Next X

Chapter One

For the beginning of the Next X program, the Danger Room had been converted into a meeting room and filled with sixty chairs so the recruits and students could both attend. Kitty, Kurt, Jean, Scott, and Rogue sat in the last row chatting amongst themselves. Bobby, Sam, Amara, Jubilee, Rahne, and Ray were sitting in the row in front of them with Jamie in the row before them. He knelt on his chair so he could face them and talk with them. Alex Summers and Laura, codenamed X-23, were sitting in another row as they talked. While they weren't a part of the Next X program, they were new students at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

Only a few of the thirty recruits were here and they'd been there anywhere between two weeks and two hours. Mia Young, a blonde hydrokinetic who twirled her straight mid-back length hair around a finger nervously as her wide sea green eyes anxiously scanned the room. She had only been around for a day and still really didn't know anyone yet. Zelda Carter, a sixteen-year-old pyrokinetic, stood off by herself, nervously picking at the split ends of her long reddish brown hair as her amber eyes stayed fixed on the ground. Henry Kirkpatrick, a seventeen-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama sat in one of the middle rows as he telekinetically lifted the chair in front of him. He was sickly pale looking with mangy brown hair and dark green eyes. Fifteen-year-old Avery Ratchet leaned against one wall, running a hand through his white blonde hair as he watched the Professor and Ororo talk with a dull hazel gaze.

Four others who'd been found in the past couple of weeks were in a small group in the front row as they talked. The first was a fourteen year old boy by the name of Noah McCarthy who had unremarkable brown eyes and plain brown hair. Fourteen year old Tatiana Lesedi , fiddled with her now chestnut brown hair that she'd cut so it wouldn't get in her way as part of Next X. Her unmatching eyes were warm; one dark blue and the other dark green. Mason Hilman, a fourteen year old psychokinetic, smiled at the others as he ran a hand through his wavy auburn hair and his green eyes were focused mostly on Tatiana. The oldest one in the group was Jake Winston, a seventeen-year-old with shaggy black hair and golden cat-like eyes.

Araia Winters, sixteen, sat beside eighteen-year-old Delilah Wilson as she fiddled with a curl of her thick blonde hair as her silver eyes watched Delilah. Delilah was a petite girl with gray-blue eyes and black hair who seemed a bit uncomfortable being in a room with so many people. She continued to glance over at the nervous looking boy by the name of Damien Dumaye who's dark brown hair fell into his somewhat cold blue eyes.

Victor Stryke, a seventeen year old boy from Germany, with dark gray eyes and dark brown hair sat between two other mutants but didn't talk to either of them. Vio Valid, a fifteen year old boy, was on his left side. Theresa Fray, a seventeen year old girl, who had frizzy auburn hair worn up in a messy ponytail and her brown eyes stared off into space. Behind them sat Roxanne Lovejoy, a sixteen year old with dark auburn hair that fell to her shoulders and green eyes.

After about fifteen minutes the first batch of students who had applied to the program and had gotten in, were led into the room by Logan. They all looked a little bit shaken up, which was probably from having to spend an extended period time with Logan, who tended not to make the best first impressions. Small groups had already formed out of the ten that walked into the room.

The first mini group was made up of seventeen year old Grayson Webber, sixteen year old Alia Saleb, fifteen year old Erica Merrick, sixteen year old James Mercer, and sixteen year old Jesse Taylor. Grayson was a vaguely African-American girl with dark brown eyes and thick dark hair pulled up into a ponytail. Alia was a very athletic girl with olive skin, large green eyes, and almost black dark brown hair that was slightly girl. Erica flipped her highlighted wavy brown hair over her shoulder with a flick of her wrist as her chocolate colored eyes surveyed the scene around her. James had unnerving purple eyes that shifted to green and then red then back to purple again. His black hair was wavy and matched the little goatee he'd grown on his face that was being laughed at by Alia and Erica. Apparently, rich girls bonded quickly even if one was more pretentious than the other. Jesse was a slightly tan skinned young man with black hair that had one white streak in it and dark blue eyes.

