The cave was very dark, cold, and damp. Water dripped from the rocks above, and landed in puddles below. One particular droplet landed on a foreign object, a human.

A sharp gasp echoed through the cave.

A teenager with brunette hair and striking blue eyes woke as a water droplet landed on her nose. She woke violently, thrashing and yelling death threats at a person who was not there. Her loud, incoherent, painful screams echoed through the cave. Considering her predicament - large, heavy, and tightly wrapped chains shrouding her body - her reaction was expected.

Upon realizing she was alone, she grew quiet and pensive. Her tired blue eyes surveyed the cave, and concluded she had definitely failed escaping.

She then surveyed herself. Although the chains cocooned her neck to feet, she had an idea of the extent of her injuries. She felt open cuts and scattered bruises. Her Watertribe clothing thankfully remained, but was most likely covered in sweat, dirt, and ash and clung to her like a second skin.

After mulling over the previous events that took place, the teenager could only groan in frustration. The fight had taken so much out of her, and being blood bended added a whole new wave of nausea and anxiety.

She fell silent again, and reviewed her predicament.

She, Avatar Korra, was kidnapped, abandoned in a cave, and had no idea how to bend metal. She was dirty, hungry, and too weak to even conjure any form of bending.

Too weak.

'Damn you, Tarrlok.'

"No one will ever find you,"

"The world won't miss you,"

"I'm doing you a favor. Save you from more failure."

Tarrlok's nasty promises echoed through her memory.

Korra remembered that nasty man restrained her and thrown her in the back of a truck after their violent altercation. She remembered threatening him violently to release her, but she knew it was no use.

She tried many times to break the door open and roll out, but that didn't work either. Her body was too exhausted, and jolting her restrained body roughly against the metal doors made her muscles ache even more.

It felt like Tarrlok chose a terrible trail to travel on; whether on purpose or on accident, Korra didn't know. All she knew was that he was cruel and in trouble when she gets out of here.

Korra was then tossed and turned in the back like luggage stored for moving. The truck lunged forwards, backwards, and jolted at every rock it drove over. It lasted for what seemed like an eternity. As the truck moved forward, Korra's metal prison became colder and harsher on her damaged body. She felt gravity pull on her, and realized that the truck was traveling on a slant.

It finally came to Korra that Tarrlok was going to abandon her on a mountain.

"Just like I said, no one will find you,"

"You'll freeze to death in no time,"

"Good-bye, Avatar Korra,"

When the vehicle finally stopped, Tarrlok jumped out of the driver's seat and stalked towards the back. He was fully expecting to be attacked upon opening the doors, but was surprised at the sight.

His captive laid lateral and passed out. 'From exhaustion, most likely' he thought. He older man was glad to see the chains were still secured.

After realizing his mission had gone later than expected, Tarrlok grabbed her injured foot tightly and dragged her out of the vehicle. He was exhausted, dirty, and just wanted to go home.

Korra remembered panicking when she felt pain shoot through her body from the contact. Her blue eyes filled with terrror when she was faced with an eerie cave on the of the mountain.

Just then, the light snowfall that began after Korra's capture escalated to a mini blizzard; the wind and snow blew at her face, irritating the open cuts.

Tarrlok dragged her through the snow, rocks, and dirt towards the undeniably creepy cave. Korra did her best to break free, squirming and thrashing around like a wild animal. It only irritated the older man, making him jerk the chains even more. The chains tightened around her wrists with every pull, constricting the circulation in her hands.

As a final effort, Korra tried to breathe fire again. The fire was weak, obviously not enough to do any damage, but Tarrlok didn't tolerate it. Smacking her hard across the face Tarrlok dumped the now unconscious Avatar into the dark cave for no one to find.

Tarrlok raised his arms and large amounts of thick snow came tumbling down, blocking the only exit from the makeshift prison.

He then climbed back into the truck and left the mountain, smiling wickedly at the Avatar's downfall.




Korra processed these events, and anxiety and dread constricted her again.

Her blue eyes slowly filled with tears from the pain and frustration. Her limbs were so damaged, and she was just so tired of everything.

She was tired of being thought of as a failure; tired of getting hurt all the time, realizing that she can never trust anyone, and being the Avatar.

The tears fell from her face, and seemed to increase with every passing moment.

Korra thought it was bad now, but it hit her; her friends were counting on her to save them, along with the citizens of Republic City.

Asami, Bolin and Mako were all waiting for her and Tenzin to get them out of jail. They entered the police truck with pleading faces, especially Mako.

Mako looked at her, really looked at her, silently begging her. His gold eyes begged Korra to come soon so the three of them wouldn't have to experience jail and leave the girl alone. His eyes also begged that she didn't do anything stupid, because everything was going to be okay. The doors of the truck shut close on him and Korra's hold on his eyes were gone, forgetting what they were begging her to do.

Korra could imagine it now.

Asami, Bolin, and Mako were all tossed into a cold jail cell. The three wouldn't fight back because it would cause them more trouble. So they would sit around the small room, glancing at the metal door that led to their freedom and the tiny window every now and then, expecting someone to bust them out. They would talk about different topics just so they wouldn't go insane. Topics like childhood, families, vacations, foods, anything to pass the time as they waited for the girl with the cocky smile and confident blue eyes.

They would wait and wait, but no one would come.

Asami's face would contort with anger.

Bolin would lose hope.

Mako…Mako would see red. He would be full of ire, frustration, and disgust towards her.

Korra's only friends would think she deserted them, forgot about them, and failed them. In return, they would hate her, ridicule her, and think she's was failure as well.

I failed

I failed Asami

I failed Bolin

I failed Mako

The citizens of Republic City, Oh Spirts, would be enraged.

They were all counting on her to capture Amon, bring peace to their corrupted city, and just be as great as Avatar Aang.

If they found out that their new Avatar had been captured or died, they would think badly of her. The citizens would yell indecencies of how much Korra didn't do anything for them, or how much trouble she brought upon them. Some would probably argue that she wasn't even an Avatar.

She couldn't airbend or call upon her past lives for help.

This thought caused more tears to form in her broken, blue eyes. All those people, benders and nonbenders, would be so disappointed in her.

I failed everyone in Republic City

I failed every Avatar that has ever lived

I failed

Painful sobs wrecked Korra's body. She hung her head and shook, trying her best to stop her sobbing.

The movement caused some of her cuts to reopen, adding more pain for the young woman.

With every move she made, the chains that kept her body mummified, reminding her how she got into this situation.

Korra just wanted the chains off of her, so she can wipe the stupid tears streaming down her face.

She wanted to heal herself, but she's still too weak.

She wanted someone, anyone…Tenzin, Bolin, Asami... Mako….To find her and hold her.

Korra wanted to hear his soothing voice, be wrapped in his arms, and tell her everything would be alright.

"Don't worry Korra. Everything's going to be okay."

Korra knew none of this would happen.

Tarrlok used his bloodbending on her, snatched her out of the night, and dumped her into this freezing cave.

She wasn't sure if Amon would be happy that someone had already defeated the girl, or mad that he wasn't the one to do it.

'The cave's getting colder,' Korra observed, as goosebumps rise along her neck and crawled over her scalp. It'll only be a matter of time until the cold empowers her body.

More tears spill over and pained shrieks escape her chapped lips.

Korra didn't know why she was so desperate to get someone's attention. The freezing temperatures and her injuries were going to kill her, it would be so useless.

Korra shut her mouth, closed her blue eyes, and let the tears fall down her torn face. She was just so tired of everything.

No one would find her. No one would miss her. No one would have to witness her failures again.

Just like Tarrlok had promised.




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