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Chapter Thirteen- My Blinding Pride

"What will you gain, if you own the whole world, but destroy yourself?"

Current Moment

"Remind me why we let them come with us." The look of anguish on Katara's face made him want to laugh, but of course he held it in.

"Are you laughing at me?!"

"Not at all…"

"I promise Katara, this will be the last stop! You know what happens when I have to use the little boys' room! Plus, our food supply is kind of low…"

"I think Appa has to stretch his legs a little. Don't ya buddy?"


"Toph, you don't even have a license yet…."

"Can it Twinkles!"

"That's not very nice Toph."

"Suki, tell Katara to tell Zuko to pull over!"

"Oh for the love of Agni! You will all be quiet, listen to this song, and wait until we get to Lake Laogai! Is that clear?!"

"Yes Mr. Sozi- err…Zuko…" Did they just almost call him Mr. Sozin? He would have none of that.

"Now let's see what we got here…" He mutters more to himself than anyone in particular.

"Your mind's in Disturbia, it's like the darkness is alive. It can creep up inside you and consume you. A disease of the mind, it can control you. It's too close for comfort-"

"Can you change this song? It kind of reminds me of your sister…" Sokka doesn't like to be reminded of Azula.

"….yeah you're right…" He can't really blame him.

"Headstrong to take you on, headstrong to take on anyone-"

"No, this reminds me of you. I can't have that."

*angry grumbling*


"Nope, this reminds-"

"It hasn't even started yet Sokka!"

"Hey you guys, I brought my IBend."

"No offense Aang, but you probably have guru goody-good music in there."

"Just plug it in."

"With you right here, I'm a rocketeer, let's fly…"

"I don't know if I'm feelin this one-"

"Now give me two more bottles 'cuz you know it don't stop! Girl I keep it gangsta poppin' bottles at the crib. Take that bottle to the head and let me see you fly. Now I'm feelin' so fly like a G6, like a G6."


"Dang Aang, you keep it bumpin'."

"Sokka's right, Twinkly…props."

15 music changing minutes later

"Oooohh, we're here!" Finally, sweet relief!

Thank Agni, some peace, quiet and alone time with his precious KitKat *cough* er Katara.


Two days before the "road trip"

"YOU'RE GOING WHERE WITH WHO?! I DEMAND TO GO WITH YOU! You know how long it's been since I've been near water?!"

She immediately deadpans. "Sokka, we live in the South Pole. It's surrounded by water-"

"You know what I mean. All that swimming and lying on the beach; drinking out of coconuts and-"

"And we're not going to Hawaii. Anyways, you're just going to leave Suki here? You've been trying to ask her out on another date for a while now and I think you're getting there. You know… Jet's been talking about putting some "moves" on her." She places her hand on her stomach, remembering the laughter that washed over her last time when Suki told her the latest pick-up lines both Sokka and Jet had tried on her. Apparently, they had just been in math class and Sokka had told her "hey baby, I may be obtuse, but you're a-cute girl" while Jet, who she says followed her into the library, told her "I'm glad I brought my library card so I can Check. You. Out." She couldn't decide which one was funnier or cheesier for that matter.

"….- After much consideration, I Wang Fire, cannot allow you to go alone. So, the whole gang will go. Plus my bag has been getting a little worn out lately; I'm hoping to get a new one."

*Sweatdrop* Not another "man purse".

*ring ring ring*

"Hello, this is So-"

"This is Mr. Iroh. I have something important waiting for you and Miss. Kuruk in my office. The door is open. I have to go…my tea is ready. It's Ginseng, my favorite. Be here as soon as possible please."

"….err… there's something important waiting for us in the front office. I think it might be a cup of tea…hmm cookies go nice with tea. Let's go right now!"

"Oh, I wonder what it is…I doubt that it's cookies though."

"Don't say that!" Oh Sokka…


"What is it Mr. Iroh?"

"Yeah, we're kind of in the middle of an important discuss-…Dad?"

"Sokka, Katara!" It was her dad, right in front of her eyes. She hadn't seen him in well over eight years. There was an urge inside of her, an urge to touch him, hug him, to see if he was real or if she was just dreaming again. But, he beat her to it. While she was standing there in obvious shock, he had managed to engulf both her and Sokka in a giant hug.

"You both have grown so much. I'm sorry I haven't been here to see it. I have missed you very much."

"I can't believe it's you."

"What happened? Are you going to be here for a while?"

"…Sorry, I can't stay for very long. They gave me one month at the most. I just came to drop someone off safely." The only words she heard were one month. He would be here until just after spring break ended.

"Who are you dropping off?"

"Why don't you take a look for yourselves?"

"Yes, I'll take you to the Medical Wing of the school." She had been to the Medical Wing of the school before with Yugoda. There Katara mostly practiced on dummies. Yugoda told me that her she would soon be able to help heal real patients that stay in the mini 'hospital' in the wing. Eventually, she'll even be able to heal her own dummy, Sokka.

