Omg, What Happened?

Chapter 10

Brony: I'm going to have some angry readers, I just know it.

Dash: I've been warning you since you came up with this idea. DON'T DO IT!

Twilight: If you're so worried about what people think then why do you have all this bad stuff happen to you?

Brony: Because, it's funny. Is it so wrong to want a funny/happy life in Equestria? Even if painful has to be added to that list.

Dash: Fine, but if this fic has to become rated M because of this, then I'm quitting; you can keep your filthy money.

Spike: I'll take her job… minus being your marefriend.

Brony: Spike, please, we all know you can't be the new Rainbow Dash. That's as crazy as the idea of Rarity falling for you.

Spike: Ouch, uncalled for.

Brony: Truth hurts pal; now give the disclaimer.

Spike: *sigh* My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, not this asshole.

Twilight: Spike?! I am appalled by what I just heard. Go sit in the corner!

Spike: *grunt* I hate my job.

I was exhausted, but I needed to keep moving. If I were to pause for even a moment, my life would be changed forever… well, even more than it already has been.


Winter Wrap Up had just ended. With my help, everything went smoothly and Derpy made it home from her accidental trip to the north safely. My speed and careful timing took care of the clouds while at other times pushing the snow plows through the fields.

"No easy task, that's for sure," I said with a grin, the still cold air freezing the sweat I built up while working.

Applejack, the more recent of the three girls I was falling for, trotted over to me and wrapped me up in an enormous hug. "That's my line, sugarcube."

Dashie and Derpy joined in on the hug; at that moment I couldn't have been happier.

"I love you all so much, just know that."

Dashie looked up to me, but there was something extra in her eyes than usual. It was like I was staring into a brand new Rainbow Dash. "We love you too, which is why I am so excited about tomorrow."

Puzzled, I looked around, hoping somepony would give an explanation. Instead, I found that every mare within the area was staring at me. Not only that, but all the stallions had mysteriously disappeared.

"Well, tomorrow is the first day of spring," I said, my confusion very obvious in my words. "What's not to be excited about?"

Twilight walked up to us, the same look in her eyes as Rainbow Dash. "Well," she explained, starting to giggle for no reason, this was completely out of character for her, "the first day of spring is special for all ponies of the world."

"I need a little more than that, Twilight!" I yelled in frustration. "In case case you forgot, I don't normally look like this! I need answers!" I was so scared about what was happening that tears began flowing down my face.

I couldn't think of anything at first. I was still technically new to this Equestria that, while still keeping most of the childishness of one of my favorite cartoons, had all the corruption of my world. Full of swearing, sexual references, and… wait.

They were all ponies, and spring had one big meaning for animals back in my world.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is not happening. This is NOT happening!" I yelled.

The very next day, the first day of spring I realized, would be the start of mating season.

End of Flashback

I turned a corner and quickly hid inside the nearest building. Out the window I watched as many female town ponies galloped by. There was one that caught my attention which gave me hope. The purple unicorn running past gave me an idea on how I could learn more about this and get my bearings on the situation.

As soon as I found that the coast was clear, I made my way towards the library.

I went from shelf to shelf, looking for just the right book. Finally, I found a book that seemed to fit my needs. "Biology 101, this should help clear things up for me."

I looked in the table of contents and found the section for reproduction. When I turned to the page, however, my face grew super warm and I had to look away. I placed a second book over the pictures that brought my reaction and began reading the section.

"Let's see here. Fertilizing eggs? No. Child birth? Maybe, but probably not. Oh, here we go, evolution of the reproductive system! 'In ancient times mares could only be fertile during spring when they would go in heat. However, this has changed and mares can be fertile all times of the year now.' Yada, yada, yada. Oh! 'Evolution has not completely destroyed the bond between mares and their ancient counterparts, though. Every year, on the first day of spring, mares will still go into a form of heat that will drive them to mate. This sensation will not go away until the sun sets at twilight, or the mare is' F-FERTALIZED!?"

'Well,' I thought, 'I'm screwed. Both figuratively and physically.'

At that moment I felt a sharp pain shoot through my head and I fell to the ground, darkness taking over.

I awoke high up in the sky inside a house made of clouds and chained down on a cloud bed, a familiar look and a familiar feel. It was as if I had gone through the same situation and ended up in the exact same location before. I turned my head sideways and saw a bedside stand. On it a familiar signed picture of the Wonderbolt's leader, Spitfire.

