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Ch 10 Battle of the Queen

There they stood in a big round room; Dexter, Otto, Danny, Fanny, El Tigre, Lucky Luke and Jolly Jumper looked at the five hallways that each went another way.

"Which way should we go?" Otto asked and looked to the faces of his teammates.

"It may be hard to do, but… I think we need to split up." Danny said.

"But what if one of us won't make it?" Otto responded feeling a little bit anxious.

"Don't worry, everything's going to be all right." Fanny said. "Why don't you go with Dexter, he will protect you." she requested.

"Come on Otto, we will form a team." Dexter motioned Otto towards him. "It seems obvious that Lucky Luke goes with his horse, so that means everyone has to go another way."

"We can handle this, right Jolly?" Lucky Luke smiled as he stepped back in his horse and smiled. "We will go already, good luck y'all." Lucky Luke rode away on his white steed into the hallway that was most left.

"We also will depart already." Dexter said. He and Otto walked into the most right hallway. He was shortly followed by Danny who went in the hallway next to the from Dexter and Otto, and Fanny who went into the ones next to the one Lucky Luke went in.

"Seems I'm all alone now." Manny mumbled to himself. He then looked up and ran towards the hallway that was in the middle of the room. Manny ran through the hallway, it seemed like it would never end. Manny decided to slow down a bit and walked further.

"I wonder what Zoe is doing at this moment. After I left she must've been heartbroken. But she is a villain, and I need to be good… I guess." Manny's mind then switched over to Frida, when he thought of her a tear was lying in his eye. He didn't want to blink because he knew that the tear was going to come out then. Though he blinked, the tear rolled down his cheek on the floor. Manny whipped his face and then decided to defeat Shego for Frida, he continued to run through the hallway.

"This is really taking long, isn't it Jolly?" Lucky Luke asked and patted on the neck of his horse. They continued to slowly walk further. A few minutes passed when Lucky Luke finally saw a light on the end of the hallway.

"C'mon boy, run!" Luke shouted, Jolly Jumper immediately started to sprint towards the bright light. The two entered the room and saw something that looked similar to a destroyed city. It was too modern to be from his time, but too old to be from this time. There were half-destroyed flats, broken cars, bald trees and a lot of debris. Luke stepped of his horse and walked through the area when suddenly out of nowhere a big screen on the end of the area turned on, it showed Shego's face.

"Hello cowboy, remember me?" Shego grinned. "I already expected you, but I don't want to fight you. So instead I've brought some souvenirs with me from your time." Shego began to laugh when several familiar faces to Lucky Luke stepped around the corners.

"Billy the Kid, Jesse James, Frank James, Cole Younger, Black Bart, Emilio Espuelas, Belle Starr, Phil Defer, Elliot Belt and The Daltons!" Lucky Luke shouted out of shock as he saw all of his enemy's now teaming up and facing him.

"So we finally meet again." Black Bart said who was wearing a long white robe with buttons and a white mask over his head. He was holding his musket aimed at Lucky Luke.

"Come on people, we can settle this as adults. There is no need to shoot." Lucky Luke said, he looked back to Jolly Jumper and motioned him to go and hide somewhere safe.

"Shut your mouth!" Belle Starr said. She was wearing a long black dress with yellow stars and a purple ribbon, a big purple hat that had a pink ribbon and a white plume. In her left hand she had her fan while in the pistol in her right hand was aimed at Luke.

"You can't escape anymore Luke." Jesse James said who stood behind him with his gang. Jesse wore a blue blouse, with black trousers, brown boots, a black bandana around his neck and a black cowboy hat with a red plume on it. He has a small beard and a sinister look. His brother, Frank James, has a much friendlier face. He wore a white blouse with a black jacket and a red tie. He had white trousers and a white hat and a big black moustache. And then their cousin, Cole Younger. He was very fat, he wore a red sweater and big blue pants that had suspenders but one had snapped, probably because of his weight. He had short blonde hair. All three were aiming at Lucky Luke.

"He's right, no escape. Mostly because you ruined our lives and killed our partner the Shadow Hunter." Frank James said.

"Kill him!" Billy the Kid shouted out of nowhere and fired a bullet towards Lucky Luke, who luckily could dodge it. The small kid, with the red shirt, gray jacket and black hat, became furious and rapidly fired at him. Out of reaction others also began to shoot.

