The next day Alan went to Jake's school to talk to his teacher.

"Miss Hawk," Alan said, "I would like to speak with you."

"Mr. Harper I'm sorry. I'm busy right now. If you would like you can make an appointment to speak with me."

"No that's alright," Alan said, "I'll just go speak with your boss."
Miss Hawk sighed.

"I suppose I have a few minutes," she said.

"Good," Alan replied, "I want to talk with you about the way you've been treating my son. It is not my son's fault that my brother broke up with you and I will not have you putting him down or treating him unfairly. Do it one more time and there will be trouble."

"I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about," Miss Hawk said, "Goodbye"

"Oh you don't," Alan said, "Well maybe a lawsuit would refresh your memory."

"Listen Mr. Harper," the teacher said, "I have tenure so they can't fire me. My parents are loaded so I am really not worried about a lawsuit. Basically you have no avenue to go. So really you're kind of looking at a dead end wherever you look. But I'd be willing to make a deal with you. Convience your brother to date me again and I will cut Jake some slack."