In her Shoes

Katherine was foolishly in love with Trevor and...after a month she noticed that she really was pregnant. She was happier than ever because her life seemed to be perfect. Months later she gave birth to a healthy little daughter who she called Hannah. Soon she left the hospital with Hannah and went home; which was Trevor's house by now.

Trevor was there, packing, his wife wanted him back.

"Honey," Kate said as she enterd. "I am back from hospital." She said. "Are you home?"

He looked up and stood with his clothes, "I'm outta here"

"What? Trevor!" She said upset. "Why? What did I do wrong?"

"Jill wants me back" he said, not looking up at Kate.

"Jill? You leave me for that old woman?" She asked in disbelief. "We have a family now! We have a daughter!" She said.

"Yeah and if you hadn't noticed, I'm still married..." he pointed out.

"I know but I thought you would leave her! You told me so!" Kate said.

"I don't care Kate...I wanna be with my wife"

"But why?" Kate asked him.

"she wants me back, I ain't gonna say no"

"You are an asshole!" She said sobbing. "I'm moving back to be with my sister!" She said. "and I'll take your car!" She hissed, and took Hannah, before she left the house and got into the car. She drove to Bree and rang her doorbell.

Bree opened the door with Simon behind her, "Oh my God Kate! And"

"He left me." Kate sobbed and stepped inside. "He goes b-back to his wife!"

"Who? Trevor?"

"Yes, h-him." She agreed and leaned her head against Bree, crying; the baby between of them.

"Oh God Kate, come in..."

"That's your niece by the way." Kate sobbed and handed her to Bree, before she sat down on the couch. "Why did he do that? I love him so much and did everything for him!"

Bree took the baby and held her, "She's beautiful..." she smiled and looked to Simon before looking to Kate again, "Kate, I hate to say I told you so but...I did warn you..." she sighed and sat next to her sister.

"Its not fair! Your life is so perfect and mine is a disaster." She said crying. "Can Hannah and I stay here tonight?" She asked her and looked into her sister's eyes.

"Of course" Bree nodded, " life is far from perfect" she said, an engagement ring glinting on her finger.

Kate looked at Bree and now noticed the engagement ring. "Far from perfect?" She asked sobbing. "You are engaged. You will get married." She sobbed.

Bree looked down and cursed the size of the ring before looking to Simon and biting her lip, "Kate...I'm sorry, but were you really in love with him?"

"Yes, I loved him so, so, so much." She sobbed.

Bree nodded and sighed, "Do mom and dad know you have Hannah?"

"No, I didn't talk to them anymore since they kicked me out." She told her.

"Don't you think it'll be an idea to call them? Kate you know they will be furious if they find out they have a grandchild and you didn't tell them"

She shook her head. "I just wanna sleep now. I feel so exhausted. I only got Hannah two days ago. I wanted to get out of hospital as soon as possible so I can see Trevor again." She said.

"You sleep..." Bree nodded, "I'll make sure Hannah is fine..."

"Thank you." Kate said and got up into the direction of the bedroom. Before she entered, she turned around again and saw her sister smiling at Hannah. Kate smiled weakly about that picture and then got into her bed and lied down and slept. She woke up around 2am in the morning. She got up and walked into the living room. Everything was so silent. She sat down on the couch and sighed. How could she live without Trevor? how could her live just go on without him? She needed to go...she needed to be away from him...she needed distraction. Kate took a piece of paper and started to write: 'Dear Bree, I've been thinking and I know that I cant get over Trevor when I stay here in this city or see Trevor everyday in my daughter. Thats why I decided to leave the city. I know you might not understand me but I hope you can forgive me. I know Hannah will have a great life with you - please take good care of her.

Love, Kate. xx'

Then she got Bree's coat and slipped into her shoes, before she left the apartment.