"Oh, that's why this seems like deja vu." I twisted my head to look back up and there was Rainbow Dash, though this time there was no Derpy oddly enough. I nonchalantly said, "Hi, Dashie," to the effect of her moving even closer.

"Hi, sweetie," she placed a kiss on my lips. "I'm so excited about this."


"Hm? What is it?"

A drop of sweat began to fall down my face from nervousness. "Sorry that I have to do this again." I flapped my wings, tearing the chains from the bed and sending me towards the ground. I quickly maneuvered myself to a safe glide, but a violet hue halted me in my tracks.

I turned midair and looked down. There, I saw all the members of the mane six in a group. Twilight was in the middle with her horn glowing in the same shade of violet that surrounded me. "Hold on tight everypony," she cried in exhaustion, "he is very fast, so I'll need your strength as well in order to pull him in."

As she said this, I could feel myself slowly gliding in towards them. I tried my best to fly away; but, just like she said, I was unable to fight her magic when they all joined together.

'It's not fair! It's just not fair! Even when I try my best to avoid this, I'm just stuck hopelessly in between a rock and a hard place!' I thought. I pounded my hooves in the air in frustration. I accidently pounded them together, though, and a shockwave rushed up my forelegs. It wasn't a painful jolt, but… electrifying.

I began to pull my forelegs apart and an arc of black electricity grew in between my hooves. I ran my hooves back together quickly in surprise, this had never happened before. I looked back down at the group below and noticed that their eyes were closed in concentration. I began to pull my hooves apart again and another arc of black electricity appeared. I pulled my forelegs further and further apart until the arc was spread above my head.

Without any notice beforehand, the arc snapped and the two halves shot at my eyes. I felt a sensation I had only felt one time before since coming to Equestria as my eyes began changing to become two black orbs. My sight went dark for a moment; and, when it returned, a small amount of weight circled around the top of my head.

I quickly looked back to see that the girls were still concentrating so I lifted my arms to find a crown. I brought my forelegs to my face to be sure, I couldn't believe what just happened, what had just appeared. It wasn't just any crown, but one made with silver bones and diamond skulls.

"M-my element?" I mumbled to myself. "How did it get here? No matter, unless it can help me, I'm screwed."

Suddenly, the silver began to melt in my hooves. Some began crawling up my forelegs and covering my body. When it started reaching for my face, I flinched backwards as a cool sensation shot through me. The my body seemed to freeze over yet melt with the silver. Once again I blacked out.

I awoke not much later to the sound of girls talking.

I heard Twilight's voice first. "I just don't see how he could have disappeared like that!" she screamed. "Plus, who's this little foal that somehow ended up in my spell?!"

"I don't know, but we need to find somepony quick. This weird feeling in me is driving me crazy," Rainbow Dash agreed.

'Little foal?'

I opened my eyes to see the mane six above me. The strange thing was, they were so much taller than me now. When they finished talking to each other they nodded and ran off.

I stood up, but nearly fell over in fatigue. At I started to trot, but something just felt… wrong. I wasn't getting anywhere fast and all my movements felt lighter. The weight of my wings seemed to be gone as well.

I began thinking out loud. "What's going on, why do I feel so weird?" but my words were not mine. As I said them out it was somepony else's voice that said them instead. "W-what the?!"

I galloped as fast as I could to the nearest building, which seemed, just like the girls, even taller than usual. I looked in the window, not to find my normal red and yellow colored pegasus form, but a little earth pony foal that was cream colored with brown spots.

"Hey, I know you," I said to my reflection, my voice carrying a slight Trottingham accent, "you're Pipsqueak!" I then noticed something gleaming around my neck in the window. When I looked down, I found a silver chain. "I bet I know what you are!" I focused my energy into it; it instantly melted and turned into the shape of a miniature statue of what I used to look like. I focused again and it turned back into the silver chain.

"I didn't know you could shape shift! This makes you even greater than those Elements of Harmony!"

I looked up to the sight of something behind my reflection. I had been babbling on for so long, it was now foggy, but slowly clearing up, who I actually was to those who were around. The baseball bat swung so fast I could not dodge, only notice the light blue coloring it had around the handle.

"No, I've wasted so much time," I whispered before being rendered unconcious for the ump-teenth time that day.

(Sorry, no major details on THAT part of the story, I'm staying rated T.)

