omega confused on what was going on.

"What are you doing?" Mark IV demanded, "What are you planning!"

Omega was struggling violently against the spell, 'Danger! Massive power surge detected! Emergency! Emergency!'

Ronin coughed, "See I knew killing you wouldn't stop you from coming back. So I decided to use a little spell I learned from my father that would allow me to send your sorry ass somewhere where you will never come back. Here's a guess it's hot, there's a lot of people like you living there, and the big guy in charge there makes sure you suffer."

Mark IV realized where Ronin was sending him and tried to escape. "You can't do this to me!" he yelled, "What sort of a hero does this!" he looked over at the others, "Are you just going to let him do this!"

"You are an evil entity that must be removed from this world," Dr. Faith said as the spell began to activate.

"Despite being the good guys we all know you'll come back. At least this way you won't be harming anyone ever again." Urahara said as the four men's hands began to glow.

"The end has come for you Mark IV. You'll be joining your followers where you belong." Talsein and the others extended their hands towards Omega.

"We gave you a chance, but now it's time to end this. Goodbye Mark IV." a bright blast was shot off by the four men as it collided with Mark IV.

The blast caused Mark IV to yell in pain as a symbol appeared on his suit. Isamu, Talsein, Dr. Faith, and Urahara fell on one knee panting as the spell drained their energy. Mark IV looked over at Ronin who panted and had the same symbol on his chest, "Goodbye Mark IV." Ronin fell to the ground and Mark IV broke free of the kido binding spell.

"NOOOOOO!" Maraxus sprinted towards them, "I will not let you do this to Omega!"

Omega stood up and created an enormous sphere of energy, 'Terminate all enemies!'

Maraxus pulled out his revolver and aimed at the heroes, "STOP THIS NOW!" he demanded.

Omega's attack was almost full charged before it started to detect a gateway opening.

Misa appeared and knocked out Maraxus, "Sorry you won't be getting involved anymore."

Omega turned around and saw a strange looking gate that appeared. The sky became dark and on the side of the gate were two large skeletons with their hands on the gate. The gate soon opens as several arms dark shadows appeared grabbing Omega. Omega tried to fight back, but for some reason the suit lost power. The suit couldn't detect what this gate was before Mark IV finally got control of the suit again.

"I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!" Mark IV raised one of the arms and conjured a bolt of lightning, "YOU CAN'T STOP ME!" he flung the lightning bolt at Isamu.

Isamu couldn't move, but didn't have to as Maraxus was thrown in the way. The bolt fizzled out as it smashed into the General's face and everyone could hear his nose break and he howled in pain. Isamu looked over at Misa who wiped her hand from the dirt, "Goodbye Mark IV enjoy the rest of eternity where you're going,"

"MY NOSE!" Maraxus yelled, "Why is it always the nose!"

The arms pulled Mark IV closer and closer into the gate as Mark IV held on to the doors, "You think you've seen the last of the Forever Empire!" Mark IV screamed, "How many times must I return. THE FOREVER EMPIRE IS IMMORTAL!"

Ronin got up panting, "No…this…time,"

'General!' Omega droned, 'Project Trident must be completed!'

Maraxus, holding his bloody nose looked up in wonder, "Eject!"

A small part of Omega's head exploded and a gold capsule blasted into the air.

"Get it!" Maraxus screamed, "I want that capsule!"

But as he started to run forward the capsule vanished into thin air. His hands fell to his sides and he looked up in horror as his prized weapon vanished into the gateway, he fell to his knees,

"NOOOOOOOOO!" he screamed, "OMEGA!" Mark IV was pulled into the gate as the gate closed taking Mark IV away forever.

He turned to Misa, who was closest, "DIE YOU BITCH!" he fired three bullets at her in the blink of an eye.

Misa used her sword to cut the bullets in half, "Nice try General."

Maraxus backed away, "You will all pay for this." He pressed a series of buttons on his wrist computer and vanished in a flash of green light.

Downtown (Normal pov)

Markala jumped out of the way as more fireballs headed towards him. He saw Blaze facing him growling. Blaze had transformed into a 50ft tall fire monster. He had on a fire armor, sharp claws, he had a long fire whip, and was wearing a fire armor. He roared and unleashed fire balls at Markala.

Markala's body glowed red, "Courageous Charge!" he shouted.

The fireballs impacted against him but left no damage behind, except the scorched ground.

"Looks like someone's hot-headed." Markala smirked, "I can tell you're burning with anger."

Blaze roared and swung his whip at Markala. Markala dodged it and goes for another attack. But as he got close he felt the heat was getting to him and was getting hard to breath. Markala backed away as Blaze tried to stomp him. Markala wiped the sweat from his forehead away as Ryu contacted him through his communicator.

"Close combat won't work unless you want to be a cooked cat. You'll need to find another way to defeat Blaze," Ryu explained as he dodged another attack by Sub-Zero.

"I kinda figured that." Markala muttered, "Now let's see," his eyes narrowed at the large figure, "Time to unleash my ultimate move." he thought of Rowan as hard as he could before closing his eyes, "Saragest Feortakum!" he roared.

Markala's entire body glowed red and he began to mutate. Long spikes burst out of his back and his claws started to glow with red electricity. Four large white wings appeared from his shoulders and back which lifted him into the air. His eyes glowed a bloody red.

"I am the Savage of Sekhmet" his voice was utterly different. It sounded like there was millions of voices speaking at onve, "I will teach you of true pain."

