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Who are they?

She emerged onto the rooftop just in time to see the yellow school bus driving away. She didn't blame them for that. It twisted the bitterness-knife a bit, yeah, but she understood. They had to get to safety and if they didn't leave then, they might not make it. Hell, they still might not make it. And no matter how hurt she was by them, she still cared and wanted them safe. But as she ran along, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and trying to get close enough to jump onto the last bus out of town, she wondered. She wondered what she'd do after this was over. She couldn't stay with them as things stood now. A lot had to change first. Buffy Summers was so concentrated on her thoughts and on staying alive that she didn't see the blue-suited, red-caped man until blue clad arms encircled her waist and lifted her from her current building. Looking up, hazel green eyes briefly met warm blue ones as the man looked down at her. Turning her attention back to the bus, she watched it come to a halt alongside a few other costumed people, the most prominent being the one all in black with... were those bat ears on top of his head? Or maybe horns? The man keeping her afloat finally set her down once the crater stopped rumbling. She smiled at him, and he smiled slightly back. With a whispered "thanks!", Buffy stepped to the side of the crater and looked down.

Dawn Summers approached her sister and hugged her, only getting a half-hearted hug in return. While Buffy cared and was very happy that her sister and the rest of the Scoobies were alive, now that the danger had passed, she was once again uncertain about where she stood with them. She and Spike had talked a lot that night in that stranger's house. In his characteristically clear-sighted manner, he laid out the facts as he knew. How she let them walk all over her time and again. Yes, she had her share of faults, he'd told her, but that was no reason for them to expect her to excuse theirs when they wouldn't show the same consideration for her. And now, after having listened to him outline every occurrence that he witnessed and him showing her how she turned around and did the same to others (namely, Spike himself) instead of turning it back on those who perpetrated the acts in the first place, she couldn't help but agree. She didn't deserve him, and they don't deserve her. She was still a slayer, one of the only two Chosen ones left, after all, so she wouldn't abandon her duty. But that didn't mean she needed to carry baggage of the Scooby-shaped kind with her where ever she ended up.

Giles and Xander, Willow and Andrew all come up behind the Summers sisters.

"I don't understand. Who did this?" Giles asked, looking into the crater in a bewildered fashion.

"Spike," Buffy answered, her voice soft and impersonal as she avoided looking at any of them.

Faith came up behind them, already talking. Nobody, it seemed, cared about the costumed super heroes when a disaster cum victory of this magnitude lay before them. "Looks like the hellmouth is officially closed for business."

Giles just had to burst their bubble, though. "There's another one in Cleveland." He paused, thought, then added, "Not to spoil the moment." Stooping over, he picked up a rock, considered it a moment, then tossed it into the crater.

"We saved the world," Xander said.

"We changed the world," Willow corrected, coming up beside Buffy. Her voice carried a bit of the awe and reverence one would hold were they facing, say, the Pope. Or the Queen. She let her hand rest on the blonde's shoulder, but the slayer shifted enough to dislodge it. "I can feel them, Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere."

Buffy cut her eyes to Willow briefly, acknowledging the change in the lineage. She, too, could feel them and wondered absently if Faith could, as well. The blonde listened to the conversation going on around her as she eyeballed the heroes standing off to the side. When the mall was mentioned, she saw them gaping in near disbelief. She didn't blame them. Gallows humor tended to develop over time. The dark one didn't seem too disturbed, however. She thought that maybe he understood. Or didn't give a crap. She didn't care, after all. She tuned back in just as Faith was asking how it felt not to be the only Chosen anymore.

"Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?" her sister asked her and she couldn't help but gape at her. She was certain that her gaping made her look ridiculously stupid, but without a mirror to check, she couldn't be certain.

