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Chapter 33

We went to so many places, and I had read about most of them. Damon and I hadn't been taken by any other aliens...yet. Dad and Tad hadn't let us out of their sight at all when we left the TARDIS, no matter how hard we tried. It was very annoying, although I could see why they did it.

It was three in the afternoon when we finally came back to our own time and planet, we weren't in Cardiff.

"Why are we in Leadworth?" I asked.

"Dropping in on some old friends." Doctor smiled.

He ran over to a door, bounced up the steps, and knocked on it repeatedly. The door swung open and a very annoyed woman appeared in the door way. She wasn't annoyed for long though. As soon as she saw the Doctor she threw her arms around him. Dad and Tad jogged over to where the Doctor and the woman were, while Damon and I just walked over there slowly not knowing what to do. We reached the bottom of the steps a minute after Dad and Tad.

"Oh, so you're taking kids travelling now, are you?" the woman said.

"Amy, we'd like you to meet our children, Damon and Morgan." Tad told her.

"Hey." Amy said to us.

"Hi." Damon and I muttered.

Neither of us were good around new people.

"I thought I heard familiar voices." a light brown haired man said, appearing behind Amy.

"Rory the Roman!" Doctor exclaimed, hugging the man.

"Doctor." the man laughed. "Jack, Ianto. Small people. Who are the small people?"

"Damon and Morgan, they're Jack and Ianto's kids." Amy told him.

I sighed irritably.

"She doesn't like it when people refer to her as a 'kid', she prefers teenager." dad told them, when he saw the confused looks on Amy and Rory's faces.

"That's because I am a teenager, not a kid." I said.

Amy and Rory laughed.

Amy and Rory were nice. They told Damon and I all about River song (aka Melody Pond). Dad, Tad, Damon and I were also introduced to Amy and Rory's other three kids. They were Jayden Rory Pond (Jay, 19), Leah Amelia Pond (11, - she would be 12 in three months on 14th August), and Kai Aaron Pond (7). Kai had Rory's light brown hair, while Jayden and Leah had Amy's red hair. Kai was one of the cutest little kids ever! Kai reminded me of Nessie, and I was positive they would get along famously. Leah was very mature for her age, but she could still have a laugh and be crazy...she just knew when it was acceptable. Even though they were a year apart, Leah and Haley would be great friends if they knew each other, so alike. Jayden, well he was a joker. As in Fred and George from the Harry Potter series type joker. In that way he reminded me of Noah – ok, this was getting freaky. Damon and I spent most of our time getting to know Jayden, Leah and Kai. They were pretty awesome.

We spent a few hours with the Pond's before the Doctor took dad, Tad, Damon and I back to Cardiff. It was a school night after all. Travelling with the Doctor had been a lot of fun to say the least, and very eventful. I couldn't wait for the next time we got to travel, and maybe the next time we got to go the Pond's would come to. And maybe then Damon and I would meet River... Well, we just had to wait and see didn't we.