Another in the OUAT Missing Moments. Here's August and Geppetto.

Breathing understandably hurt for the first time since being de-transformed from a life size puppet back into a normal man again. August kept his eyes closed, steadying the rapid beating of his heart and focused primarily on getting those first precious lungful's of air into his lungs.

Slowly. In and one. One. Two. Three. In and out. Easy. One foot in front of the other.

Sheriff Swan… my son…. Will he be alright?

I.. I don't know Mar….G…. Gepetto… the magic only just settled.

But look! Look! His face has color… his limbs… they're moving! Moving! He's human again Ms. Swan!

I can see that. I- I'm so happy.

As am I, Ms. Swan.

His father. Emma.

August opted to stay still, the only movement his fingers that tightly clutched at the coverlet of his bed, rejoicing in the small miracle that he actually had fingers in which to grasp things properly again. He felt his father's cool palm on his forehead, running his fingers through his hair. Felt the bed sink in as his father sat beside him. He could feel Emma's hand on his knee, resting there hesitantly as if she was unsure that she should be there.

I'll leave you two alone.

Thank you Ms. Swan.

The door shut quietly behind her. August took a larger gulpful of air and slowly turned his head, for his neck was still in the process of going from wood to human and finally opened his eyes a bit. The immediate afternoon sun struck his sensitive lids and he whimpered in pain. Geppetto's gentle hand covered his still swollen eyes.

"My boy. My boy!"

"H- hello… father." August croaked through tender vocal cords. He reached out one hand, a real human hand and gently placed it over Geppetto's. The older man beamed down at his son, still weak during his transition.

"You've made me so proud, Pinocchio." Geppetto beamed down at him, tears in his eyes now freely falling down his weathered face. August felt his own eyes grow misty and warm and he shut them and shivered.

"I'm not. I'm not." He moaned. His adam's apple suddenly grew thick in his throat. Geppetto shushed him with a series of tsks as he had done back when he was a child in the enchanted forest.

"I'm not the man you wanted me to be at all, father." August mumbled. "I- I wasn't brave or honest or truthful or… any of those things."

"You were only a child, Emma was only a baby. It is my fault that I placed that burden on you. That I took that decision away from you." Geppetto reminded him softly. "This is my sin to bear, not yours my dear boy. You still came back to find me. To convince Emma that she was our savior to free us from the curse, and you did it."

August slowly wiggled his toes, flexing his fingers and moving his arms. Geppetto helped his son sit up in bed, and offered him a glass of water that Emma had placed by his beside. Slowly, August accepted a few sips before sinking back down onto the pillows.

"I feel so weak." August mumbled.

"The magic has only settled Pinocchio, and it will take a few days for you to recover." Geppetto informed him with a small sad smile. "But I will stay with you until you are strong enough to move on your own."

August relaxed beneath the covers as Geppetto drew the blanket over him and tucked him into bed.

"I am a little hungry." August admitted with a boyish smile. Geppetto laughed. " Well then my boy, I'll have Red bring some dinner from the diner then."

"I'd like that." August whispered, feeling the last vestiages of his strength leave him as a great weariness settled over his entire body. His eyes fluttered shut, but he fought sleep until he felt his father's arms around him, gently rocking him.

"Good to sleep my boy. I'll be here when you wake up."

"Promise?" August muttered sleepily.

"I promise."