The tall Phil Defer ran at him with big leaps. He was very tall, and had a pale skin and was dressed in black, except for his blouse. Lucky Luke saw his chance and quickly spawned behind Phil, who looked around in confusion. Phil turned around and was surprised to see Luke's real speed. Lucky Luke shot Phil in the head, who afterwards dropped dead on the ground, to the shock of the others.

Dexter and Otto ran through the hallway until they arrived in a forest-like room with a little shed up ahead. Dexter and Otto approached the shed when they suddenly saw a big figure step out of it. It was a big animal-like beast but also seemed to be humanoid. He had pink fur, two antennas on his head, a big green nose and wore a blue overall.

"Get off a ma property!" the beast said and aimed his shotgun at the two boys.

"Who are you?" Dexter asked.

"Ma name is Fuzzy Lumpkins, hired by tha Queen, Shego to protect ma property and hers!"

"Seems that this is your opponent, Dex." Otto said.

"What did ya say there?" Fuzzy shouted. "You're not gonna defeat me, I'm gonna kill ya!" Fuzzy shot to Dexter who got pushed out of the way by Otto, the two landed on the grass.

"Thanks Otto, I will take care of it from this point." Dexter grabbed his Dexterangs, which looked similar to triangle rulers, and threw them at the pink beast. He hit Fuzzy in his arm but he quickly pulled them out and threw them on the ground. Blood dripped on the ground, but Fuzzy didn't seemed to gotten hurt.

"He is though." Dexter mumbled. Fuzzy shot a bullet to Dexter who managed to dodge it, but Fuzzy kept firing. While dodging Dexter grabbed his laserpistol. He stood up and shot a laser to the bullet which exploded. Dexter smiled. While he deflected the shots of Fuzzy he grabbed out his magnet grapple hook.

"What's that!?" Fuzzy said surprised. Dexter fired the magnet forwards and hit the shotgun of Fuzzy and pulled it back and threw it behind him. Dexter threw the grapple hook and the ground and continued to shoot at Fuzzy. But the lasers that hit Fuzzy didn't seem to have any effect on him.

"Now I'm Really Getting Mad!" Fuzzy's fur became fire truck-red and stormed towards Dexter and punched him in his face sending him flying. Dexter's face had a bruise from the hit but he stood up. Dexter then activated his gauntlets, he saw Fuzzy frantically running at him, Dexter figured out the best time to hit him. Right before Fuzzy reached him, Dexter punched very hard in the stomach of Fuzzy.

"GAAAAAH!" Fuzzy shouted, his fur went straight up and stormed at Dexter again. He opened his mouth and exposed his giant teeth. Fuzzy almost bit Dexter but Dexter stopped that by putting his gauntlet in his mouth. The gauntlet started to break, so Dexter activated his rocket jet on one of his gauntlets an flew upwards and shook Fuzzy of him. Fuzzy ran towards the grapple magnet that Dexter threw on the ground and aimed it at Dexter. The magnet attached itself to the gauntlet and pulled Dexter down.

"This is going wrong." Dexter thought, he then activated his octopus missile and fired it to Fuzzy. There was a big explosion and Dexter freed himself from the grapple magnet, that now also seemed to be destroyed. There was a lot of smoke but Fuzzy, badly wounded, came out of it. Some of his fur was burnt and there was blood dripping over his body. But he screamed again and stormed once again at Dexter. Dexter didn't see it coming and was tackled by the beast, causing his gauntlets to fall off. Fuzzy held Dexter up and choked him.

Otto, who was sitting behind a tree, saw this happening. He stood up and ran towards the gauntlets and equipped them. He then stormed at Fuzzy and pushed a random button on the gauntlet which activated a long metal knuckles and stabbed Fuzzy through his back. The knives came out of the chest of Fuzzy and blood dripped on the floor, Fuzzy dropped Dexter and fell dead on the ground.

"Thanks Otto. You saved me, again." Dexter smiled and fell unconscious, Otto ran over to him to see if he was okay.

Fanny also arrived in the room where her hallway had led her. She looked around but saw nobody in the room. The room seemed like a normal house, a regular suburban home.