I crawled my way out of Carousel Boutique with a soreness in my legs and a guilt in my heart. Upon fainting my element of deception had apparently disappeared and I had returned to normal. Leaving my captor to just go through the motions of my kidnapping without looking like a pedophile as well. "Rope, gag, fluffy pillows, Viagra, and a freaking whip!" I rubbed my flank tenderly at that last part. "I didn't think that Rarity was like that; and ugh, her screaming. I was just asking to be killed after that."

I then remembered the light pink glow that surrounded us near the end of the experience.

"Oh yeah, and now apparently I have ANOTHER marefriend. But at least I found two things out today. 1: My element can transform me and itself, which will probably com in handy in the future. And 2: I know what I'm going to be for Nightmare Night! Yay, so many pranks to pull as a little pirate," this last part I said with a large grin.

But my happiness did not last long. I feared my near future would be rained upon with worries and whining.

'Poor Amethyst Star and Dinky Doo will still be my children to me; but will they still see me the same when they find they will have yet another sibling that isn't they're mom's child? Will the new child be happy knowing that his dad will have multiple girlfriends around him? How will I ever be able to make a living to support multiple families with just the job of a weather pony?'

The rest of the day went by like a blur.

I had completely given up on transforming, not knowing where my element had vanished to exactly, and more rape soon followed. In fact, by the end of the day, the rest of my herd was fertilized except for Derpy.

When twilight, the time of day as opposed to the pony, reared its sorrowful head on me I was lying in the streets, exhausted and destroyed.

Tears were streaming down my face. Cadence had not given a blessing upon me; nor had Luna by giving me a full time stay in Equestria. Instead of the kindness and love that I should have had, I felt unloved and used for some terrible purpose.

"I this my true purpose here?" I asked myself. "Am I just meant to be some sort of sexual play thing by the things I onced admired for innocence?"

My natural instincts told me I was being watched, then soon surrounded. I didn't care, though. My life was conflicting with itself at that moment. I had the happiness of being a dad to more foals and/or fillies; but, with the terrible knowledge of how even a seemingly pure world could be corrupted and the knowledge of how those children mentioned before were created.

"Do what you want," I whispered to the circle around me. "I just don't know what to do anymore."

Slowly I was lifted up by a blue light of magic. In front of me was Rarity, the pony to take my virginity and be the first of the mothers I was forced to create. "Come now, Darling," she said cheerfully, yet I could sense a little doubt, "it isn't necessarily the end of the world. Is it?"

I sighted, "I guess not."

"Muffin?" another voice near me asked. Followed by two different ones going, "Daddy? Daddy?"

Rarity, a smile on her face, turned me around to face Derpy, Dinky, and Amethyst Star. They all seemed worried, and of course the thing they were worried about was the pony that should have kept them from worrying. I trotted over to them and hugged my adopted daughters. "I guess this is where I take my leave," Rarity stated before she left.

"Hey, girls," I said cheerfully. "How was school today?"

Amethyst seemed to know I that I was changing the subject. She was bright for her age and wasn't that young to begin with. Dinky said everything was fine, but she kept a worried look on her face. "Daddy? Is everything going to be alright?" she asked. "Why do you look sad?"

I wiped away the tears that still remained on my face and put on as real of a smile as I could. "I-I'm not sad, sweetie. I'm happy, see?" She still looked concerned so I switched to a different topic, specifically the one that I needed an answer. "How would two feel about having a baby brother or sister?"

Amethyst still stayed worried, but Dinky perked up immediately to the question. "Really!? A baby brother or sister?! That would be amazing, Daddy! Is it in mommy's tummy already?"

Even for such a young girl, her response made me chuckle out of sheer confusion. "Not quite, sweetie. I'm afraid that mommy isn't exactly the one having the baby?"

"She's not?" Dinky asked confused.

"I knew it!" Amethyst exclaimed. "When I found out you were in a relationship with multiple girls, I just knew this was going to happen eventually! How can you say that you love mom when out of all these girls she's the only one you didn't-"

I quieted her down with a swift, yet mostly soft, smack. "You give me some respect!" I mumbled angrily. My head was down so nopony could see my expression at first. When I lifted it everyone saw that tears were streaming down my face. "Do you think I meant for any of this to happen? I was… somepony cover Dinky's ears please." Derpy did what I asked and I continued. "I was raped, Amethyst! I didn't want anypony to be pregnant. I love your mom, and as far as I'm concerned you and Dinky are my kids and always have been. These other kids will be your brothers and/or sisters. Be happy for that."

