The room was the other side of the motel, something Dean suspected Sam planned. Dean barely got to see what the room was like before he pushed Castiel against the closed door and kissed him. Now that he knew that Castiel did want to be imitate with him, and there was no more Leviathans to worry about, Dean found that he really, really wanted to just lose it and have sex. He hadn't had sex in way over a year. A record for him, and he was just feeling it now.

"Dean," Castiel moaned as he attacked his neck. The skin was soft and tasted very nice.

"Do you want this?" Dean asked, nearly begged. He wanted to taste the rest of Castiel. He wanted to feel him and share everything with him.

"Yes," Castiel answered, clutching Dean's arm. And that was all of the permission Dean needed. He started to unbutton the shirt Castiel was wearing and he slipped it off Castiel's shoulders, bending down to kiss his chest and run his hands over the pale skin. Another moan escaped Castiel's lips as Dean's mouth slid over his nipple.

"Ah...Dean," he breathed. His hands were desperately trying to get Dean's top off, needing skin to skin contact. Dean didn't protest and let his top be pulled over his head. He found Castiel's lips again and kissed him hard, their tongues sliding against each other. He pulled Castiel towards the bed and fall on it so Castiel was on top of him. Their bodies were so close that Dean could feel Castiel's arousal through the fabric of their jeans. Castiel was working purely on instinct and he was running his hands all over Dean's body, kissing his neck like Dean had done to him a moment ago.

Dean moaned as he felt Castiel nibble his neck and his back arched off the bed as their crutches touches.

"Cas...Cas," Dean breathed, sliding his fingers into Castiel's jeans.

"Cas, I... I need...," Dean said, losing himself in how good it felt.

"I want to please you, Dean," Castiel told him, leaning up and looking down at him with lust clouded eyes, "Tell me how."

Dean pulled him back down, clashing their lips together.

"I need... you inside me," Dean said, feeling valuable but liking it for once. He wanted Castiel to take control. To feel the dominance that he had once processed.

"I don't know how," Castiel said, looking slightly concerned.

"Neither do I," Dean smiled on his lips, "But we'll do it together."

He pulled down Castiel's trousers in one swift movement and Castiel gasped as Dean rubbed his palm against his arousal. Dean grinned, kissing his neck as he arched in pleasure.

"D...Dean... that...that feels...," Castiel panted.

"I know," Dean smiled, than began to jerk down his own trousers. Castiel helped and once they were off he started to copy Dean's moves and it felt so good. He moved his hips to cause more friction. Castiel copied and they rubbed together. Castiel held them both in his hand and stroked them up and down in slow strokes. Dean clutched onto Castiel's shoulders, wanting more.

"Need...Cas!" He moaned and then pulled Castiel's hand down so his fingers were against Dean's entrance.

"Don't we need lube?" Castiel asked and Dean looked up at him.

"Have you been researching?" He asked. Castiel had that blush again and nodded.

"I think spit is fine," Dean told him and brought his fingers back to slowly suck them. Castiel watched in awe and licked his lips. His cheeks were flushed and there were already tiny beads of sweat collecting on his forehead. Dean had never seen a more beautiful sight.

Castiel withdraw his fingers and pressed once against Dean's entrance. He slowly pushed in and Dean shivered with how good it felt. Castiel slowly moved his fingers in small circles and Dean let out a low groan and clutched Castiel's shoulders tightly, bringing him down to kiss him.

"More...Cas, more."

Castiel obeyed, pushing another finger in. He scissored Dean, preparing him. He was being so slow and careful it was almost frustrating. He needed more.

Castiel added another finger and Dean cried out as he hit the hard muscle at the back.


Dean arched his body up so they were pressed together. He bit Castiel's lip gently and his fists were so tightly clutched on Castiel's shoulders that there would be bruises in the morning.

"I need you...I need you now!"

Castiel nodded and pulled his fingers out. Dean whimpered while Castiel licked his hand and gave his own length a few quick strokes. He positioned himself and then pushed into Dean.

It hurt but the pain was nothing compared to the overwhelming pleasure that he felt. He closed his eyes, his head lolling back onto the pillow.

"Are you ok?" Castiel asked, his voice gruffer than normal. Dean nodded, seeking Castiel's lips and kissing him hard.

"Move Cas," he breathed and Castiel did, moving slowly at first but then speeding up. His hands moved across Dean's body and up to rest on the handprint on Dean's arm.

