Megan POV

"Okay guys calm down. Let's just relax and see if we got any emails." My friends all nodded. We all entered a contest for a chance to win tickets AND meet One Direction after the concert.

It was a one in a life time opportunity. My friends Sarah, Lee-Ann, Yasmine, Lexi and I were dying to find out if we won or not.

We loved each and every one of them, but only Lee-Ann and I had favorites. Sarah, Yasmine and Lexi couldn't decide who they liked best. Mine was Harry and Lee-Ann's was Louis. Just to meet them would be a dream come true.

I saw Lee-Ann, Yasmine, and Sarah look at their phones very upset so I knew they didn't win. Lexi and she shook her head. She lost too.

It was all up to me. If I won, then we'd all be happy, but if I didn't… I lost my train of thought when I got an email. I clicked it open and read it. They were all looking at me expectantly.

"I won," I whispered. "I WON!"

We all started yelling and jumped up and down. Then my mom bursts in my room and starts yelling at us to be quiet. We started laughing but still quieted down. We had about a week to get ready.

For sure I knew what my friends were thinking: I can't wait till Saturday.

Niall POV

The guys and I were exhausted. We just finished our concert in Tallahassee and now were headed for Miami. We were all pretty tired from the concert last night but I was very hungry.

"Hey Haz can u make some breakfast?" He shook his head but got up anyway. The rest of the guys were still sleeping.

I was about to go back to sleep when the phone starts ringing. Everyone is now awake and Liam answers the phone.

"Hello?" Liam still has sleepy eyes, but then the person on the other side says something and his eyes look very awake. "Are you serious? No of course we'll do it. Okay bye." He hangs up the phone and looks at us.

"Well apparently there was a contest that lets the winner got to the concert in Miami," he took a pause before saying "but also meet us after the concert." We all groaned. It wasn't that we didn't love the fans, but we're always so tired after the concerts.

"Well who knows? Maybe they'll be cute girls," Harry says. We all shrug and go eat breakfast. We can only hope that what Harry said will be true.

*1 week later*

Yasmine's POV

Time flew by. The tickets and passes for us to meet them came a few days before the actual concert. We were all bursting with excitement.

I just hoped that after the performance they wouldn't be too tired. The concert just started with What Makes You Beautiful and we were screaming our lungs out. I couldn't wait to meet them.

*After the concert*

Harry POV

We were all exhausted. However, we still needed to meet the winners of the contest. We all changed before we left to meet them.

We got to the green room(A/N: a green room is a place backstage for the singers to be to relax before and after the show) a little early so we had to wait. I was about to drift off to sleep when all of a sudden I see a gorgeous girl walk through the door and toward us with four other girls. She was a little shorter than me, had tanned skin, and dark brown shoulder length hair.

She had a beautiful smile and cute brown eyes. I knew at that moment was that I needed find out who she was.

I noticed the guys were looking at the other girls she was with. They seemed to be friends with the girl I was looking at.

Liam was looking at a girl who was the same height as he was. She had fair skin and dark hair that was medium length.

Niall was looking at a girl with dirt blond hair so long that it was right above her waist. She seemed really nice.

Zayn was practically drooling at a girl with short curly hair. She was a little shorter than the rest. She was also very skinny and had tanned skin.

Louis was smiling at a girl with short light brown hair. She was a little bit taller than the girl Zayn was looking at, but still shorter than the other three girls. She was skinny, had fair skin, and had freckles across her nose.

It seemed my friends were falling hard.

Lee-Ann POV

When we got to the green room, the place where we were suppose to meet One direction, we saw them staring at us. My first thought was that we looked ridiculous, but then I noticed that they were staring at one of us specifically.

Louis was smiling at me and I felt my face heat up. That just made me even more nervous than I already am.

I saw that the girls were getting really nervous too. We were all in an awkward silence until Louis asked "So do any of you like carrots?"

The girls and I looked at each other and started laughing. The guys were looking at us strangely so I explained.

"Sorry, it's just that I'm the one who actually loves carrots. But it's really the reason that makes us laugh." The guys nod in understanding. Liam then asks "Wait, so what's the reason?"

Yasmine answers him. "That we won't say." The truth is I started loving carrots when Louis said he liked a girl who eats carrots, and so Louis asking that question just makes us laugh. After that, talking to the guys came more naturally.

We talked about regular things and joked around. Then Louis asked "Does anybody want to hear puns?" We were bored so we all agreed and then he said "PMS jokes aren't funny; period." We all started laughing. The night went on and we exchanged phone numbers.

Unfortunately, the guys had to get back to the hotel and we had to get back home. When we were out of hearing distance, we looked at each other and all said "Best day EVER!"