In her Shoes

Bree Chappell was a successful business woman, with a law degree under her belt and her own apartment, she was surely the envy of a fair few women. Especially her sister, Kate. Bree was older by two years, although with Kate's constant partying and wild child ways, it seemed there was a great enough gap for Bree to be Kate's mother. On this particular day, Bree was holding a meeting with the office and Trevor was staring at her. She smiled and noticed he had been doing so for a few days. After the meeting was over, Trevor pulled Bree aside to ask her on a date, of course Bree said yes, it had been too long for her to not agree to a date with him. Plus an upside was he was the office hottie.

At thwe same day as her sister Bree had the date, Katherine was out partying. Like all the time at parties she was hammared and she could be easily mistaken with a slut because of her outfits. Katherine didnt mind - she loved the life just how it was. As she came home from the party at 5am already since the booze was empty at the party, she noticed that she had lost her keys. She rang the doorbell at her parents' house since she lived there. Kate had no job and didnt make any afford getting one since it wouldnt go well with her party life. As Kate's parents saw her drunk like that again, they couldnt take it anymore. They kicked her out. Kate managed to get her cell phone to call a cab. She took the cab to her sisters, who already lived alone in an apartment which Katherine realy envied! At 5.30am on a Saturday morning she then rang the doorbell of her sister like a lunatic; wanting to catch some sleep finally.

Bree was in bed of course sleeping after her amazing date with Trevor, she groaned and rolled out of bed, knowing it would be her sister. She grabbed her robe and closed over the bedroom door, she answered to the knock and saw a dishevelled Kate standing outside then she fell through the door onto Bree. Bree sighed and held her sister upright, "What the hell are you doing?" she hissed quietly, not wanting to wake the neighbors as she pulled ate inside.

"Ssssister." She slurred as she was inside and stumbled backwards against the door; and glided down until she reached the ground. She laughed about the scene. "Can I...crusssssh on your couch tonighhht?"

"For one night!" Bree snapped and helped Kate up, sighing harshly, hoping Kate hadn't been too loud and woken Trevor up.

Kate stumbled to the couch and suddenly saw a jackett of a man. "Oh my gawwwd! You had...ssssex." She slurred and giggled.

Bree's cheeks flushed and she glared at Kate, "Just keep quiet!"

She kept on giggled. "You got...laid." She slurred. "I wanna sssssee him." She said and got up from the couch again to take a look in the bedroom.

"Kate!" Bree hissed and pulled her back into the sitting room.

She giggled as her sister pulled her back into the sitting room. "A hottie...banged you. How d-did thissss happen?" She slurred, making fun of her sister.

Bree set her jaw and looked down, "Is it so bad if he likes me?"

She petted her sisters head. "No. are a booooore." She said and now laid down on the couch.

"Just because I love my job doesn't mean I am a bore...and just because I'm not like you doesn't mean that either" Bree replied coldly, "You stay for tonight, but I want you gone by the time I come home from work tomorrow, understood?"

"Hm." She just said and pulled the short dress over her head and threw it onto the ground. She now was only in underwear. "Bree...niiiight." She said and closed her eyes.

Bree sighed and went back to bed exhausted and willed herself to sleep since she had to get up again after another hour.

Kate snored because of the alcohol, lying in an awkward position on the couch, half naked and had a deep sleep.

Trevor and Bree were rushing to dress around each other, Trevor left the bedroom first to make coffee and come face to face with Kate's ass, "Woah...!" he chuckled and grinned.

Kate noticed in her deep sleep that the light was switched on, and she cursed mumbling before she opened one eye to check how light it was. As this one eye was used to the light she opened the other one and suddenly saw a guy. She gasped. "BREE!" She exclaimed and grabbed her short dress and tried to cover her body with it as good as possible.

Bree came rushing out of the bedroom in a turtle neck and dark slacks with her toothbrush in her mouth, "What?" she mumbled.

"Oh I am sorry, I think she was shocked seeing me." Trevor said and walked over to Bree and kissed her temple. "Duh, this is basically my bedroom, so if you both wouldnt mind and let me continue sleeping." Kate said; still slurring a little since only about an hour had passed.

Bree turned to Trevor and took the toothbrush from her mouth to mouth the words, "I'm so sorry"

He just nodded understanding. Kate let herself fall on the couch again. "Lights off!"

Bree tossed her toothbrush onto her bed and whispered, "We'll get breakfast on the way" before she turned out the light and left a note, 'Do NOT go into my shoe collection'. Trevor watched Kate as Bree wrote the note then left the apartment together.

