The new character is coming up in NAGC, so I wondered what would happen when Asin and Jin meet each other. I have no idea how Asin's character is like. I think he is completly different from what i think. :3

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Everything was quiet again. No weird circus in town, no soul stealing train anymore. And our wannabe mage was like a time bomb. Shouting at everyone who even looked at him. Today was a day like that. I decided to flee, training a bit in the woods. The sun was setting already when I heard something. It could've been an animal, but in case it was a monster, I prepared myself for a fight. I only trained the basics, not being in the mood for anything special today. Call It halfhearted and weak, I won't apologize. Training the basic was the key to getting better.

Again something behind me moved. I spun around, only to find a young man, maybe a bit older than me, staring at me. He had bright hair, almost like Lass, but with a soft tone of violet in it, and blood red eyes like Elesis. Whoever this guy was, the way he was standing there reminded me of someone. "You look like a good sparring partner to me." He suddenly said. Nice. "And who thinks that?" I asked back. A smile appeared on his face as he reached his hand into my direction. "I'm Asin. And you?" Taking a step back I stared at him. The weapon he had… the name. I felt my heart racing, my body starting to shake. I didn't want to be reminded of that day! It probably was a coincidence! "You look like you'd seen a ghost." He muttered, still looking at me, still waiting for me to shake his hand. "Where did you get that weapon?" I blurted out, completely forgetting about his question. He tilted his head and looked at his hand. Then he made a proud face. "This?" he asked. "My mentor left it behind." His face suddenly was shadowed with sorrow. But he quickly pulled himself together. "So, mind telling me your name?" he asked again, this time a little more impatient.

"Jin of the Silver Knights." I introduced myself. Hesitating I shook his hand and he got pale. "You are Jin?" he shouted. I lifted an eyebrow and nodded. "I am. Why are you so shocked?" But then it hit me. Someone might still be alive! "He told me so much about you. He thought you died…" his voice was quiet, shaking. "Who?" I wanted to know. If someone was still alive then… but who? The Boy pointed at his weapon. "The one who this belonged to." For a moment I could only gape at him. Controlling my emotions wasn't possible today. "Asin Tairin." I whispered. "He's alive? Where is he?" The boy sighed. "He thought you died the day the Silver Knights where attacked and taught me everything he knew…" his voice was still shaking. "He protected me when we were attacked and died. I chose to carry his name and get stronger than everyone." Taking a deep breath I nodded.

This day had been tiring, everyone arguing. I could barely control myself. "If you go that way you find a town. Ask for the Grand Chase and tell them that I told you to go there." He nodded, quickly leaving as if he knew that I wanted to be alone. I've shed enough tears already. Crying was useless, didn't gain you a thing. But still. I had given up hope on seeing anyone again, and now I was told that he had been alive, and I could've found him if I had searched for him. Slowly I sat down on the ground, not trusting my legs anymore. My whole body was shaking. Leaning against a tree I closed my eyes, hoping I could stop the flood of tears. Blaming myself was no use. Thinking it was my fault was wrong. But not knowing is no excuse either. I could have… should have search for him…

Soft footsteps made me look up again. Quickly wiping the tears away I saw someone running to me. The sound of her jewelry gave her away. She crouched down in front of me, tying her pink hair back. "Jinny…" she whispered, placing a hand on my shoulder. "This guy looked so depressed, I thought something happened to you… are you okay?" I was. More or less. Breaking down like this didn't happen often to me. And it wouldn't happen again anytime soon. But right now, it was okay to let go. Smiling Amy sat next to me and hugged me, placing a kiss on my cheek. "We both should've searched for him… but we had important things to do. There was no time.", she explained. I nodded, leaning against her. This guy was weird. But if Asin had trained him, he had to have potential. I wouldn't let him become stronger than me.

But maybe he was a good addition to the chase.