Bree was awoken at almost 5am when Hannah began crying to be fed, and because her sister needed sleep, she woke before Hannah's cries woke Simon or Kate, she fed the baby before she walked around cradling her and tried to get her to sleep again. Bree then spotted the paper and read it, "Oh God!" she gasped and quickly sat on the sofa.

Simon heard his fianceƩ gasping and got out of bed, scratching his head. "Whats the matter?" he asked and yawned, joining her on the couch.

"Kate's gone, she's left us with Hannah" Bree said.

"What? That cant..." He stopped as he saw the note and quickly read through it. "Oh my god..." He now said himself.

Bree nodded and looked down to the baby.

"What will we do now, Bree?" he asked.

"Well, we don't know where she's, we have to keep Hannah" Bree said softly, stroking the baby's head.

"Looks like it." He agreed and stroke over Bree's head and kissed her forehead.

Bree looked up and smiled to Simon, "I love you..."

"I love you too." Simon asid and looked down at the baby.

4 years later Katherine came back to the city. She was over Trevor for years already. She got Bree Keller's new address and drove there and rang her doorbell.

Simon answered the door, Hannah in his arms, "Uhh...Kate!" Bree heard her sister's name and bounded to the door, "Kate!" she hugged her tightly.

Katherine hugged her back tightly. "Hi." She said smiling. "Wow, you are Mrs Keller now. Look at look fantastic." Kate said.

Bree pulled her sister inside and beamed, "I'm so happy to see you!"

"I can say the same." She said and now looked at her 4 year old daughter. "Oh my god, is this Hannah?"

Bree nodded and smiled, her arm around Simon's waist.

Kate looked at the little girl smiling. "Oh she is such a cute little girl." Kate said and took her out of Simons hands. "Hello Hannah. I am your aunty." She said softly. Bree smiled sadly and looked away. She kissed the little girls forehead before she handed her back to Simon. "Don't you offer me a coffee?" She asked her sister smiling, seeing her sadness.

"Sure...come on through" Bree smiled and Hannah took her hand and also Kate's.

"You did a great job." Kate whispered to bree and looked down at the little girl smiling.

Hannah looked up to Kate and smiled, "Auntie Katie!" she giggled.

"Oh you know my name?" She asked. "Oh thats great. Auntie Katie brought you something, but its still in the car. I could go and get it for you..." She suggested.

"You got her something?" Bree asked softly.

"I did yes." She agreed. "And also for you and Simon." She pointed out.

Bree nodded and smiled, "What is it?"

"For you its a necklace." She said. "And for Hannah its a doll and for Simon a bottle of wine. I had no idea what to get him." She said.

"Oh Kate, you didn't need to"

"Thats the least I could do. After all you took so good care of hannah." She said.

Bree nodded and bent down to the girl, "Honey, go get your dolly, Aunt Kate would love to see her"

"Okay." Hannah said smiling and rushed away to get her doll. "Bree, why do I have the feeling that you are sad that I am here now?" She asked her sister.

Bree sighed, "I just...I found out I can't have kids...Simon and I have been trying but..." she shook her head, "I don't wanna tell him, it'll break his heart"

"Oh Bree." Kate said and took her hand, then pulled her in a hug. "I am so sorry to hear that. When someone deserves to get kids, then its you." She whispered.

"And I know she's your daughter and you have every right but...I'm just scared in case you want to take her..."

"I...I..didnt come here to take her." Kate said softly. "She is your daughter. She thinks of you as Mommy and Simon as Daddy. I couldnt just take her away...she would be so sad. I dont wanna break her heart." She said.

Bree nodded and looked down, "I know, I'm sorry I thought that"

"Its okay." She said softly. "I feel touched you told her about me...and that she knew my name." She said.

"I've told her all about you" Bree smiled proudly.

Kate screw a face. "What exactly? That I run around slutty?" She asked, since this was not the case anymore.

Bree shook her head, "That you taught me how to dance, you kinda helped me on my way to marriage...I told her you're the best sister ever"

Katherine smiled. "Thats nice." She said softly. "She calls you mommy?" She asked her.

