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"We wish you a merry Christmas we wish you a Christmas we wish you a merry-"

"Oh my God you keep messing up all the words!"

"Dad, tell Rebekah I'm singing all the words right!"

I chuckled and shook my head, "You missed a 'merry', kid." He groaned and glared at his friend, dropping the lyrics to the floor.

"I quit, carols are for dummies anyway." Ah, that a boy. I smirked to myself as Rebekah, the spitting image of Lexi, stomped her way over to the couch beside me.

"No offense, Mr. Salvatore, but your sons an idiot." I shrugged and knew that just like Lexi and I, they'd get over it.

Rebekah Mikaelson was a spitfire at only 8 years old, with her dad Kol's sneakiness and her Moms wit. She gave my son Noah such a hard time, but I think he secretly liked it. Rebekah was Noah's best friend, and he even sang Christmas carols for her. That's dedication.

"It's okay, Rebekah. Where's your mom?" She thought over it for a minute, absentmindedly playing with her blonde hair.

"Um, with Mrs. Salvatore squared and Aunt Caroline. They are here now though," she said. She slid off the couch and ran to the kitchen like I had cooties. Ouch.

It was the night before Christmas and we all decided to pitch in on a cabin big enough for us all. I'm guessing Elena, Bonnie, Caroline and Lexi who were closer than ever did some last minute shopping.

"I'm back," I heard a bright voice announce. I smiled to myself and lifted myself to meet my wife at the door.

"Hi, love," I whispered giving her a hug. Bonnie stuck her finger in her mouth, making a pukey face at us. I stuck my tongue out at her, resuming my hug.

"Merry Christmas Eve, handsome," she purred at me. I gave her a kiss on her mouth before I tried to reach at her bags.

"Well, I guess that's the last time I try to be gentleman for you," I say as she pulls away from me.

"Nuh uh. This is your gift so you can't look."

"And it's awesome, so suck on that, Stefan," Lexi said childishly. I glared at her and shook my head.

"I think your daughter almost made my son cry," I told her jokingly. She laughed and walked in the house, Caroline following her with a bundle of blue, Masen, in her arms.

I turned back to Elena and cocked an eyebrow.

Remember when I said Elena and I weren't perfect? We weren't. Within our entire marriage and life, one thing we could never get down was gifts.

For our first anniversary, she got me a chair. For her birthday I got her a Lil Wayne CD and a candle.

We just sucked at it, and to be honest it was funny opening presents to see the shittiest thing ever. However, this year my dear wife wanted to fight dirty; whoever buys the best gift wins.

"I'll have you know, I spent extra time and patience for your gift. I think you'll like it. But don't worry, I won't be offended with your terrible gift. I'm not doing this because of the competition; I'm doing this because I love you."

"You're so full of shit," she laughed heartily. I gave her a loud kiss on the lips and guided her inside.

"You shouldn't talk like that, he'll hear you."

"She knows that her dad is dumbass sometimes."

The he/she in question was my baby boy. Elena was 7 months along and this time we wanted the sex to be a surprise. But it's not, because I know it's a boy. I wouldn't mind either way, but I can just feel it.

"I don't think my son will appreciate being called something so feminine," I ended. She wobbled toward me and smacked my shoulder. I winced and glared playfully at her.

"Aw, would you look at the happy couple!" Damon grinned, swaggering toward us. I smiled and smacked his shoulder in greeting.


His smile faltered, "Yes honey?" I started laughing in Elena's shoulder as Bonnie rushed out of the room with a diaper wrapped in a bag.

"You are so lucky that I don't shove this down your throat," she threatened with a menacing glare. I coughed and tried not to look at her.

"Yes I am, baby."

"Don't 'baby' me. Why don't you 'baby' our baby you inconsiderate asshole! You were supposed to watch Kaylee, and yet you left her in the game room on the pool table sitting in her own shit!"

I started cackling until my own wife hit me on the head.

"I…" he sputtered, "I must have forgot to run back and get her. You're glowing, sweetheart," he tried to reason with her.

But he couldn't. Bonnie was 2 months in on her next and proclaimed last child. And like Elena, her moods were all over the place. Kaylee was only 2, an adorable little thing that was supposed to be starting her potty training now.

But to Bonnies distaste, she didn't enjoy wearing dresses or earrings or pink-no, she much rather enjoyed watching football with her daddy. Damon wasn't the perfect dad, but neither was I.

I admittedly say that I left Noah at Wal-Mart once. At least Caroline was in there somewhere. I have no regrets.

And Kaylee also loved tagging along with Marcus, Caroline and Nik's first son. He was definitely his fathers son.


"You always pull this bullshit," she rambled angrily, "Go clean it up. Now." Damon looked like he was about to cry. He gave a lasting look in our direction before he moped up the steps.

She looked at us incredulously, "Can you believe him?" She shook her head to herself and followed him up the steps. They'd get over it.

I grinned at Elena, "I'm incredibly blessed that lately you haven't been such a scavenger."

She gave me a knowing look and sighed, "Well, I may not be as mean but I am hungry. Celery and ketchup…"

I shivered.