Blaze roared as he charges at this new form of Markala. Markala lifted into the air and rammed a fist into Blaze. Millions of volts coursed through the fire being, but the flames were unable to hurt Markala as he stared at Blaze.

"You will learn true pain." the voices spoke again, "You will suffer and die in unbearable agony."

Blaze got up and created a fire sword and shield as he charges at Markala. Markala dodges the attacks as Blaze continues to try and slice Markala. Markala attacks Blaze, but Blaze blocked the attack with his shield. He then tries to slice Markala.

The flames went right through Markala. They didn't even singe a hair.

"Judgment awaits you Kenny." the voices now sounded like little children, "Death shall not be kept waiting."

Markala lifted his hand and lightning blasted from his fingers. The lightning punched a hole right through Blaze's chest and left the area of impact as blackened charcoal.

Blaze roared in pain as Markala moved away. Blaze soon begins to glow as he shrinks down. He returned to his old self as he falls on his hands and knees panting. Blaze looked up at Markala and glared at him.

"I…hate…cats," Blaze passed out as he fell to the ground.

Markala strode over to Blaze and grabbed him by the throat, "Pain Kenny." more bolts of lightning coursed through Blaze's body.

Before he could kill him Ryu arrived and pushed him away from Blaze, "Enough it's over,"

"No it's not!" Markala's voice went from creepy children to a deep growl, "He deserves pain and he shall get it." his eyes narrowed in anger, "And who are you to stop me?"

"He can't fight back and is defenseless. Killing him or harming him like this is not what a warrior is," Ryu stood his ground and kept his eyes on Markala, "If you try to kill him I will have no choice but to stop you."

Markala reared up furiously, "You dare stand in my way boy! I am Felendros the Bloodthirsty, I am the strongest warrior of the Iron Claw tribe. I have slain more creatures than you have taken breaths."

"I'm not talking to you I'm talking to Markala who I know is there. If you kill Blaze then you become a criminal, is that the kind of man you want to be Markala? Do you want Rowan to know how you murdered someone in cold blood?" Ryu shouted hoping to get to Markala.

The blood red eyes suddenly turned yellow. The wings and spikes sank back into the body and the claws retracted. "Rowan" Markala blinked several times before he focused, "Thanks for that Ryu. When I use that move I cannot control myself."

Ryu nodded, "It's okay I'm glad your back to normal," Ryu pulled Sub-Zero's unconscious body next to Blaze, "That's the last of them. Let's hope Isamu and Talsein took care of Mark IV,"

"I am sure they are fine." Markala's nose twitched in the air, "Wait a minute." he took deeper sniffs, "I smell...the faint aroma of Mark IV."

"What happened?" Ryu asked.

"It's gone, the scent is weak." Markala wondered if this was good or bad.

"Weird they must have defeated him then." Markala soon got another scent over where his mother was.

"There's another scent" Markala looked thoughtful, "It smells like my mother, but it's not her." he frowned, "We need to go. Right now."

Canyons (Normal pov)

Isamu and Talsein stood by with Ronin as his breathing was becoming slower. Urahara stood by with his head down low and Dr. Faith cleaned Ronin's wounds, but couldn't stop what was coming.

"There has to be something we can do," Isamu wished he could help his former master in any way he can.

"It's too late. The spell will soon affect Ronin and he will pass on," Dr. Faith explained as Misa and Kisara stood near Urahara with them sad that Ronin was going to die.

"You should have let me take the hit you old bastard. Then you would…you would have spent some more time with the others," Talsein said as he blamed himself for not trying hard enough to convince Ronin to let him use the spell.

"If I did that then you wouldn't be able to spend time with your future grandkids," Talsein turned to Ronin, sad that his mentor was dying as Ronin tried to catch his breath, "I am proud of you all, you helped defeat a great evil, and you did it together,"

"Ronin, it's almost time," Dr. Faith said reminding Ronin of the time.

Ronin nodded and saw the sky was clearing, "Isamu," Isamu faced his master with tears forming in his eyes, "When I first met you I knew one day you would not just become a great warrior, but a great man. I am proud to have called you my apprentice and to be family to you,"

Tears fell down Isamu's face as he nodded and held his master's hand, "It was an honor to have you as a master and like a father,"

Ronin turns to Talsein who lowered his head so he wouldn't let his master see his tears, "Talsein, when I first met you I knew one day you would be not like your father. I knew you would be a better than and warrior. I was happy that my daughter and you got together, then had a beautiful child. I am honored to have trained you and to call you, son,"

Talsein raised his head and nodded as tears fell down his face, "It was an honor to fight with you, against you, and to call you, father,"

Ronin turned to Urahara and lifted his sword that was in its sheath, "Will you make sure…my son has this?"

Urahara nodded and took the sword, "I will make sure he takes it."

Ronin smiled and felt his last few life force fading from him, "Tell my children and Retsu I will always be with them in memory and in their…hearts," Ronin closed his eyes as the mark on his chest glowed. The mark vanished, taking Ronin's life with it.

Urahara, Dr. Faith, Kisara, Misa, Talsein, and Isamu got on one knee and bowed their heads for their fallen friend. A man who has helped a lot of people, has done so much to help them, and has done a lot of good in this world despite everything that has happened.

"He lived as a warrior and died a hero. Let his soul find peace in the afterlife and let us remember him not as a warrior, but as a man who lived life helping those who needed it, and those who will help others." Talsein said as the others nodded honoring the man they called their friend, comrade, brother, and father.

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