"I-I'm sorry, dad."

"I know you are. But you're not the one who needs to be. I truly am sorry about all of this. I should've tried harder, please accept my apology. Please… just… please." I began to break down into tears again.

Amethyst wrapped me in a hug. "It's okay, daddy, I'll love them like they really are related to me."

By this point both of us were crying. I asked for Derpy to let Dinky go and the four of us gathered for a group hug. "Things will all work out," I said. "Things will all work out."


"Okay, let's see here." I looked around at all the different ponies in the theatre and gave a long sigh. I know I let anypony audition for this, but I didn't think this many would show up. Well, might as well start from the top. "Is there a… wait… Big Macintosh?"

"That'd be me!" I heard a deep voice call out. From out in the stands the familiar red stallion orange mane and a cutie mark of a large green apple.

"Big Mac?"


"You sing?"


"And your lyrics involve words other than 'eeyup' and 'nope'?"


I shrugged, accepting that, even though his questions didn't agree, he could have a larger vocabulary than I imagined. "You got a band?"

Big Mac turned around and gave a whistle. From the crowd came three other stallions that I could recognize. "Apple Cider, Caramel, Braeburn, welcome to my little house of entertainment," I said. "Three apples and some Caramel," Caramel gave me a stern glare after this, "I like the mix you guys have."

"Yeehaw!" Braeburn yelled out. "What're the odds we'd get first pick out of all these here ponies?"

"I know right? Let's get set up and do our thing," Caramel said, Apple Cider and Big Mac nodding in agreement as well.

"Well then, Caramel, I think you and Cider should take the lead on this song," Big Mac, apparently the band leader said. The two looked at each other as if they weren't sure at first, but then quickly changed to looks of confidence.

for original song and lyrics, go to /watch?v=nde_kEtUXl8 on youtube.


original song: 'Our Song" by Taylor Swift

Cider: "I was runnin' fast track

"With my mane blown back

"As we raced to the county fair.

"He had three hooves down

"On the cold, hard ground.

"The last one on my, heart~

"I looked all around,

"Slowed my pace way down.

"He asked, 'Baby is something wrong?'

"'I say nothin',

"I was just thinkin'

"How we don't have a song.'

"And he said,"

Both: "Our song is the slammin' screen doors,

"Sneakin' out late, tappin' on your window,

"When we're all alone, but we talk real slow,

"Cuz it's late, and the others don't know.

"Our song is the way you laugh,

"The first date,

"'Man, I didn't kiss her, but I should have.'

"And when I got home,

"Before I said amen,

"Asking the sun if she,

"Could play it again."

(for rest of song, it is the same. Keep listening to the video)

The two lead singers were blushing like mad after they had finished. The two had pretty much come out and admit that they were in a relationship. The crowd, meanwhile, was going crazy.

"W-well, that went better than expected," Caramel half mumbled to Apple Cider.

The crowd started chanting, "Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Kiss," over and over again. The two stared out into the audience for a minute before looking back at each other. They then leaned close to each other and gave a long, sweet kiss, to the audience's pleasure.

"That was great Big Mac!" I exclaimed, he just nodded in agreement. "I should probably warn you, though, that just because I'm dating your sister doesn't mean you can get on here."

Big Mac nodded again, but soon stopped, his eyes bugging out. "You're what mah sister?!" He said in an angry tone.

"Y-you mean your sister hasn't told you?" I asked. Big Mac just shook his head while glaring at me. "Well, then this is awkward. I think I'll just… RUN!" I took off towards the door with Big Mac chasing after me. I then took off into the air with him throwing stone up at me. "If this is our relationship after I tell you we're dating, then I'm afraid about this next part."

Big Macintosh stopped for a moment to listen. "What next part."

"You're gonna be an uncle big boy!" I then moved my hoof in what I assumed was a rude gesture. Big Mac got even angrier and went back to throwing stones. "That's right, I screwed your sister! I screwed your sister!"

Brony: I'd now like to apologize for what I've done.

Big Mac: I forgive you, buddy.

Brony: Not you, I want to apologize to the readers for what I've done!

Big Mac: *throws a punch*

Brony: AH! My nose!

Big Mac: No flames, please.