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Taming the Unfaithful Husband

Charles Brandon/OC

Chapter 1;

Princess Evelyn sat contentedly behind the safety net as she watched her brother engage in the popular sport of tennis. Beside her, a dear friend of the Princess, Lady Anne of Stratford, watched the men as they played.

"Oh, how I enjoy this sport," Lady Anne commented, looking to her friend with a glint of mischief in her deep emerald eyes.

"Remember your husband, my Lady," Evelyn murmured.

"Details, details." came the response.

Princess Evelyn smiled to acknowledge her friend but kept her clear blue eyes on the one man that was able to attract and keep her attention in the whole of Court. Mr. Charles Brandon.

Evelyn clapped politely as her brother scored a point. She had always shared a good bond with her elder brother due to the closeness in age. Henry had also found her more agreeable than his other sisters, specifically Margaret.

She drew herself out of her own thoughts when Charles served once again.

"Daydreaming about a certain Mr. Brandon are we?" Lady Anne giggled, "You do realize he has a - how to put this nicely? - an... unforgiving reputation."

This point was brilliantly supported when Evelyn watched Charles' eyes - the colour of the sky on a summer's eve - fixate on the young daughter of the Duke of Buckingham.

"I am well aware of Mr. Brandon's extracurricular activities, which is precisely why I have done nothing about my like of him," Evelyn responded stoically.

And with that, the game before them finished. The men congratulated the King on another win. Henry lifted his head to search the crowd, when he spotted his sister, he beckoned her over with a mere tilt of his head.

Princess Evelyn rose from her chair with the grace of a swan drifting across the water; Lady Anne quickly followed suit. Nods of respect lined her way around the net to an opening where she could speak with her brother.

She inclined her head and performed a respectful curtsey, "Your Majesty,"

The King raised an eyebrow, "What did we talk about, my dear sister?"

"Sorry, brother."

Henry smiled, "I request your audience later today to discuss your future."

Princess Evelyn was not surprised to hear this. She was now twenty and five which was considered an age at which all respectable women had been married off to the most worthy spouse.

She nodded mutely, one eye on the man behind her brother. Evelyn had been hopelessly in love with Charles Brandon since she was a child. Watching longingly as Henry had played with his best friend, Evie had been forced to sit inside with her sisters and learn how to be elegant and sophisticated. Oh, the fun she had had.

Henry wasn't a stupid man by any means. He had been aware of his sister's growing affections toward his good friend for some time. The King had a plan, one that he was pretty pleased with, one that - for once - he would allow his sister to figure out on her own. Evelyn was going to marry Charles; she just had to realize it.

Later that day, Princess Evelyn made her way along the various hallways of the palace toward the King's quarters. When she reached the door to his study, the two guards stationed outside bowed in her presence and she returned their gestures with a smile. They opened the large double doors and allowed her entrance into the room when the King called her inside.

Henry was seated behind a solid wooden desk, a series of papers spread before him.

"Is everything well, my brother?" she asked softly, waiting patiently in front of the door.

He raised his head with a smile. "Nothing for a lady to worry about, sister."

Evelyn nodded her head, a ringlet of blonde curls falling to cover her face. She shook it back gently and responded when her brother motioned her forward.

"Evie, recently I have been putting much thought into your marriage and have come up with a few options that I would appreciate your opinions on," Evelyn's brow creased slightly, the King rarely asked for the opinions of others unless he wanted to hear his own in a different voice.

"I have put deep thought into having you marry the King of Portugal. It would do wonders for us in the upcoming war against France."

The Princess' blue orbs widened at the mention of his name. The King of Portugal was currently in the late twilight years of his life and was said to suffer from a multitude of illnesses, most prominently, gout.

"However," the King continued, "He would be a better match for our sister, Margaret, as she is elder and more eligible for a Queen ship. So, I then turned my thoughts to someone at Court, someone that I would trust to take sufficient care of my favorite sister. At first, there was no one who sprung to mind, so I looked a little closer to me. Who is it that I happen to spend most of my free time with? Who is it that I have lived out the past of my life with?"

Evelyn suddenly knew where her brother was going with his speech. He meant for her to marry one of his closest friends, Mr. Anthony Knivert, Mr. William Compton or Mr. Charles Brandon. Part of her was positively ecstatic about the possibility that she would marry Charles, but, on the other hand, the prospect terrified her; he was known for liking women a little too much, something that had been discussed not only a few hours ago. When she thought about it, Mr. Compton may not be the most suitable choice as he always seemed to be hiding something whenever she was in conversation with him and Mr. Knivert appeared a little too arrogant and controlling for one to be completely comfortable with. Which left only one opportunity.

Without waiting for her to answer, Henry said, "I did realize that none of them had any titles. Nothing to make them worthy of marrying a Princess and into England's Royal family."

"You could always give Mr. Brandon a title," she mused, "He is your best friend after all, and you are the King of England."

King Henry hid a smile as he regarded his younger sister. His plan was working flawlessly.

"Hmm," he pretended to think upon the matter, "I suppose I could make him a Duke of some sort."

Evie's excitement got the better of her and she clasped her hands to her chest. She quickly recovered herself, "If that is what you deem best to do in this situation, your Majesty."

Her brother allowed her little slip; he has asked his sister not to call him by his official title as it seemed too formal for someone that he has such a close bond to. He nodded once and dismissed her from his rooms.

Henry continued to sit at his desk, contemplating just how to carry out the next part of his plan. His sister had seemed eager - for lack of a better word - to wed with Brandon. Didn't his womanizing ways worry her? Henry would see to that. He smiled a smile full of self-satisfaction, he wanted his darling sister to be happy and if Charles Brandon was the man to make that happen, then so be it.

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