"CAS!" Dean cried as the contact sent intense waves of pleasure through him as Castiel's grace moved through him.

"Dean," Castiel breathed against his skin. He was breathing hard and groaning with every thrust. Dean was close but he didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to last so he could cum with Castiel.

Dean opened his eyes to look at Castiel and was met by a bright light that was coming from his arm and Castiel's hand. Castiel had his eyes shut and was thrusting his hips in a steady rhythm, his lips slightly parted as soft groans escaped. There was light coming from his back as well. He arched his back up, his hand still on Dean's handprint.

"Cas!" Dean said, watching the light grew bright as he moved his hips to meet Castiel's thrusts.

"Dean!" Castiel responded, too lost in the moment to realise what was happening.

He was close and his grip on Dean's arm tightened. Dean felt pressure build as the light became almost blinding.

Castiel opened his eyes and slight panic appeared as he saw the light.

"Close your eyes Dean!" He told him but Dean couldn't. It was too beautiful. Castiel surrounded by this white light. His pale skin and dark hair, and those blue eyes. He was an Angel.

"D...Dean!" Castiel cried out and Dean felt him cum inside him. As he did so, the light changed. It grew darker and formed two large shapes either side of his shoulder blades. They stretched out the whole length of the room. Dean cum with a gasp, cuming all over their stomachs. The black shapes erupted into light again, so bright Dean's eyesight went white and he finally screwed his eyes shut against the pain.

"Dean! Dean!" Castiel said, panic in his voice. He climbed off Dean and touched his face, his hands shaking.

"Are you ok?" Castiel asked and he sounded close to tears. Dean opened his eyes and was pleased to see that he still had his eyesight. He locked his eyes with Castiel's and smiled.

"What was that?" He asked.

"It was my grace in you reacting to the intense emotions we were both experiencing," Castiel told him.

"So they... they were your...?" Dean asked.

"Wings?" Castiel smiled and nodded.

"So... are you...are you...?" Dean asked, feeling a sense of hope, but at the same time dread.

"No, Dean, I am not an Angel," Castiel smiled and he seemed content, "My grace just lost control for a moment, that will be the last time that happens."

Dean reached up and stroked Castiel's cheek. Castiel leant into the touch.

"Your wings, they were beautiful," Dean told him and Castiel leant down and rested his head on Dean's chest, his hand over Dean's heart.

"I'm glad you saw them, even if it was just the once," he mumbled tiredly.

"I'm sorry that you lost them," Dean said, stroking his hand down Castiel's back, over the scars that were there instead of wings.

Castiel leant up again and looked down at him, sadness in his eyes.

"Do you forgive me, for everything I have done; for teaming up with Crowley, and open Purgatory, and hurting Sam?" He asked. Dean frowned.

"Of course I have, you've made up for these things and they were a long time ago," he told Castiel, rubbing his thumb against his lover's cheek.

"I lost my wings a long time ago, and I am not angry at you for losing them," Castiel told him, "So can we stop with the apologies and the feeling guilty?"

Dean nodded slowly and pulled him down for a slow kiss.

"We're going to get married and we're going to live together and we will be happy," Castiel told him and smiled, resuming his position on Dean's chest.

"I feel so happy, here with you," Castiel told him, "Before I meet you I was no one and I had no one."

"You were an Angel," Dean told him, stroking his back.

"I was one of thousands though. All Angels are the same, part from the four Archangels, so I was no different. All I did was follow orders and praise my Father, there was nothing else," Castiel told him, "but then I was given orders to save you and the moment I saw you I changed. I felt a strong need to protect you and it went far beyond my orders. I fell in love with you pretty quickly and my garrison found out, and that was when everything changed, but I was happy, despite being cast out of heaven."

Dean kissed his hair and stroked circles on Castiel's shoulder, listening to every word.

"I liked feeling human emotions, even though some of them were confusing and I liken being with you, even though most of the time you seemed to hate me."

"I never hated you, I loved you most of the time but you seemed like a dick, like the rest of your brothers and sisters, but I know now that you were just following orders," Dean told him, kissing his hair again. Castiel smiled and closed his eyes, relaxing against Dean.

"I'm glad to hear that," he mumbled, sounding like he was about to fall asleep, "As long as I have you, I don't need my wings."