A familiar shiny bald head was peeking out under the covers.

"Aang? Aang! What happened to you? Are you alright?"

"He's alright. He was pale and weak when we found him, but he seems to be doing better. He's free of any major injuries; the only broken bone he had was his…thumb." Yugoda was standing near the foot of Aang's bed, looking through her clipboard. She had a small feeling Yugoda was trying to hold back a laugh. The way her mouth twitch gave her away. Sokka cannot hold back his laughter, ever.

"And it would appear that he's all ready to go. All of his statistics seem fine and he looks much healthier than he did. Aang, take it easy and if any complications should arise, call me, but I'm more than sure that my top student here should be able to help you in the meantime." She gave her apprentices head a small pat.

"Come on, it's almost lunch time! Let's go eat somewhere."

Although it may seem Sokka forgot about their little dilemma he did not. And it was because of his big mouth that about half the school knew they were headed to Lake Logai for the long weekend and that is how they were in the earlier situation.


*Back to the Present*

The Gaang, not surprisingly, got kicked out of Lake Logai. How does this happen you ask. Well after they arrived at the hotel…

"I am Long Feng. I am the desk clerk here at the Spring Season Hotel. If you won't need anything here is your room key. Be on your way."

"Well, how hospitable of you…sheesh."

"Well, I don't know about you lame-o's but me and Suki are headed to the beach!"

"Twinkles, I challenge you to a sand building contest! I would challenge Snoozles but he doesn't stand a chance against my awesome skills."

"How dare you! You are both on!"

"Come on Zuko! Let's go! Don't make me drag you, you're heavy.."

Halfway there and Zuko hoists Katara over his back and practically sprints into the water. She tells herself that she was not amused.

"Zuko..maybe we should take a break. Your back's as red as a lobster. Hey, I can rub some sunscreen on you if you want!" It was an innocent suggestion, offer if you will. Zuko however, was longing, yearning for some physical contact with his girlfriend. They hadn't kissed in what felt like a long time to him. While lying in bed at night, bored and tired, he often found himself thinking of her soft and plentiful lips and the way her eyes would have a shine to them every time she laughed. He wanted more of her. He hadn't experienced these types of feelings before. They had been dating for over six months now. The school year was almost coming to a close. Which meant all the more time he could spend exploring her and finding out what made her make those delightful noises she made when they would kiss passionately; their mouths battling, each wanting dominance yet maintaining a beautiful dance at the same time. He loved it most however, when her face was flushed and her lips swollen and she looked at him with those eyes that caused his heart to thud a little faster. This girl would be the death of him.

"Earth to Zuko! You had the silliest smile on your face! Come here, before you toast up more." He gladly obeyed, more than a little embarrassed by the fact that he had been caught daydreaming… If only she knew he dreamed about her…

She began to rub the sun-protecting lotion onto his back. Her ministrations on his tensed and overworked muscles earning her light moans of gratitude. Her mind began to wander…

She loved it when he made those noises. She felt happy knowing that she could bring him such joy in the simplest of ways. She knew he needed it. She loved the way he held her in his arms, like he was a lion, and she a cub, protecting her from any harm. She would run her hands up his arms and across his back and she would feel him almost purr and that smile he would reserve for her eyes only… how it made her melt. It almost rivaled those intense kisses he would bestow upon her. Sometimes he kissed her fervently, almost hungrily as if he was a dying man in the desert and she, his only glass of water. She would grab his hair and he would grab hers and there they'd be, in each other's embrace, their tongues moving gently yet passionately at the same time. Their dance was a special one. He had become a little daring while they were alone. He would roam her body with his hands and he had a way of nibbling on her neck that would make her feel loved and happy. He truly would be the death of her…

"Katara! How about I rub some on your back so you won't get burnt?" She felt herself flush almost immediately, hoping he hadn't caught her watching his lips longingly.

"Sure I would like that!" And so while the others enjoyed their sand building competition with Aang winning and Sokka losing miserably, Zuko and Katara were the only two in their world. Until Jet came. Bother.

"Well if it isn't Beauty and the Beast. Were you two on a date or something?"

"We actually we-"

"So you don't mind if I sit here right? Katara, babe, you're looking as fine as ever. I really don't think Zuko over here deserves you. I mean, what are you doing with him, doesn't his…appearance embarrass you?"

"Jet, you are an absolute idiot and a waste of my time and my breath. Goodbye."

"Well well well, we'll see about that. Catch you later babe." He walked away chanting the lyrics kill the beast from the movie.

Zuko knew better than to listen to that idiot but his façade was slowly cracking. How many more times would he have to put up with people staring and asking about his scar. He knew he was a monster, a freak. Someone who didn't deserve beauty.

Katara saw the battle raging within Zuko. Stupid Jet and his dang toothpick ways.

"Zuko, don't worry about what he said. I love your appearance! You've been working out haven't you? *wink wink*" And just like that, she reassured him. He could find a piece of beauty in his life…and her name was Katara.