"Nobody's here. I guess I have to continue." Fanny said an continued. While she walked she suddenly got stabbed in her neck and fell down on the ground.

"Ouch!" Fanny said and rubbed her neck, she looked on her hand and saw blood. She quickly stood up but saw no one. She turned around and saw a small white thing jumping on her face. The claws of the thing clanged into her skin and created scratches on her face. Fanny was able to grab the thing and threw it on the ground. She looked closely and saw it was a tiny cat with pink eyes.

"Die!" the kitty said and jumped up, but Fanny shot with her MUSKET on the cat who had to dodge it.

"Who are you!?" Fanny asked and pointed her gun at the cat.

"I am Me-Mow, second class assassin of the Guild of Assassins and ordered here by Shego." she said.

Me-Mow jumped on the gun and ran towards Fanny's nose.

"Get back here!" Fanny shouted and tried to grab Me-Mow but she already entered her nose. Me-Mow sat in the nose hole and grabbed some poison.

"If you won't surrender yourself, I will inject you with deadly poison." Me-Mow said.

"No I won't surrender. I'm here to defeat Shego." Fanny said as she grabbed her SPICER and set it on soft mode and aimed at herself.

"Bad choice missy, say goodbye to yourself." Me-Mow laughed and injected the poison into Fanny's skin at the same moment that Fanny shot at herself and made herself sneeze. Because of the sneeze Me-Mow came out but an empty injection needle. Me-Mow saw Fanny's foot coming for her and quickly ran away.

"I don't have time to seek for you now, I have to continue." Fanny said and ran out of the room.

Lucky Luke was still fighting the outlaws. The Daltons, wearing their black-yellow striped suits, were shooting at the cowboy who quickly hid behind a exploded car. Lucky Luke caught his breath when suddenly Emilio Espuelas was standing in front of him with his gun aimed to Lucky Luke. He was a Mexican, and rather fat, man He had black hair, a moustache, a yellow sombrero, white shirt and a black jacket.

"Time to finish you off Lucky Luke." he said but quickly got his pistol kicked out of his hand by Lucky Luke. Emilio got kicked again by Lucky Luke who quickly ran into one of the buildings.

"I will get him guys!" Emilio said and headed inside. Emilio saw nothing, it was pretty dark in the room. He had his gun out so he immediately could react if Lucky Luke would attack. Suddenly out of nowhere his gun was shot out of his hands and a lasso tied him up. Lucky Luke threw him on the ground and shot Emilio in his chest, killing him.

Lucky Luke ran upstairs of the building and aimed outside. He targeted Black Bart and shot him in his head. Black Bart fell down on the ground and was death. The others immediately were alarmed and knew that also Emilio was killed by now.

"Frank, Cole!" Jesse shouted. "Go inside to take a look, and if you see Luke, kill him." Jesse commanded and his relatives followed the order. The two headed inside but also, saw nothing.

"Frank, take a look at this." Cole said. Frank walked over to Cole and saw the corpse of Emilio tied up in the corner.

"He must be here, let's go upstairs." Frank said as the two walked upstairs and entered a room that looked out over the battlefield. Cole looked out of the window and waved to his cousin Jesse, who immediately motioned to pay attention. Suddenly Cole heard a gunshot and saw a dead Frank in the hands of Lucky Luke who was now standing behind him.

"Frank!" Cole shouted. "Please, don't kill me, I'm just a simple…"

"Outlaw." Lucky Luke interrupted him. Cole looked with big eyes and headed towards the window and tried to get out to escape from his death. Lucky Luke dropped Frank on the ground and walked towards Cole and shot him in his spin. Cole fell out of the building dead on the ground, to the horror of Jesse.

Suddenly Lucky Luke felt a gun against his back. "The game is over Lucky Luke." Eliot Belt said, wearing his long yellow coat, black hat while he smokes his pipe. He had his hands in his pockets like always and his shotgun came out of his coat and pushed against Lucky Luke's back.

"I can already smell the gold." Eliot grinned when suddenly a gunshot was heard. Eliot fell down on the ground. "What a calamity, I was so close." Eliot said with his last breath. Lucky Luke turned around and saw a red haired woman. She wore a brown jacket and black hat and held her musket in her hand.

"Calamity, what are you doing here?" Lucky Luke asked surprised.