"Is that like…a tell tale sign of what our child will have for taste? Like, do I have to buy her celery and ketchup because you fed that shit to her?"

"No, Stefan."

"Thank God," I murmured.


"Put me down put me down put me down before I castrate you all!" Rebekah yelled angrily as Damon twirled her in the air. He passed her off to me, and before she could get her claws in my face I passed her to Nik. Nik giggled and passed her on to her dad who was shaking her head at her language.

"Daddy, are you really going to do this to me?" He almost melted but then passed her back to Damon. There you go.

"Put my daughter down, ya moron!" Damon dropped her instantly and little Rebekah ran to her mothers side. Lexi bitch glared at us all, rubbing her shoulders.

"Are you idiots? Wrong question! Of course you are."

"We were playing hot potato!" Nik defended, not daring to look her in the eye. She scowled at him and nearly growled.

"With my daughter? And yours, you immature prick!" No, Lexi was not pregnant.

"Yes, I mean…no. Stefan started it," the little fucker pointed at me and I gave him a shrug. But then Lexi lifted her 4 inch heel in her hand.

"Lexi, calm down. She's fine! I'm more concerned she knows the word 'castrate'." She glared at me and stomped out the room, mumbling curses.

Kol let out an exasperated sigh and plopped on the couch. I popped him a beer from the cooler and he nodded in thanks.

"This blows, we can never do anything right."

"Speak for yourself, Bonnie is about to pop out another one; I'm doing something right." We all let out a hearty laugh at that and tipped back our beers again.


"No, I just think we should maybe do something nice for them, you know? They do a lot," Nik offered seriously. We paused, absorbing his words before nodding slowly.

"Maybe," I answered, "I have a problem, though, guys."

Damon arched an eyebrow and sat on a nearby loveseat, scooting to the edge. "What?"

"Well, I have a confession…You know how me and Elena were exchanging gifts? I haven't bought her anything yet," I admitted sheepishly. Technically it wasn't my fault though.

I was trying to get it sooner, but things kept getting in the way!

Like having no fucking clue what to get her.

They all hollered and 'ohhed' at me childishly, so I flicked them off. "Do you have anything in mind?" Kol asked with a smirk. No.

"Yes," I lied, "Jewelry." They looked at each other before laughing again.

"You aren't gonna win with jewelry, bro," Damon said, clapping me on the shoulder. I scowled at them all before leaning back.

"Dig deep, ya know? Find something she loves, but it's sentimental too!"

"Like um…a candle engraved with her name!"

"Or one of those fancy cuff things with the date you met engraved on it!"

"Or a mug with your face!"

Wait a second.

I just had a stroke of genius!

"I have it!" I yelled, grinning. Winning this will be a piece of fluffy, cream-cheese frosted carrot cake.


"Good morning! Merry Christmas!"

"Everyone around the tree!"

"Good morning, Mr. Stefan," Mackenna, Carolines daughter said. She smiled at me cutely and reached in her pocket.

"For you?" She brought out a tiny bracelet and I gasped in surprise.

"How did you know what I wanted?"

She shrugged and hugged my leg happily. "What'd you get me?"

"Go look under the tree, Kenna." She ran as fast as her legs could take her before I felt two arms pushing me into the kitchen.

"Elena, this is kinky."

"Oh, shut it."

I faced her in a black robe, her hair in a tight bun at the top of her head, "I'm ready for my gift."

I squinted my eyes at her, "You first."

"Mom, dad!"

"Under the tree, Noah," we both exclaimed as our son ran down the steps. He looked at us both and gave us thumbs up before going to find his gifts.

"Fine," she relented. She paused for a moment before she smiled and brought to me the box that was on the kitchen table.

It was all blue and wrapped with a tiny white bow at the corner. I shook it a little and removed the lid.

It was lingerie. Black, lacy, lingerie. "I hope you don't want me to wear this," I joked, giving her a kiss.

"No, it's for me. I'm a terrible gift giver, you win. But, tonight, we will both be winning hopefully." I grinned and kissed her 3 times before I pulled out a red wrapped box of my own.

She shook it and gave me a curious look. I shrugged, and leaned against the counter. She opened it and glared at me.

"This is the journal I bought the other day. You can't re-gift things."

"Open it up."

She opened it and gasped a little. I win, I win, I win!

Until she started crying a little.

"Baby…don't cry. Please don't cry…" I pleaded softly. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my chest.

"You totally win, Stef. I can't believe you did this for me."

"Well, you said you wanted to start writing in a journal but you didn't know where to start so…what better way to start then with us…well again?"

Similar to the one I got her in high school, I gave her again another journal. Entries of our new life together.

The jumble of feelings I felt before I proposed to her, the euphoric feeling of holding our first child.

The jitters of taking her out on a date again. Moving in, our honeymoon…even little things. Like the first time I did her laundry.

Never again.

And just like before, the rest of the pages were up to her. She leaned in and gave me another kiss before holding me tightly.

Married life isn't so bad, I guess.

A few moody chicks and mischievous children, but it's not bad. Maybe years had passed and I can't drink beer and eat cake like I used to.

But that's okay, you know? Life's still pretty damn good.