"Well , I'm beat. I will be heading to bead…after I get some food from that buffet! Suki!"

"Hey Aang, they have a desert table!"

"Wow, who knew Toph loved desert so mu- Is that custard pie!? Bye guys!"

The sun had retired and welcomed the night and her moon and stars into the sky. Zuko had started a fire and him and Katara relished in the warmth.

All along it was a fever, a cold-sweat hot-headed believer

I threw my hands in the air and said show me something

He said if you dare, come a little closer

Round and around and around we'd go

Katara looked up when she felt someone's stare. What she saw surprised her and at the same time…sent shivers down her spine. Zuko was staring at her lips, his eyes held desire and a hunger that only she seemed able to satisfy. She breathed one word, Zuko, setting him off and he claimed her lips in a fiery kiss. He licked her bottom lip, silently begging for entrance and she happily complied.

He could hear her soft, restrained moans. He would have none of that. His hands found their way to her stomach and he began to lazily trace his finger, round and round. His hands also found their way to her thigh and he traced their also. He didn't realize he was tracing his name, stating her as his, if only for the time being.

They parted for air, gazing softly at each other, faces flushed, lips swollen. Their desire was overcoming them. All at once, his hopes, his dreams everything he was and ever had been came crashing at him and he knew that he could never love this girl the way he wanted to love her. He wouldn't be able to give her everything he wanted to give her. He wasn't good enough for her, but perhaps he could cherish her for the moment. And so in one second he crashed his lips to hers and in that kiss laid every emotion she had made him feel and all the sadness and anger and hurt he had been through. It was a rough kiss and she swore that she could feel a drop of wetness on her cheek, a small tear. She suspected that perhaps it was just a chance of rain.

Funny you're the broken one, but I'm the only one that needed saving.

And with those final thoughts, he carried her back to his room and laid her on his bed. His deep golden eyes telling her everything with one heated look. She slowly laid back and he kissed her everywhere, his mouth touching every part of her. She pulled off his shirt and allowed him to pull off hers. She wasn't exactly sure how to feel about all the things he was giving to her at that moment.

He wasn't quite sure what sparked his emotions either. The way she moved, her kiss, her touch, her healing power, every part of her took him all the way and he never wanted her to leave. She filled that hole that was inside of him, that darkness in him. He didn't even know what was good about him anymore. But he had her for now and that's all that mattered to him.

He gently lowered himself onto her, breathing all of her in. Her sweet sounds were too much for him, he wanted her, needed her. His hands gently massaged her breasts, his instincts lead him from there. Her hands roamed his body as well, eliciting soft growls and groans. He slowly ground himself into her, and after a moment, her hips began to follow his movements. He planted more sweet kisses on her neck and chest. She grabbed his hair and kissed him hard, trying to stifle her moans. He felt great, he had never done this with anyone before. Sure he thought about such things, he was a healthy teenage boy after all. It appeared as if Katara enjoyed it as well. Sweat was beginning to form on his brow, their hearts beating erratically. There were strange and foreign pangs in their stomachs, tightening and coiling. She couldn't hold it, whatever it was, anymore. With a breathy moan and slight shout of his name, she shuddered and fell slightly limp. Seeing her and hearing her call his name and knowing that he was the one bringing her this time of feeling was all Zuko needed and with a low groan and a slight growl of her name, he recaptured her lips and rolled off of her. He wanted to go further. But he had a shred of honor left.

"I won't go any further tonight, but I promise you that one day, I will have all of you." He would keep that promise. He was sure that she was the only one that could ever make him feel this way. Her eyes widened and she blushed. He wanted her it seemed, as much as she wanted him, if not more. He had made her feel great and…loved.

She began to put on her shirt, but a light hand stopped her.

"I want you to…stay with me. Please."

And so they laid down, and after he had her tucked into his arms and snuggled into his chest, she wrapped her legs around his legs and Zuko swore he slept more soundly than he had in years. And for once, he felt humble, his pride nowhere near him now.


"Well, you guys are glowing. The sun must have really been tanning yesterday! What do you think Sokka?"

"Why are you two smiling so much and looking at each other like that? Dang, it's annoying!"

"You shouldn't be jealous of happiness, Sokka. The monks taught me to always appreciate the people we love and the light of happiness that is shed upon us and not to envy others for what they had, when they could be lacking what we have."

"That was deep, Aang. Now, I believe we were having breakfast."

And suddenly, a splash was heard.

"Ooops! Didn't see ya there!"

"That's it! You've gotten on my last nerve Jet!"

"What are you gonna do about it beastly boy!?" And punches were thrown. Katara could have sworn this would end exactly as the match between The Blue Spirit and The Freedom Fighter had. She didn't expect that they would all get kicked out by Long Feng, however. And they faced another dilemma. It appeared that Appa was not in his cage in the pet area of the hotel and Zuko and Jet had landed themselves some time in jail for public nuisance and damage to an establishment. Yup, they were definitely in a jam!


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