"Uh..." Bree nodded, "I didn't know how to explain it to her..."

"Its okay." She said softly and took her hand. "You will always be her mommy. I aint gonna tell her." She said softly. " you love her?" She asked.

"Of course...I love her so much, both Simon and I do" Bree smiled.

"Thats good." She said smiling. "I just wanna be...her auntie now since I will move back here." She explained.

"You will? You have a place?" Bree asked.

"Yes I bought an apartment in this city. I am like a 10 minutes drive away from you." She explained.

"That's excellent!" Bree smiled.

"Yes." She said. "by the way, you are an aunt." She said softly.

"Huh?" Bree questioned.

"Um, I have another child." She explained. "Together with my ex-husband."

"You were..." Bree almost collapsed.

"Oh you dont know the half of it." She said. "But yes I was married for 2 years..." She pointed out.

"And this child...?"

"Oh Samara is with her Dad." She explained. "But only every second weekend. I would have brought her otherwise." She said. "She looks so much alike Hannah. I am shocked." She had to admit.

Bree smiled softly, "I don't believe it..." she beamed.

"You dont believe what? That I am a normal woman now with a normal job and life?" Katherine asked her sister.

"I don't believe you were married and had another daughter, what are you? An FBI agent?"

She giggled. "No." She said and shook her head. "You are gonna laugh when I tell you as what I am working."

Bree giggled and pulled out two seats, "What? Tell me"

Katherine sat down. "I work at agency. Insecure men or women come to me and well ask me to join me for a date...with an earpiece and a mic. Dont dare start laughing now!" Katherine said to her smiling. "You have no idea how many people are insecure in this area!"

"Oh my God! You're serious?" Bree bit her lip to stop from laughing.

"Yes. Come on, I hardly have anything I am good at. And I am good at THIS. So I thought, why not opening such a business and I did and I had success." She said.

"Your own business?"

"Uh-huh, yes." She said. "I have workers by now and my business is in different cities. I will open one here actually since I moved here." She said.

Bree smiled surprised and nodded, "Kate that's wonderful"

"It is." She said and looked at her. "Though, its gonna be harder now that I am seperated. I mean dates are mostly in the evening and...I cant leave Sami possibly home alone. David always watched her but well...he lives too far away now." She pointed out.

"She can always come here, you know that..."

Kate's face lit up. "So when I have to work in the would watch her?" She asked her.

Bree nodded, "She'll be with Hannah..."

"I hope they like each other. After all they are sisters." She said. "I can show you a pic of Sami." She said and took out her wallet. She got out a picture showing Sami sitting on a swing; and Katherine standing behind her. She handed it over to Bree.

Bree looked at the picture, "It looks like you and mom"

"You think?" Katherine asked.

The redhead nodded, "So beautiful...both of you"

"Thank you." Kate said smiling. "You can keep the picture of you want. I have the original pic of it at home." She said. "Tell me about your life and the last four years." Kate said.

"Thank you" Bree smiled and pinned it onto the memo board before sitting again, "Well...Simon and I tried for ages with getting pregnant...uh, he has his own surgery, his uncle passed away and left it to him. We bought a beach house too"

"A beach house. Wow, that is impressive." She said and smiled at her sister. "You dont believe how happy I am to see you and to see that you are not mad at me for leaving."

"I wasn't mad, more worried...I thought you'd done something when I didn't hear from you..."

"Well that obviously was not the case. I actually met David 3 months after Trevor had left me and...he was I got pregnant with Samara, we married and well lived happily ever after...yer and now we are divorced." She said. "But we are friends, you know. Its better this way - for Sami."

Bree nodded and smiled, "I'm glad you still see him and you two get along for Sami"

She nodded in agreement. "Though Sami...scares me. She is so like me. You know, I always had a thing for fashion and have to see Sami. She is so picky when we go and buy cute clothes for her. And she always wears lipgloss and has a handbag. She now wanna have a cell phone. I bought her a toy cell phone but she is smart - she knows its not real and wanna have a real one now." She explained.

