Tiny droplets of rain poured onto a young woman's window. She lay on her bed, thick brunette hair out its usual ties, and a small smile on her face. Her striking blue eyes were filled with adoration towards a taller and slightly older man with gold irises that lay next to her. She wore a simple blue night gown, and the man wore sweats and a white t-shirt. The man held the woman in his built arms, listening to her soft hums as she trailed her fingers across his thinly covered chest. Avatar Korra was content in Mako's arms.

"Mako, is it? Tell us what happened the night you rescued the Avatar?"

"Avatar Korra, will you please explain in full detail of your capture and the events?"

"Is Tarrlok really a bloodbender?"

After Mako had told his story to Tenzin and Lin during Korra's recovery, the two adults began trials upon trials on the councilman. Tarrlok evaded the multiple questions thrown at him by judges for one week, until Lin finally put her foot down, literally, and asked him every question in the book. The metalbending woman caught the waterbender's heart rate speed up at the mention of bloodbending and the kidnap of the Avatar. Lin pronounced him guilty, and Tenzin believed it wholeheartedly. The other council members and judges wouldn't have it though; not until Korra and Mako testified their experiences.

A couple days after the council member's statement, a patched up Korra and a serious Mako walked through the double doors of City Hall. Mako went up to the floor first, describing how he found the waterbender race through the night, and how they had ended up battling on the mountain where Korra was kept. The firebender explained the sickening sensation of being bloodbent, and the council members took his story into consideration. Korra went up next, sauntering up to the elders, showing off her battle scars and still healing bruises from the metal chains. The Avatar told her experiences with the fight in City Hall, how dangerously close she got to death because of bloodbending.

"By order of the Republic City council, Tarrlok of the Northern Watertribe is guilty."

"He is charged for kidnapping Avatar Korra,"

"And using the illegal practice of bloodbending,"

He broke down in front of the council members, Korra, and Mako. Metal bending cops were on alert when the man raised his fists, thinking it as a sign of bloodbending. Instead, Tarrlok raised his fists in anger, no bloodbending, and spewed out threats on how Republic City wouldl collapse in the absence of him. Tarrlok pointed a finger towards a surprised Korra, accusing the young woman of ruining his whole life. Mako strode to Korra's side, wrapped a protective arm around the woman, and sneered at the man. Metalbending cops were called down to escort Tarrlok away from the court. He fought back with more threats, until Lin silenced him with a rock-like muzzle. Tarrlok was carried away in silence, icy blue eyes narrowing straight into Korra's sapphire ones as he and the Metalbenders passed by her. Korra squirmed in her spot and clutched onto Mako's scarf until the man was out of sight. Korra honestly didn't blame the man for lashing out; according to the jail time, the avatar sort of expected it. Tarrlok was sent to a lifetime in prison.




Mako rubbed Korra's arms in affection as he lay in bed with her. Days were rain poured moderately heavy were days the firebender and the avatar rested in silence, taking in their figures with light touching and caresses. Mako's fingers ran down Korra's right arm smoothly, until he hit a faint dent in the girl's mocha skin; a remembrance of her time in Tarrlok's chains.

Korra recovered quick as lightning after she woke up from her sedative, but she didn't do it alone. Korra's parents and Master Katara continued their stay on the island, catching up with their daughter and repairing her. Master Katara, the world's greatest healer, fixed Korra's deep wounds on her back and upper torso. The bruises were gone, thanks to the Island healers, and Korra's mother, Senna, worked to check if any bones were broken, but found none. The only remains were faint white scars and tiny indents from large-scale injuries.

Mako still continued to stay by Korra's side throughout her healing, and after. Korra called him a mother armadillo-bear, and Mako would just shrug it off, asking if she needed more tea or any soup. What happened to Korra really stirred something in Mako's mentality, to tell the truth. The firebender always saw Korra as stubborn, hotheaded, loud, and confident; she was the Avatar, the most powerful human being in the planet. But after what Tarrlok did, Mako saw her as not only the Avatar, but a real girl. The way Korra's face looked when Mako rescued her, the pain, fear, vulnerability, everything, changed Mako's thoughts on her forever. Korra wasn't invincible; she could've died. That's what bothered him the most. So Mako doted on Korra, his new girlfriend, much to her protests.