"Coming to help you of course, Lucky." Calamity smiled. "Now let's finish off the others."

Lucky Luke and Calamity Jane ran out of the building and saw the remaining outlaws; Jesse, Billy, Belle and the Daltons.

"Hehe, you have come this far. But you'll never defeat the strongest outlaws of the Wild West." Joe Dalton said.

"We are the strongest outlaws? We always lose to Lucky Luke, and now he has that woman with him." Averell said. Joe became mad and wanted to punch Avarell but his brothers already saw that.

"Calm down, Joe." William said.

"Joe, calm down." Jack said.

"Wow, these outlaws really have problems, take a look. Four constant fighting brothers, a posh lady and a kid. The most dangerous one is that one over there." Jane said and pointed to Jesse. "I will take him on."

"Stop right there old lady." Billy the Kid said. "You're going against all of us."

"Then I'll proof how posh I am." Belle Starr said.

Lucky Luke grabbed his pistols and began shooting on the Daltons. Joe, William and Jack immediately began to shoot back. Avarell on the other hand was told to hide behind one of the cars.

Calamity Jane shot quickly ran forwards and jumped behind a car. Jesse, Bella and Billy immediately began to shoot at her.

"They apparently don't know about my super vision." Calamity mumbled. She looked through the window of the car and shot Billy in his leg. Belle and Jesse immediately ran after Jane while Billy hobbled away into a building. Belle and James entered the building and nodded to each other. The two split up. Belle went upstairs while Jesse looked around downstairs.

Belle was walking in the hallway of the destroyed building, she looked to her left. Almost the whole wall was destroyed so if you wanted you could easily jump down. Suddenly she was shot in her shoulder by Calamity and fell out of the building on the ground. Calamity walked towards the edge of the building and saw Belle still moving, she shot Belle in the back of her throat and head, conforming her death.

Jesse didn't seem to have heard anything and was still walking around in the building. He entered a living room and saw an intact painting. "Frank would've loved that painting." he mumbled to himself. He picked up a chair and stood on it to dust off the painting. When he could clearly see the naked woman lying on her bed. He wanted to grab the painting when he was shot in the back of his head by Calamity and fell on the floor.

Calamity Jane left the building and searched for Billy. She heard some moaning out of another building and entered it. Unlike the other building this one was really dark. Jane went upstairs and entered some kind of bedroom where she heard the moaning come from.

"Who is there? Who is it?" she heard in the room, and saw a figure sitting against a bed. She recognized the voice of Billy and shot him in his heart.

The Daltons were still shooting of Lucky Luke who decided to finish them off. He quickly moved and appeared behind William and Jack and double shot them, to the horror of Joe who wanted to run away. Joe instead got shot three times in his legs and hand. Joe fell on his back and looked to Lucky Luke.

"What are you going to do now?" Joe asked.

"Nothing." Lucky Luke said with a cold voice. Calamity Jane appeared behind him.

"Let's go Luke, we have to rest somewhere else. We have been damaged." she smiled and the two left the room on Jolly Jumper. Avarell appeared behind the car and rushed to Joe.

"Are you going to make it Joe?" Avarell asked.

"I'm afraid not." Joe said and saw a tear on Avarell's face. "Tell mom I love her." Joe said with his last breath and died. Avarell stood up and carried the three corpses of his brothers and headed to the exit of the building.

El Tigre continued through the hallways and found himself in a black room with chains everywhere and fire torches hanging against the walls and a giant chandelier on the ceiling. In the middle of the room was a big cage covered by a blanket. Manny approached the cage and pulled the blanket off revealing Tasmanian Devil.

When Taz looked him in the eyes he went nuts and broke free from his cage. He went insane and started to attack El Tigre.

"What is his beast?" El Tigre mumbled as he dodged the attacks of Taz. El Tigre quickly fired his claws that got stuck in Taz's fur but were easily pulled out by him. El Tigre lowered to the ground and began to spin around. Taz copied him and twisted around in a tornado. The two collapsed with each other and fell down to the ground. El Tigre quickly recovered while Taz was still dizzy. El Tigre extended his claw and tied Taz in his chain, but unfortunately he broke free. Taz quickly stood next to Manny and bit him in his arms but Manny punched him away.

