Author's introductory note:

Hello there everyone! This was my first fanfic, and has been an utter mess for some time. I have long since moved away from Dramione, but seeing as I have some Drarry fics on the go now, I hope I can get Drarry out of my system there, and be able to write Dramiony and Pansy/Harry without slipping in Drarry moments! I apologise for the mess this fic has been. I can only say that it has now been improved greatly, and a sequel is being worked on properly now.

And final note:

I'm a Latin student and I can translate Latin for any fic writers looking for that kind of service. English - Latin or Latin - English. I would love the chance to practice my translation skills, and no job is too small. Need a spell? Tell me the effects of it, and I'll come up with something appropriate sounding with accurate meanings. Need a long poem or enchantment? Get in touch please! I'm only at a sort of intermediate level, so I don't know everything but I have a good deal better chance of coming up with translations better than Google translate, and I know how to research for what I don't know off the top of my head.