"You don't have to do that, Mako. I'm perfectly fine cleaning up after myself."

"I don't have to, but I want to. Can you give me that cup?"

"Fine…you're such a mom."

"Speaking of moms….does your mom like me?

"Mom thinks you're wonderful. She said that your first impression was one of the best she's ever seen."

"First imp- Oh. When I passed out a couple days ago?"

"Yep. She took that time to take a good look at you. She said you're cute."

"I don't do cute, Avatar, now if you excuse me, I have to wash these dishes."

"Uh-huh, whatever you say, Cool Guy, or should I say mom?"

The firebender was eventually forced to stop tending to Korra's every need, as he was threatened by the woman herself. Korra cornered him in the Island living room, demanding that he would stop babying her. Mako hesitantly complied, and Korra gave him a rewarding kiss. Their kiss slowly escalated when Korra let out a breathy moan as Mako ran his long fingers across the woman's hips. Korra deepened the kiss by pushing herself closer to the man, lips parting lightly so she could run a smooth tongue on Mako's bottom lip. Mako's lips parted, too, and their tongues were soon in a heated battle for dominance. The waterbender's hands latched itself behind the firebender's neck, sometimes unlatching to run their mocha fingers through the man's soft locks. They kept going at it, until they heard an obnoxious cough pointed their way.

Quickly untangling themselves from each other, Mako and Korra were face to face with Tonraq, a stoic look on his face. Mako remembered the awkward silence, and the sudden booming voice of the large Watertribe man addressing them with rules and to Mako, death threats.

"H-Hey, dad, uhm...sorry that you had to see that…"


"Mr. Tonraq, sir, I am terribly sorry. Please forget about everything you saw."


And more silence

"Listen here, you two, I understand you're old enough for a relationship, but I have some rules."


"Rule one: No sex. Nope. If you think you're ready, think again. Rule two: Look at rule one."

"We just started going out two weeks ago, dad! What makes you think we'll do that right away?"


"Rule three: "a scoff "Make sure your feelings for each other are right."

"Don't worry, Mr. Tonraq, sir. I know my feelings for Korra are true."

"Mako, you can just call me Tonraq. No need for any sirs, or misters…it makes me sound old."

"Y-yes, sir!"

A groan



"If you ever break my little girl's heart, consider yourself Naga's dinner."

"I hear you loud and clear, Tonraq! I can't even imagine me hurting Korra."

"Mmm-hmm. Alright, well…that's really it. You kids have fun…but not too much! Because remember, the rules-"

"Alright, dad! Great talking to you! Buh-bye!"

Korra had shoved Tonraq out of the living room afterwards, an embarrassing look etched on her young face. Mako smiled at her lightly and pulled her close to him, resuming their passionate kiss from where they left off. Korra happily complied.




The rain continued to pour, and the couple continued to relax. Korra wriggled in Mako's hold shortly after, and the firebender looked down curiously. The Avatar felt the man's confused gaze and she looked up through half-lidded eyes. Giving him a small smile, Korra propped herself on her elbows and gave Mako a sweet kiss on the cheek.

"You know what today is?" Korra asked.


"Don't call me sentimental or anything, but today's our two month anniversary," Korra replied with a grin.

Mako grinned back, "Already? I didn't know you'd be the one to keep track." He winked.

The girl shoved him lightly, "I was just thinking. The events that happened for us to be together, the way my parents and Master Katara acted around you," she stifled a laugh, "and don't forget Ikki and Jinora! They went crazy when we told them."

Mako rolled his eyes, "I liked your mom and Master Katara. They were very nice to me, but your dad," he shuddered, "I was afraid he was going to stab me in my sleep. We started getting along, but only on the last three days before they left… Oh Agni, don't remind me about those two." The man groaned playfully, "Ikki and Jinora spied on us for a whole week after!"

Korra laughed and wriggled some more, until her legs had enough space to move. Throwing a leg over Mako's waist, Korra pushes herself up to a straddling position, her gown slightly riding up. The firebender raises a brow at her actions, but doesn't complain.

