Chapter 4:Together?

"Van?" The girl whispered. She stepped back, lost in a moment of total confusion.

"I'm sorry.. I think you must have mistaken me for.. .. I'm not..." Damien scratched his head, slightly confused at the lady's sudden outburst of the name Van. The name Van seemed so ...weird, yet familiar.. He looked at the woman. Her shoulder-length honey brown hair.. her amazingly green eyes.. ....... so familiar.. He felt like he knew her..........And then it suddenly hit him with a sickening realization... could it be?

The world seemed to stand still. It seemed almost as if time had stopped completely; seconds passed by painfully, as if they were hours. Both of them seemed too shocked to say anything, like they too were also frozen.

Taken aback, as if Damien had the air knocked out of him, he whispered one word he had been so afraid to say. "-Hitomi?"

Hitomi looked up at him, softly touching his face, trying to see if it really was Van. She fondled his dark-as-night hair, getting the feel of it. Was this really Van? And when she looked into his reddish-brown eyes.. she knew. "Van!" She mumbled, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. Stepping forward, she hugged him fiercely, crying. Damien was first shocked, and then he smiled, relief on his face, hugging her back.

Then as quick as the moment had come, she stepped back with an angry look on her face. She swung her arm, and punched him as hard as she could in the chest.

"Oww..... What was that for?" Damien asked, looking even more confused than he was before.

"What took you so long?" Hitomi asked.


As they embraced again, Hitomi never felt happier than she had ever been in her life. They had finally found each other.


Damien hugged her tighter than ever, never wanting to let go... Being with her somehow felt so right. And he thought that if he ever let go, she would just disappear, like the girl from his dreams.. like the Andersons... like everyone else in his life.