This is a new story of me. It is a spin-off story of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi which is a very cool comic on Snafu Comics by Bleedman check it out sometimes! But this story is a spin-off of it and goes about some rejects from their own series.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi: League of Rejects. Chapter 1; Revenge

Cluster Zone...

"Why, why is she always mean to me? I can't understand it, I'm her daughter, right. What is she actually doing? Why is she always so suspicious about everything? I just don't understand it." The young robot princess was walking around in the castle of the Cluster Zone. Vega, the daughter of the Queen of the Cluster Zone, Vexus. Vega was a robot, she had a yellow colored head with pink hair which pointed up at the end and had small antenna's on them. She had yellow eyes too. The rest of her body was charm pink metal but wore other clothing over it. She had a pink top with a yellow sphere in the middle of it and pink sleeves. She has a long pink and yellow striped skirt.

"My mother is always busy with her plans and never paid any attention to me. I also don't exactly know what her plans are, but I once listened to a conversation between her and the Darkstar Council. I couldn't quite make it out, mostly she was talking about eliminating the 'evil' robot XJ-9 but this time it was about something else. I remember it well:"

"But why do we have to go there!" a giant bat-like robot, who called himself Montray, asked surprised.

"Because it is part of our plan, the plan I made with Dr. X and the Almighty Tallest. I send him some of you, the Darkstar Council, and he will need your help to destroy those Powerpuff Girls."

"Powerpuff Girls?" A young girl named Samantha asked.

"The Powerpuff Girls? Who are these girls, are they another threat to our kingdom, just like XJ-9?" The robot princess continued listening to the conversation.

"They are three supernatural girls who are created by the clumsy Professor Antonio Utonium. He wanted to make the perfect little girls with the ingredients Sugar, Spice and All Nice but accidently added another ingredient, Chemical X, which gave the girls superhuman powers." Vexus explained.

"Three little school girl can't stop the Cluster." Nool said, who was a mantis-like robot.

"Don't underestimate them, they are strong girls." Vexus warned them.

"Just send us to that X guy already." the brown haired girl Samantha said, who didn't like waiting but wanted action.

"Patience Samantha." a giant brown ladybug-like robot said, named Kuwagus.

"No, she's right. It's time for some action, aboard the vessel." Vexus said as she walked
towards the exit of the door where Vega still was still listening to them.

Luckily I got out of there in time. If my mother discovered I listened to her she would kill me, she really would. Vexus isn't really the mother-type you expect all mothers to be, sometimes it even doesn't feel like I'm her daughter. Vega continued to walk through the corridors of the castle when she came across her mother's bedroom and sneaked
inside of it. There wasn't really anything to worry about since her mother, Robotboy, Armed Force and other Clusters were in space and the Darkstar Council in the Human World. The only ones to worry about are Smytus who always is behind his computer and Krackus who was mostly building inventions in his lab although they were destined to fail.

When she looked around in the room of her mother she found a Golden Chip on the ground. These were the chips that gave robots their fighting powers. Vexus said that XJ-9 had stolen all of the Golden Chips so we, the Cluster Prime, wouldn't have any powers. But how can it be that one is here in her chamber. Maybe Vexus was able to retrieve one, or maybe XJ-9 had dropped one when she left.

Vega picked up the Golden Chip and placed it inside of herself. She suddenly felt a shock wave through her body and felt different, more powerful. She then realized she could make weapons, as her hand suddenly had changed into a knight's sword. "I won't be ignored this time, I will travel to Earth myself and finish that XJ-9." Vega activated her rocket feet and blasted away from the Cluster Prime to Earth.

As Vega traveled to Earth another life form already had arrived at Earth. A Spittle Runner was parked in the middle of the road in Megaville and a female Irken stepped out known as Invader Tak. Like all the Irkens she had a green skin, but instead of the standard pink uniform she wore a purple one that fitted her eyes which also were purple. But the most notable thing was that she had an implant in her head that possesses limited mind-altering abilities; such as mind control and erasing memories.

"Zim, where are you!" Tak shouted loud over the area, she continued walking over the streets and hear a noise behind her and turned around.

"Hello." a young boy asked. The boy looked silly, he had orange hair, green eyes and wore a light-blue shirt with a rainbow on it.

"And who might you be?" the invader girl asked.

"I'm Keef."

"Well 'Keef', do you know where Zim is?"

You like waffles?" Keef asked.

"You're useless."

"You don't like waffles?" the boy continued to ask sounding like he was about to cry.

"SHUT UP! Mimi get him!" Tak said as a SIR unit appeared behind Tak. It was a regular SIR Unit made from metal with sharp claws and red eyes. Mimi rushed to Keef and ripped the boy in pieces.

"Finally he's dead." she said in satisfaction. "Now I need to get into disguise before anyone notices me." Tak said as she transformed into a human girl with her special human disguise device. She now had dark-blue hair and wore a black striped shirt, backpack and black trousers. The SIR unit has transformed into a blue cat with glowing red eyes and two horns on her head.