"Ikki and Jinora are our personal fangirls." Korra leans down to give him a kiss.

The avatar's lips met firebending ones. It was a chaste kiss, though, for Korra pulled away, much to Mako's dismay. Honey irises stared at sapphire, and Mako deeply exhaled. After Tarrlok's terror, Korra received reoccurring nightmares with both Amon and Tarrlok. It soon led to many sleepless nights, until Korra started going to Mako for comfort a month afterwards. The firebender felt guilty for not noticing her fatigue, and apologized by staying in her room basically every night, protecting her from those horrid dreams. Tenzin found out about the co-ed sleeping a few days later, and hesitantly let it go after a long talking to from Pema, and a thorough explanation from the couple. Mako just wished that Korra didn't keep the nightmares a secret, for she ended up with small dark rings under her eyes.

"Kor, you don't have nightmares often anymore, right?" Mako asked quietly, still staring into her pools of blue.

The avatar tilts her head, "I don't think so…why? Did I move a lot last night?" Lots of movement usually meant she was having a nightmare.

"No, I was just wondering. Tarrlok really scared us, didn't he?" Mako replied.

Korra sighed deeply and adjusted in her straddled position, "Yea, he did… I-I have to confess something. When I was k-kidnapped… all I kept thinking about was how much I failed you, Asami, and Bolin when you guys were in jail…and the citizens here in Republic City. I was so scared that no one would find me. I started feeling like I was the worst Avatar possible… I mean, a councilman took me down! Not Amon! So…the longer I stayed in that stupid cave…the worst my thoughts became…But then you showed up and had to be your awesome self and fight Tarrlok. I-I'm sorry I got you into that mess though. I know Tarrlok traumatized you with the bloodbending."

"Remember what I said when you first woke up?" Mako asked, and Korra gives him a small look, "I said that I care about you so much. And I wouldn't hesitate to save you all over again from Tarrlok." Korra nods her head, "I still mean it. I've always meant it. You're not a failure. You're going to end up being the best Avatar ever, Agni, you're already amazing. So don't ever think that again, got it?"

The young woman grins widely, nods, and leans down to give him another kiss, but deeper. Mako opens his mouth a little to gently bite Korra's bottom lip, and Korra sighs in pleasure. The continue for a couple minutes until Korra breaks away for air, while Mako places a tender hand on her wrist.

"It's a shame that it's raining on our anniversary. We could've gone out or something," Mako points out as his gold eyes averted to the rain-strained window.

"Eh, it's no big deal, Cool Guy. I like spending time with you like this." The young woman smiles shyly at the man.

Mako smiles back, "Do you also remember what I told you when we got together?" Korra shakes her head.

The firebender shows a mock hurt, "What? It's very important! How could you forget?"

Korra's brows furrowed impatiently, "What's so important? Tell me."

Chuckling, Mako pulled Korra down so her face hovered just above his. Korra lets out a yelp, surprised by her boyfriend's sudden movements. Mako ignores her little scream and cranes his neck upwards so his lips are next to her ear.

"I love you, Korra."

Korra froze and she let a loving grin play across her face once again. Lifting up just a little, Korra's face hovers just inches away from Mako's, sapphire eyes deeply entranced in gold. Her face inches closer and closer, eyes slowly closing, and her lips just about brush the firebender's soft ones, but she stops shortly to murmur a response, completely full of love and truth.

"I love you too, Mako."

The avatar's lips gently press onto the firebender's now grinning smile, which would be the start of a long and passionate make out session.

As crazy as it seemed, Korra was secretly thankful that she was kidnapped. The kidnapping reminded her that she wasn't indestructible, something that needed to be done ages ago. It also reminded her that no matter what, there would be someone, like Mako, to save her when she needed it. Mako had given her strength to survive, reminding her that there are people that do care about her, and had removed her suspicion of failing as an Avatar. Avatar Korra was also thankful because she finally had the man of her dreams on her lips, showing her all love he could give.

Tarrlok, this wasn't what he promised, but Avatar Korra likes it.





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