"I guess I have to use it." El Tigre said. He ran up to a wall and jumped, he then spins with his claws to make the shape of an armadillo and dived towards Taz. El Tigre dives to Taz and kicks him against his head making him unconscious. El Tigre smiles and continues.

Danny was already in battle with a bounty hunter from the underworld called, Demongo. Demongo's body is completely black. He has an oval head where blue aura/ fire emerges from acting as his hair, the same blue aura can be seen in his eyes and mouth. His body is covered with several skulls and he wears a black cape on his back, though the inside of the cape is red, his cape also has a high collar that reaches to his ears.

Danny was already pretty exhausted from his fight but kept firing ghost blasts. Demongo took the hits but also seemed to get pretty exhausted.

"You're good boy, very good." Demongo said. "Didn't know that half-hybrid ghost were as powerful as me, the Soul Collector." Demongo fired blue fire orbs at Danny which Danny blocked with his Ghost Shield.

"You already used that move, come up with something new." Danny said heavily breathing.

"So you want something new, huh? Well, here you go!" Demongo said and fired a bright ray out the skulls on his body towards Danny, who looked with big eyes.

"Only one thing to do." Danny said. He took a deep breath and then fired a Ghostly Wail, the ghost scream and the reanimation ray clashed, it was now a battle of who was the strongest and could endure the longest. Danny tightened his firsts and kept screaming. Demongo kept getting weaker as his collected essence was lowering. The Ghostly Wail came closer and before Demongo knew it he was hit by it. Danny transformed back into his human form and went on his knees.

"You fought well, I'm going to let you pass." Demongo said who also had collapsed on the floor.

"Why?" Danny asked.

"I may be hired by Shego but I can easily escape from her. You know I live in the Underworld." Demongo said heavily breathing. "So I'll use my last energy to teleport back home, bye, bye." Demongo said and disappeared. Danny stood up and left the room.

The heroes all reunited again after their battles. Everyone was hurt, one more than the other. Otto was dragging Dexter who has a bruises over his face and still had a hurt stomach. Lucky Luke and Calamity Jane had received some bullets but those weren't on fatal spots. Fanny was looking more pale than before, possibly from the poison of Me-Mow. El Tigre appeared to have a bruised arm that was also under the drools of Taz and Danny didn't even had enough power to transform back into his ghost form.

"Seems no one of us is doing really 'good'." Otto said. "But I sense a time traveling device close by, so Shego must be up ahead."

"But how are we going to fight?" Danny asked. "We are badly hurt."

"If you guys rest for a while you can rest and recover some bit." Otto suggested.

"Me and Lucky will recover if we rest some time. We have taken more fatal wounds than this and we don't have hospitals in our time so." Jane said and Luke nodded who leaned against Jolly Jumper.

"But Fanny doesn't look very good, is something wrong?" Dexter asked.

"Well, I've fought with a tiny cat which crawled into my nose and poisoned me." Fanny told.

"What kind of poison?" Dexter asked.

"She only said it was a deadly poison." Fanny coughed up some blood and spat it away.

A few minutes past after that. Otto remembered he had a EHBO-kit in his backpack and treated the hurt. Lucky Luke, Calamity Jane, Dexter and El Tigre were quickly recovered by that. Danny had slept for a while and felt he could transform again, only Fanny's condition seemed to get more worse.

Suddenly out of nowhere Me-Mow appeared an was spotted by Fanny. "There he is, he poisoned me!" Fanny shouted. Danny flew to the cat and caught it.

"Where is the antidote, you have one with you, right?" Danny asked.

"Yes I have." Me-Mow said and pulled out a small green bottle. "Take it, my boss has seen my performance and now I can become 1st class assassin. Murder that queen, then I at least can say I helped." Me-Mow handed over the bottle and Danny threw her away.

Otto grabbed the bottle out of Danny's hand and gave it to Fanny who drunk it and felt better in a second. "Okay I'm ready to go now." she said with a smile on her face. The heroes stood up and entered the chamber of Shego.

"So there you guys are." Shego laughed. "Good job, defeating all of my security guards, but now your time has finally come." Shego said and jumped out of her chair.

"You can't defeat us all, I've almost defeated you once so." Danny said.

"Well, let's see." Shego said and rushed towards the heroes. Shego quickly delivered a few strong punches to Fanny who got knocked down on the ground before she could even grab her SPICER and MUSKET. Otto hurried over to her to look if she was fine.

