Not Ready to Lose You: Chapter Nine

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The drive to the café was a torturous one for Morgan. The constant thoughts on what could go wrong kept rushing forth, trying desperately to swallow him whole. Within the last few days he had watched Reid suffer as he lived every moment in fear of what could be around every corner or lurking in the shadows. Morgan wanted to just fix it all for his genius. He wanted to be able to just make all of the evil that was closing in on his lover disappear. He wanted to be his hero, but yet again Reid was prepared to be selfless.

"Damn you Spencer!" Shouted Morgan as he slammed his hand down on the steering wheel as he waited on the traffic light to change. Once the light was once again green he pulled off at a speed that was clearly above the forty-five mile per hour limit. In a matter of moments Morgan was pulling up to the café. Before he could eve jump out of the SUV he noticed Reid standing near the window. He was talking to someone and his body was tense. It was obvious that the male that had his back to Morgan was the Unsub. Derek reached for his gun only to remember that he left it on his nightstand at home.

"Fuck! This just can't get any better."

"I would have to disagree with that, Agent Morgan." Before Morgan could turn around and get a good look at the speaker he felt the bite of cold steel against the back of his head.

"Ah, ah, ah. No need to turn around Agent. Now walk to the café….right NOW!"

Morgan took a hesitant step forward and then another. At the moment his mind was going completely blank as he attempted to figure out how to get himself and Spencer out of this. How the fuck did I not see this coming? The answer to Derek's conflict became clear instantly. Spencer. His concern for the man inside the café-which was fast approaching-had blinded all the training that he had come to value, but also overruled his instincts. He was simply out of his depth here. He didn't know how to cope with the possibility of losing his lover.

Just as Morgan and his captor reached the door to the building Morgan heard a vehicle come to a very sudden halt. "Freeze! FBI," came the sound of his superior's voice. Hotch will know what to do. He will get us all out of this alive. That was the thought that Morgan had as he let out a breath that he hadn't realized he was holding.

"SSAs Hotchner, Rossi, Prentiss, and Jareau. How nice of you to join us. Sorry to be rude and cut this short, but if you will excuse me I have a genius to talk to. I would hate to keep the brain of the BAU waiting." The Unsub pressed the gun into Morgan's head a little more firmly, a message that meant to enter the café. As soon as he was through the door, Morgan threw all caution to the wind and rushed to Spencer's side. Reid grabbed him and instantly the tension melted from Morgan. But that was short lived as they were forced apart and all the customers in the building were told to sit in a corner.

"Well, it is nice to finally meet you Agent Morgan," said the male that had already been inside with Spencer. "It's so nice of you to join our little party."

"So there are two of you?"

"Oh yes. My lover and I have always been a package deal in everything that we do. So it was only fitting that he help me to capture the Doctor here."

"All of this because Spencer turned down your invitation of going on a date? Why is that significant if you are already in a relationship that you seem content with?" Morgan was trying to understand why the hell they were going through all of this. But for the love of all things holy he couldn't fathom why a partnered couple would want to hurt his Spencer.

"It wasn't about the date you idiot. I don't want to date the lanky genius. I want to sell him as a sex slave."

Derek heard Spencer gasp and it pained him that he could not wrap him in the safety of his arms and comfort him. Morgan looked over at him instead and whispered small comforts that were clearly not working, but he had to try right.

"This genius has been on the wish list of many top buyers and it just happened that I stumbled upon him in a bar one night. He was all alone, finally without his Dark Defender and the rest of the motley Profiling crew. So I took a chance. We had fun sharing stories and drinks. And when I thought that I had him drunk enough I tried to convince him to come back to my place. Unfortunately, even in his inebriated state he was too committed to the best friend who didn't even recognize the feelings he was having. And thus our little game began."

"You are one sick individual."

"Oh trust me Agent Morgan I am very much aware of my problems. Can't say the same about you though, now can we?" The Unsub circled around Spencer before he reached out to stroke his face.

"Don't you dare touch him!" Shouted Morgan as panic shot through his veins.

"I suggest you calm the hell down Derek before you get one of those innocent people shot. Now Dr. Reid strip. I want to do a proper appraisal. I would hate to set the price too low for such a fine specimen.

"Spence, you don't have to do anything."

"Really? You want to test me. Very well. Mathew shot one of them please.

There was screaming from a woman as she struggled against the other man. The scream continued, then the gunshot, and finally silence.

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