Dean smiled, wrapping his arms around his Angel. Because to him it didn't matter that Castiel didn't have wings, or grace, or power; he would always be an Angel to him.

"I love you, Cas," he whispered into his hair, nuzzling it with his nose. He felt Castiel's smile against his chest.

"I love you too, Dean."


Kansa blared out of the barn and into the yard in front of the house that Dean, Sam and Castiel had brought together. It was an old farm house that was hidden by woods and fields and had a long road leading up to it from the main road. It was in California, near the collage that Sam attended. It was hot and Dean was bending over a car, bare chested and covered in grease.

He had converted the old barn into a garage and had set up his own garage business where he fixed cars and reconverted old cars to their former beauty. He was currently working on a mustang at the moment and had the stereo loud.

Sam was at collage at the moment and was busy studying for exams.

Castiel came out of the house with an apron on and flour in his hair. Dean looked up and chuckled lightly. Castiel was taking cooking lessons and was actually a good cook. For the first time that Dean could ever remember, they were eating proper meals and not diner crap.

"What are you making?" Dean asked, leaning against the bonnet of the car and wiping his hands on a rag that was already covered in grease.

"Chicken stew and I also made an apple pie," Castiel answered. Dean beamed and leant forward to kiss him.

"Do I ever tell you that you're the best?" He asked.

"I think you've mentioned it a few times," Castiel smiled back, "It's normally when there is pie involved."

He took a step back to avoid Dean's dirty skin as the hunter laughed.

"Sam isn't coming back for dinner," Castiel informed him.

"He spends too much time in that library," Dean grumbled, "He's going to work himself to death."

He looked at Castiel when he didn't agree and saw the face that normally told Dean he was hiding something.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Sam has a date," Castiel had never been good at hiding things from Dean, "but he didn't want you to know."

"Why not?" Dean asked, "Why would he tell you and not me?"

"Because you would tease him," Castiel answered, looking worried now. Dean just looked at him and burst out laughing.

"I guess you're right."

He slung an arm over Castiel's shoulder and leaned in to kiss him. Castiel kissed him back and Dean smiled.

"You're getting me all dirty," Castiel half heartedly complained.

"You'll just have to come and have a shower with me then," Dean told him, biting his lip gently. Castiel nodded and let his lover lead him into the house.

After the shower, Dean was in the study, which had about a dozen phones on the desk, each with a label just like in Bobby's old office.

"Yes, this is Agent Smith," Dean said into one of the phones labelled 'FBI'. His feet were on the desk and he was bare chested still, his hair wet.

"Yes, Agent Collins was assigned for this case," he said. Castiel came in, wearing sweats and an old t-shirt of Dean's. He was drying his hair with a towel.

"Yes, I know he is a bit clumsily, but he is one of the best agents we have."

Castiel sat on the desk and Dean placed a hand on his thigh, absent mindedly stroking his leg.

"It is not for you to question out actions so I suggest you let Collins get on with his job and don't call me with stupid questions again!"

He hung up and sighed.

"Garth again?" Castiel asked. Dean nodded.

"How he hasn't got himself killed or arrested yet is beyond me," he answered.

Castiel leant forward and captured Dean's lips. It was a quick kiss and Dean had to smile with how domestic he felt.

He never thought he would have this life. House, garage, having his own bedroom and comfortable bed, and shower that had hot water, and Sammy in law school and Castiel by his side, with his wedding ring on his finger.

They were planning their wedding. Castiel wanted to get married in front of God so they were searching for the perfect place. Dean was happy just getting hitched in Vegas but this was important to Castiel so they were waiting.

Despite the domestic lifestyle, Dean was the happiest he had ever been.

"Come on," Castiel whispered on his lips. Dean looked into his blue eyes, smiling softly. He ran his hand through the soft black hair.

"There's apple pie waiting for you."

Dean stood up and took Castiel's hand. The former Angel didn't look like his 2014 self anymore, which Dean found funny as it was 2014 this year.

Castiel wasn't addicted to drugs or alcohol, and he didn't have orgies. His eyes were bright and the winkles around his eyes were from laughing and smiling. He wasn't stick thin anymore and had a healthy, well built body. He still had faith and went to church every Sunday and prayed nearly every day.

And Sam wasn't Lucifer, so Zachariah had got it really wrong.

And Dean couldn't have been happier about it. He had everything he needed.


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