"The Tallest, they have chosen the wrong one to send to Earth. It should've been me to invade Earth and take it over. That Zim doesn't even make any attempts to take over this tiny planet. But things will change, I will destroy the whole planet!"

"It is time to visit an old friend of mine." Tak said as she looked at a picture of Dib.

Then there was another girl, a real reject. Not by her father, not by her leaders but by the people she once saw as her idols. Princess Morbucks, a spoiled little brat who once wanted to be a Powerpuff Girl but couldn't be one just because she didn't have any powers. The girl had everything, but always wanted more. She had brown curly hair wore a yellow shirt and purple skirt. After her rejection she became a real super villain and bought a battlesuit from her father's money. It is a gold-colored battle suit, resembling the battlesuits that the Powerpuff Girls always wear, and a crown on her head.

"And again the town is saved by the Powerpuff Girls." the news reporter said until he was interrupted by the annoyed Princess who immediately blasted into the screen with her lasers.

"Powerpuff Girls, Powerpuff Girls, POWERPUFF GIRLS!" Princess shouted. "It's always the same thing, over and over again." Princess walked around furious to her closet. She opened it and it revealed her battlesuit. "I think it's time to finish those girls once and for all." Princess said to herself as she got into her battle suit. She activated her jetpack and went to the Megaville Elementary.

Vega was inside of the Megaville Elementary. She was sneaking through the corridors so the people in the classrooms couldn't hear her. She eventually looked through a classroom's window and saw the class where Jenny was sitting in. She summoned her sword and took a few steps back when she bumped into Tak who was sneaking behind her.

"Who are you and what are you doing here!" Tak asked who wore a school uniform, to blend in with the others.

Vega was surprised and then slowly turned around and saw the goth-girl in front of her. "I'm Vega, and I'm here to destroy XJ-9." the robot responded. "And what's your deal?"

"Well, I only need to speak with Dib. He has something very important for me. Something important involving the Irken Zim, you must know who he is since you're one of the Cluster."

Again Vega looked surprised. " you know that?" she asked.

"Isn't it obvious. You're an advanced robot, bearing appearance to the queen of the Cluster Vexus. You must be her daughter."

"But how should I know Zim?"

"Hasn't your mother told you that? The Cluster is working together with the Irkens to try to..." Tak got interrupted by another person who was approaching them, she could hear the footsteps of the person who was standing in the dark.

"So, it seems we're all aiming for the same class." Another female voice said.

"Show yourself." Tak said.

"Hello, I'm Princess Morbuck. But you can call me Princess." the spoiled girl said who walked out of the darkness. She had changed back into her normal clothes upon arriving at the school.

Both Tak and Vega looked surprised to the girl. Tak knew she obvious was a human. Not being made from metal or sensing she had a human disguise device on. "After who are you then?" she asked.

"I'm after those Powerpuff Girls."

"So you're after Dib, you after the Powerpuff Girls and I'm after XJ-9." Vega interrupted. "Then it's better to kill off the whole classroom instead of only those individuals." Vega suggested, hoping the other would agree.

"I think that's a much better idea." Princess responded as the three looked into the classroom. They counted many people. Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Dexter, Dib, Mandy, Billy, Jimmy, Timmy, Tootie, Suzy, Otto, Michelene, Og, Mac, Dora, Mike, Robin, Nigel, Hogarth, Kuki, Wally, Abigail and Fanny who were students of the class. Mrs. Meryl was the teacher and just at that moment also XJ-9 was in the class to get some stuff to take to her own class. Since Jenny was a grade higher that these students.

"Okay, when I say 'yes' we all attack the classroom." Princess said and started to count down. but she got interrupted by someone else.

"Pardon me girls, but why aren't you in your classrooms?" Principal Skarr asked who encountered them in the hall.

"Um that's because..." Vega said but couldn't make up an excuse.

"I already thought so." Skarr said. "You girls come along with me, you're going to detention." the bald man said. He had a scar over one of his eyes, that eye also appeared blank while his other eye was blue. He wore a nice suit with a red tie. He motioned the girls to follow him and guided them to the detention room.

"So girls. You stay here till the end of the day. And behave." Skarr said and left the room, leaving the girls behind sitting behind an empty table.

"That went well." Vega said with much sarcasm in her voice.

"How could this happen?" Princess angry asked her companions.

"I know why." an unknown voice said from behind them. The girls turned around and saw an Afro-American girl with black hair, pink top and blue saggy pants sitting behind them.

"And who might you be?" Tak asked.

"I'm the person who can help you with your problem. With me in your team you can defeat the ones you want eliminated." the teen said. "I'm Cree Lincoln, nice to meet ya."

So what do you guys think, like it? I tried to do something different than other PPGD fanfics and hope it turned out well.