As Kate woke up again around 3.30pm, she jumped under the shower. She walked into her sisters room to pick something to dress as she saw the note. She rolled her eyes and threw the note on the ground before she opened her huge closet with clothes and shoes in it. She picked probably Bree's most expensive underwear and dressed them; then she got tight jeans and dressed black boots to it; over her jeans sleeve. Then she looked through some shirts or pullover but didn't find any interesting. Then suddenly she saw in the corner of her closet clothes Kate had gave her for birthdays or other events but Bree had never dressed them because they were 'too slutty'. She dressed some top; which the cleavage went down till to her navel, exposing Kate's piercing. She got some nice purse of Bree and then went out, deciding to visit her sister at work. So she walked at the laws firm and asked for Bree.

The security guy near the reception desk jumped into the conversation before Maddie, the receptionist had a chance to tell Kate where Bree was, he smiled and looked Kate up and down, letting his eyes do the talking as they stopped at her cleavage, "Well, ma'am if you'd like to follow me, I'm sure we can find Miss Chappell for you"

Katherine smiled at him. "Why thank you! That is very kind of you." She said. "I hope she doesnt have a meeting or something. She will kill me if I disturb her when shes in a meeting." She told the guy.

"Oh, you're...her daughter?" he asked carefully, not knowing whether Bree was quite old enough or even if she seemed maternal at all.

"Nah, oh boy! She is my sis." Kate told him. "She is not THAT old." She giggled.

The security guard chuckled and nodded, "Right, cool, and I'm sure she won't be too bothered about you visiting.." he looked down her cleavage again, "I know I'm not"

Katherine had no problem with playing with guys. She did that so often that she lost track. Katherine smiled at him. "What are you doing tomorrow evening?" She asked him. "We could go clubbing together." She offered; knowing if he'd agree she had someone who would pay her drinks again since she never paid her drinks herself.

He nodded and smirked, "Sure thing babe, where should I pick you up?" he asked.

" my sisters. I live with her." Katherine told him. "You surely know her address, do you?"

"Miss Chappell's, uh, okay" he nodded and made his eyebrows dance before he showed her to the room.

As they stood in front of 'Bree Chappells Office', she nodded in his direction. "Thanks I see you tomorrow, 10pm at my sisters place." She said before she entered, without knocking.

He nodded and gave a grin as she turned, checking out her ass, "See ya"

Bree looked up from her paperwork while she looked over it with two other colleagues, "Kate!"

"Hi." She said, looking at her sister and the other colleagues of her. She had no idea how to treat other lawyer so she made a cursey and smiled at them. "Hello." She said. She looked a bit lost around; probably this was a time where Bree didnt wanna be disturbed.

"Kate, I'm busy, what do you want?"

"Visiting you." She said and shrugged her shoulders. "Bad time, eh?" She asked her sister.

"Kate...excuse me" Bree smiled to her colleagues as she stood and dragged Kate from the room, "Why are you here?"

"Your colleagues looks weird." She said and screw a face. "Um yeah, Mom and Dad kicked me out and Im gonna stay at your place a little longer." She told her.

"What? No, no! Kate, you can't stay with me!" Bree gasped.

"I have nowhere to go, pleeeeease." She said and pouted.

"I have my own life cannot be living off of my life!"

"But I have nowhere to go, I told you." She said. "Do you really want your lil sister to live on the street?" She asked her.

Bree sighed, "Kate...okay but you have to find a job!"

"A job?" She asked and screw a face. "Cant I work here? As your private assistant?" She asked.

"No! You have to get a job yourself, without my help or anyone else's"

"But isnt a family here to help?" She asked her sister, "Come on I will be great. I can bring you files or make phone calls to clients and set a time when they can meet you."

"Katherine, I said no!" Bree glared at her sister, "And what the heck do you have on? Are those my boots?"

"Yer..." She admitted. "They fit perfectly. Nice choice." She told her sister smiling.

"I told you not to go near my shoes!" Bree snapped.

"You did? When?" She asked innocently.

"Kate, just get a job and hurry, I can't deal with you, my life has finally kicked off, I have a boyfriend, a real man!"

"I am easy to handle, calm down." She said. "I just wanted to be nice and spend time with my sister but she obviously rather works." She said.

Bree sighed and shook her head, "Alright, you always! Talk with Trevor, he'll get you going with a job here" Bree told Kate, "Now, I must get back to my colleagues"

"Where is your precious Trevor?" She wanted to know.

"Down the hall, room 12" Bree smiled and entered her office, leaving Kate there.

Kate sighed and walked down the hell to room 12 and knocked on the door.