"Well, I plan on sleeping. Maybe get some food. Find a job. Get my degree. Get the hell away from you people," Buffy said in a casually conversational manner. In her peripheral, she noticed Dark Horns narrow his eyes while Blue Spandex just seem to be intently staring. She really should find out who they were. Obviously they were being polite enough to give them a few minutes to collect themselves after the harrowing ordeal of losing their town, but she wasn't sure how much longer Horny was going to wait. Idly, she realized that yes, she really did look stupid if she looked anything like the gaping idiots in front of her.

"What do you mean, Buffy? Why would you want to leave us?"

Faith, it seemed, had had enough of their selective memories. "Why do you think, Little D? You guys tell her to stand up and make the tough decisions, then when she does, you turn on her. You kick her out into a town that is full of nasties that wanna take a bit out of B, and you do it without even giving her a chance to grab something to defend herself. Shit, yo! I'd leave too, if you treated me that way."

"It's not like she hasn't made bad choices either, you know," Xander defended. "Yeah, it wasn't the smartest thing we've ever done, but c'mon! She was getting girls killed!"

Buffy, who had yet to defend herself since 'That Night', scoffed. "It was a war, Xander! There were always gonna be casualties! Yeah, we got lucky in the seven years we've been here fighting, but that was an exception to the rule! Giles brought those girls to me to protect, and I did my best!"

"Your best got them dead!" Dawn snarled.

"Yeah, because leaving them out there for the First to pick off one by one was going to leave them any less dead? At least bringing them here saved some of them. But you know what? You made the choice for me. You didn't want me to lead? Fine. Faith took over. You didn't want me to live in my own house? Fine. I left. You thought I was lying about Caleb and the First hiding something from me, but I wasn't. You thought that having someone else lead you was going to keep everyone alive, but it didn't. Sorry Faith."

Faith waved away the comment, knowing as Buffy had that girls were going to die. They were going to keep dying. It was they way their world worked.

Buffy shook her head and abruptly changed the subject, seeing that Kennedy was about to add her worthless two cents to the conversation. "So, anybody know who those guys are?" And there was the gaping again. This time from everybody but the Scoobies.

"That's the Justice League, yo!" Faith said. "Big Blue is Superman. Dark and broody is Batman-" she cut off at Buffy's badly concealed giggle.

"I thought-" she giggled harder here, "I thought they were horns. You know, for head butts and stuff?"

Faith smirked and kept going, "The guy in green is Green Lantern. The other guy in green, with the arrows? That's Green Arrow. And the guy in red is the Flash. How do you not know this?"

"Uhhh, it's not like news from the rest of the world ever really hit Sunnydale, you know. Just like what happened here never really got out, the outside world didn't get in. So I take they're the good guys?" Buffy asked the other half of the Chosen Two.

"Yeah. There's more, but we didn't rate the whole League, apparently."

"Meh. Not like it would've made a difference. If they weren't down in the Hellmouth with us, then they would've been useless anyway. Except for the blue one. Superman?"

Faith nodded.

"Yeah, except for him. Big help on saving my butt from the Fire and Brimstone kind of pain."

"You never know, you could've gone back to Heaven," Willow offered tentatively. Stupid move, she realized almost as soon as the words were out of her mouth. It was her fault Buffy wasn't still in Heaven, and because of that, it was her fault the First had a foothold in their world as it was. To bring it up only highlighted that fact. Luckily, she was saved by the broody Batman and Superman.

"You really didn't know who we were?" asked Superman incredulously.

Buffy hung her head a bit. Superheroes were definitely something she should have been aware of. As she shot a look at Giles, she realized he knew. And felt guilty for not telling her. Oh well.

She looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah, but hey! A huge thanks for the assist! Saved my biscuit... and where did that come from? Why do we say saved my biscuit or saved my bacon? Really. I mean, it's like mmmmph!" Buffy glared sideways at Faith who had calmly put a hand over her mouth.

"Sorry about B. She babbles," she offered as an excuse, the small smile on Superman's face the only acknowledgment that shutting B up was funny at all. Buffy's blush was just a bonus for the dark Slayer.

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2 June 2012