Danny flew up in the sky and duplicated into four forms of himself and fired four ghost blasts. Shego was worried for a second but then smiled and jumped out of the way. El Tigre fired his claw forwards but Shego grabbed the chain and threw El Tigre away against the wall.

"Are you okay Fanny." Otto asked.

"Yes, I only can't move my body." Fanny said. "Don't worry. Why do you actually always come to me so quick?"

"I don't know…I guess… I like you." Otto said and blushed. Fanny chuckled a bit.

"Well, Otto. I guess I also like you." Fanny said and got a bit up and gave Otto a kiss on his cheek, causing Otto's head to turn red. "Here take my guns, try as hard as you can." Otto grabbed the guns and ran into the battlefield.

Shego got attacked from three sides by El Tigre, Danny and Dexter who all charged for a heavy punch. But Shego punched on the ground making a little earth shock and let the boys trip. Then she got shot by Luke, Jane and Otto but was able to reflect those with her chemical hands.

"Now it's my turn to attack." Shego held her hands up and created a wall of chemical energy which she sent over the whole room and KO'd all of the heroes. "It's useless, you can't defeat me!" Shego laughed. Suddenly out of nowhere Princess Morbucks, Vega, Tak and MiMi barged into the room.

"But we can!" Vega said as she charged with a big broadsword at Shego. Princess and Tak rapidly fired lasershots at Shego so she would be distracted. Before Vega reached Shego, MiMi quickly dashed pass Shego and slice in her cheek, she got hit by the shots of Princess and Tak and then got sliced in shoulder by Vega and collapsed to the ground.

"Dexter, the Time Monkey. It's there." Otto pointed to the throne of Shego. Dexter found the power crawl towards the Monkey Statue. He stood up and held the Time Monkey in the air.

"No! Don't break i…" Shego moaned from the pain.

"Thanks for your help everyone, we can finally restore everything." Dexter then threw the Time Monkey against the ground. The whole environment changed to back to how it was intended to be.

"Blossom." Dexter said when he saw the red headed girl with the big red bow standing in front of him. Dexter stood up and hugged Blossom followed by a kiss that Blossom gave on his lips.

"I am glad I'm back." Blossom said and smiled.

Bubbles, Buttercup, Jenny and Dib appeared again. Bubbles immediately looked if Courage was around and then saw the pink dog running up to her. Professor Utonium, Wakeman, Membrane and Sensei Jack came to the group and were happy to see their children again.

"So these were all the people we did it for." Lucky Luke said to Calamity Jane.

"We sure have experienced a lot, maybe we can change the future with the things we known now." Calamity looked at Lucky Luke and giggled.

"See there's still some female things about you." Lucky Luke commented on Calamity's giggle.

"I think you also need to go back home." Otto said who approached the two and their horse. "My partners will bring you back to the past." Otto said as Buck and Larry appeared behind him.

"Hurry, else were going to be late." Larry said.

"We're time travelers, how can we be late?" Buck said. Larry pushed on his time watch and teleported away with the others.

"Wow, you did that good Otto." Fanny said.

"Well, it is my job." he responded and blushed again.

"Frida!" Manny shouted as he saw his best friend again.

"Manny!" Frida said and hugged Manny. "I am so sorry, let's be best friends again."

"Best friends forever, till death." Manny said and kissed Frida. Zoe looked from a distance to the couple and then walked away.

The parents were hugging each other, the peace really seemed to be restored again. Slowly everyone started to head back home until only Princess, Vega, Tak and her robot MiMi were left.

"Well, it was a honor to have worked with you all." Vega said.

"Yes, I agree. I have really enjoyed myself, and I now know that I also can make friends on a normal way." Princess said.

"Then it's time to head back home, isn't it?" Tak asked. Princess and Vega nodded. Vega opened a portal to the Cluster Zone.

"Bye girls." she said and left as the portal closed behind her. Behind Tak a Spittle Runner landed and opened.

"That must be my ride, goodbye." Tak said as she and MiMi entered the vehicle and departed from the planet.

Princess smiled. "Guess we really are rejects, but together we are friends." she said at loud, Princess activated her jet-pack and flew back to her home.

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