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Taming the Unfaithful Husband

Charles Brandon/OC
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The Sun was warm on Evelyn's skin as she sat on a small bench in the rose gardens of Hampton Court Palace. Her blue eyes were hidden by her eyelids as she leant her head back towards the Sun, a satisfied smile on her face.

It was not often that she and Charles travelled to Court from their home in Suffolk, but with the news of Queen Jane's pregnancy, the pair had made the trip happily. Evie and Jane got on famously, mostly due to the love and genuine happiness she could see in her brother's eyes every time he looked at his new wife.

Evelyn's baby blues fluttered open as the chatter around her drew her attention. Before her sat her two nieces, Mary and Elizabeth alongside their new stepmother. It had impressed Evie that Jane had tried so hard to reunite the King with his daughters and she knew that it had impressed both of the young girls also.

"We are so delighted for you, Your Majesty, you are simply glowing!" Mary smiled, eyes shining.

Evelyn had managed to retain a solid bond with both of her nieces despite not living at Court as she used to. The girls wrote many letters to her and, of course, she responded in kind. The Duchess had always made sure to be there for them as their mothers could not and had offered comfort through times of trouble.

Jane gave a gracious smile to her stepdaughter and replied, "Why thank you, my dear Mary. I did so hope that you both would not be angered at the news."

Elizabeth blinked in shock at the words. "Why ever would we be angry, Your Majesty. The prospect of a babe is a blessing, not a curse."

The three other women laughed lightly at the phrase and Elizabeth leant forward towards the Queen and continued, "Do you hope for a boy or a girl?"

Three sets of eyes turned to Jane to hear her answer.

"Well," she began, "It would not matter to me truly, however the King desires an heir to his throne so a boy is what I shall strive to give him."

No sooner had the words left her mouth, did a small boy toddle his way out from behind a rose bush on slightly unsteady legs with a red bloom grasped tightly in his little fist. A grin broke out on Evelyn's face as she watched her baby boy make his way towards her, a smile stretching his own chubby cheeks.

Behind the boy came the much larger bodies of Charles and the King; identical expressions on their own faces.

The toddler reached Evie moments before her husband did and she leant forward slightly to accept the rose he held with a loving look. Charles lifted the boy up and turned to sit upon the bench beside his wife with his son on his lap, while King Henry took a seat beside his own wife, one palm resting on her protruding belly.

The little boy commanded the attention of all seated in the garden with his gleeful babbling. His bright smile was infectious and his giggle even more so. The hair atop his head was much like his father's in colour but was wavy like his mother's; he also shared his captivating blue eyes with his mother and his uncle. The Duke and Duchess had named him Henry as tribute to the man who was so important to both.

Evelyn looked to her husband and felt the butterflies as strongly as she did four years ago. He wore his brown hair longer than previous years and now he preferred for there to be a small amount of stubble to decorate his chin; Evie seemed to find him even more attractive than when they had wed.

A deep contentment settled in her bones. Her family was finally happy; she had a beautiful son who she was sure would make her proud with the man that he would become; a new babe that she couldn't wait to meet and an incredible husband who still managed to make her feel as special as he did when they were newlyweds. Evelyn took delight in the fact that everyone around her was at peace. Her brother and his new Queen; - who seemed to handle the throne and her husband well - the Lady Anne and her husband, the Lord Samuel, who had requested leave from their Suffolk home after the birth of their twin boys, Robert and George, just a year ago; and, of course, the Lady Jasmine, who was now never seen without a smile after the ceremony joining her to her true love, the honourable knight, Sir Thomas Lowe. The Duchess couldn't forget the grinning girls currently in her company, Mary and Elizabeth, who had been readily accepted back into the folds of Court life.

Evie was shaken from her musings by the soft voice of her sister-in-law.

"How about you, Your Grace?" Jane questioned sweetly, her eyes flitting from her husband's face to her sister-in-law's own slightly rounded belly.

Evelyn took the hand that Charles held out to her and held on tightly as she placed them on her stomach. "Much like yourself, Your Majesty, either would be lovely but I find myself wishing for a little girl to keep her big brother out of trouble," she said, ruffling her son's brunette locks as she simultaneously raised her blonde brows good naturedly in her own brother's direction.

Laughter met the Duchess' answer and the elder Henry's voice rang out clearly across the garden.

"To more Tudor children; boys to run this great country and girls to keep them out of mischief along the way."

They all voiced their agreement under the warming heat of the Sun's rays, but with a quick glance at her beautiful nieces, Evelyn had the distinct feeling that it wouldn't just be men running this country.

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