The second small group consisted of twelve year old Vienna Eona, fourteen year old Kathrine Proctor, fifteen year old Carmon Ferris, sixteen year old Dorrian Kirkland, and sixteen year old Morden Leston. Vienna was a strange looking, obviously mutated girl, with dark purple hair falling down to her shoulders, electric pink eyes, and skin the color of snow. Her powers had changed her features to appear as though her eyes were lined with lavender liner, purple eye shadow had been dusted on her eye lids, plum colored mascara had been applied to her eye lashes, and dark purple lip stick put on her lips. Kathrine, or Kat as she preferred to be called, was a red head with mismatching eyes (one sky blue and the other forest green). She looked to be like a doll with skin that had a somewhat porcelain like quality, likely linked to her mutation along with the eyes. Carmon, another obvious mutant, had steel gray skin, stormy gray eyes, and short pixie cut brown hair. Dorrian had short blonde hair and forest green eyes. Morden stared off into space with blind milky colored eyes, spikey black hair, and tan skin.

Alia and Erica took seats in the middle of the front row as they continued to talk while other started to file into other rows. Vienna and Kat seemed to be getting along as Kat talked and Vienna listened, occasionally nodding or smiling to show she was engaged in the conversation. Grayson was talking with the others and they took another couple of rows.

Once everyone is seated and in place, Professor Xavier wheeled onto the stage to make his speech to the recruits for Next X.

"Welcome, everyone and thank you to those who applied as well as though who were brought into the program without applications. A few generous donations from the parents of a couple new recruits are what is financing this program and all of us who work at this school for Gifted Youngsters, are very grateful. However, donations are beside the point. On behalf of all the students and staff here at the Xavier Institute for the Gifted I would like to say welcome and I hope that you're excited for the launch of this wonderful new program. Hopefully, Next X will be a success and that this class will be the first of many. Now, I turn the stage over to Ororo Munroe, who will be in charge of Next X and the recruits."

Ororo Munroe smiled happily as she walked onto the stage and stood behind the podium before she began to speak:

"Thirty recruits in an intensive three month long program that will teach them everything they need to know before they return to a world where mutants aren't as accepted as they should be. Some of you have families to go back to after this, but for those who don't we will help you start a new life after you leave the Xavier Institute. These three months will not be easy, but these are tough times and we aspire to help as many mutants as possible. I know all of you don't want to sit around and hear me talk for ages so I'll cut this short. Logan can explain everything else to you tomorrow when you start your first day of training. Now, the room assignments are on the wall and if there's something wrong you can talk to either Logan or I about it. Schedules are in your rooms and the alarm clocks are all set up. Thank you for your time. You're dismissed."

Some of the recruits raced out into the hall way, eager to get the first look at who they would be sharing a room with for the next three months. Others trailed behind them, obviously not as thrilled about spending three months in close quarters with one or two other people. Since it was the basement rooms they were going to share, it only put even more of a damper on the spirits of the few who weren't very excited about being at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters.

Erica Merrick, surprisingly, was the first one to get to the list—mostly due to the fact she was afraid of just who she was stuck in a room with. She hated sharing anything with anyone, especially when it comes to spending a good deal of time with someone else and having them being around her things. Especially with all the nice things she had.

Room 1: Alia Saleb, Erica Merrick, and Roxanne Lovejoy

Room 2: Mia Young, Araia Winters, and Naima Masabni

Room 3: Grayson Webber, Zelda Carter, and Meiko Rizzoli

Room 4: Tatiana Lesedi, Vienna Eona, and Kathrine Proctor

Room 5: Delilah Wilson, Theresa Fray, and Carmon Ferris

Room 6: Henry Kirkpatrick, Victor Stryke, and Jake Winston

Room 7: Michael Wilks, Amon Patel, and James Mercer

Room 8: Damien Dumaye, Jesse Taylor, and Dorrian Kirkland

Room 9: Noah McCarthy,Mason Hilman, and Morden Leston

Room 10: Avery Ratchet, Vio Valid, and Hunter Harrison

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