Bree raised her brows, "And how old is she?"

"Almost 3."

"Oh..." Bree nodded and smiled, "I suppose it's good that she's growing quickly"

"I dont. I dont want her to grow. She is such a cute little angel." She said. "She is my little fashion queen. And I dont want her to become like me - or like I used to be..."

Bree nodded and looked to the picture.

"I really did change Bree. I dont have any piercings anymore except for the one in my belly button, but since Sami is bugging me to get a belly button piercing too, I had better take it out." She said. "And my fashion style did change too. Everything changed since I had Hannah" She whispered. "My whole life changed and some days I thought of driving back and take her...but I didn't do it and then...I was told that I was pregnant again and I thought 'You will do it right with this child'...and I did...I hope I did at least."

Bree felt her eyes filling up and she smiled at her sister, "You have done right...and I'm so proud of you"

"Oh dont cry now." Kate said and looked into her sisters eyes. "Since you cant get kids, Bree...I want...I want that you adopt Hannah...officialy I mean. So that she is your daughter." She said softly and took her hand.

Bree closed her eyes and smiled as Kate said so, she held onto her sister's hand tightly.

Kate hugged her sister. "I just want you to be happy." She whispered. "I always wanted you to be happy."

Bree smiled and let her tears out, "Kate, I should have always been there for you..."

Kate stroke over her back. "You were there for me - all the time when I needed you," She whispered. "You were and still are the perfect sister to me."

Bree softly pulled away after a little while and asked, "You're sure you want me to adopt Hannah?"

Katherine smiled and nodded. "I cant imagine a better mother to her than you are." She said softly and wipped tears out of her sisters face away.

Bree smiled and nodded, "Thank you...and I can't wait to meet little Sami"

"David is bringing her Sunday evening. I could come to you then." She suggested. "Just if it's okay of course."

"Of course it is! Please do, I would like you to stay over"

"Over night?" She questioned. "Yes sure, Sami and I can do that." She agreed.

Bree smiled, "Oh good, we'll all have so much fun"

"Of course we will. We are a little family." She said softly.

Bree nodded and smiled, "Oh, I can't wait"

"But you have to." She giggled. "And now, you wont get rid of me ever again." She pointed out.

Bree giggled and held Kate's hand, "I wouldn't want to"

She smiled and kissed her sisters cheek.

On sunday Kate came back to her, with little Sami on her hip; an arm wrapped around her. Sami was dressed all in pic and even had a pink soother in her mouth, as well she had a pink tiny handbag in her hands. Kate rang the doorbell.

Bree and Hannah answered the door, "Hi Kate, and this must be little Sami..."

"Yes thats her." Kate agreed. "Say hi to Auntie Bree and your cousin Hannah." Kate said softly and put Sami down. Sami looked at Bree and Hannah, before she took her soother out; her little fingernails were painted in red. "Hello." She said with a smile.

Bree bent down to the girls' level and smiled brightly, "Would you girls like some special cookies I made?"

"Yes Mommy!" Hannah agreed immediatly. Sam nodded. "yummy cookie!" She agreed.

Bree smiled and nodded, standing, "Hannah, take Sami into the playroom and show her your dolls house, auntie Kate and I will get the cookies"

"Okay mommy. Come Sami." Hannah said and took her sisters hand and walked with her away. Kate looked after them and smiled. "Aw, they seem to like eachother."

"Well they both like pink, cookies and us..." Bree shrugged.

"Well yes." She said. "They are adorable." She said and closed the door. "Now you finally met your niece."

"Yes, and I've just noticed...they're mini me's of us!"

"Oh god you are right. They are like us when we were little." She said softly.

Bree giggled and took Kate's hand like Hannah had taken Sami's.

Kate smiled at her sister and walked with her into the kitchen, like Hannah and Sami had walked into the play room.