Clint blinked himself awake, rolling over and expecting to find Phil there. The archer groaned when he found that the bed had been made and it was cold. He sat up and swung his legs over the bed. Quickly pulling on a pair of boxers, he shuffled through to the kitchen of the Avenger's Tower, smelling coffee and eggs.

"Morning." Clint said to the room in general. He got varying levels of coherent replies, before he wandered over to where Phil was cooking eggs and crowded him against the counter rubbing nuzzling his nose into Phil's neck.

"Clint. I'm trying to make breakfast" Phil said, rolling his eyes as he was pushed against the counter. He did however turn around for a couple of seconds, pressing a kiss to Clint's lips. "Morning" he said softly before turning back to the eggs.

"Hey now I demand more attention than that" quickly turning Phil back around and going in for another, deeper kiss.

Phil smiled, wrapping his arms around Clint's neck and kissing him back. "Mmm",

Clint pulled away with a devilish smirk, still with a soft look in his eyes, nipped at Phil's nose and then slid away with a quick "Sorry honey, you're making breakfast" followed by a wink

Phil narrowed his eyes as he plated up the eggs and placed them on the counter. "Breakfast!" he called to the room. He sipped his coffee as the Avengers made their way sleepily to the counter. "Drills today with the new recruits at nine for you. Sorry honey." Phil said mocking Clint's tone and moving into the dining room.

"What? No! Why can't you?" Clint said chasing him into the room. "I was going to go shoot at stuff with Tasha. Shouldn't I be on top form for Avengers work?" Clint pouted. He knew the only way he may even possibly be able to avoid this was by trying his luck being cute.

"Ah, don't try the cute look with me. You're already on top form and you know it. No way out. Drills. 9."

"Fine." Clint said sulking.

"I'll see you later okay babe? How about we go out for dinner tonight? Me and you." Phil said with a charming smile and a kiss to Clint's cheek.

"Yeh okay fine. I'll meet you at 7?"

"No. No actually get ready and I'll pick you up at 6. I'll stay until then and I'll pick you up. I'll organise everything. Just dress nice." Phil said and Clint's smile was excited and shy at the same time. It still baffled Phil how he was this lucky. He leant forward to kiss Clint when he grabbed his neck and didn't let go. He sighed into the kiss which of course meant Clint would use this as permission for his tongue. Clint pulled away and rested his forehead on Phil's.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" he said with a cheeky grin. With a quick kiss to the cheek and a "See you later honey." He swept out of the room leaving Phil alone. He smiled to himself and left the house for his day.