Leader Robinstar- soft creamy brown she cat with dark blue eyes

DeputyGorsewind- Short white and white furred tom with bright amber eyes

Medicine Cat Flamefall- Long bright orange furred she cat with bright blue eyes


Birchclaw- Ginger and black tabby tom with bright green eyes

Foxshade- Soft creamy red tom with dark yellow eyes

Apprentice, Lightningpaw

Cloverwhisker- Soft ginger she cat with yellow eyes

Daisyfire- Thick black she cat with icy blue eyes

Streamfur- Long white and grey tabby tom with light blue eyes

Apprentice, Rosepaw

Featherfrost- Dark grey tabby tom with dark blue eyes

Frozenfang- Fluffy bright orange tom with piercing frost blue eyes

Apprentice, Kestrelpaw

Pinespots- Fluffy cream and brown she cat with bright yellow eyes

Lilynose- Soft snow white she cat with dark hazel eyes

Honeyshade- Thick dark tabby tom with dark blue eyes

Brownscar- Dark brown tabby tom with bright green eyes


Lightningpaw- Fluffy white and ginger tabby tom with light blue eyes

Rosepaw- Creamy brown she cat with stormy green eyes

Kestrelpaw- Orange tabby she cat with amber eyes


Ebonydrop- Fluffy gignger queen with ebony blue eyes, mother of Gorsewinds kits ( Firekit, Sandkit, and Whitekit)

Briarcloud- Short dark brown furred queen with green eyes mother of Stremfurs kits ( Greykit, and Spottedkit)

Brightcloud- White and ginger she cat with hazel eyes


Smoketail- Creamy grey tom with smoky blue eyes

Larkblaze- Soft bright orange tom with hazel eyes


"Greetings Robinstar, I have a grave message for you from Starclan." A starclan cat appeared in her dreams said.

"Hello Lionstar, what is the message?"

" Fire, Spots, Grey, and Sand will all be reborn and given a second chance at life but with their memories intact. The only things they will have forgotten is that if they have had any mates, the darkness shall rise again and they must stand together to bring it down for the fire and tiger will meet in battle to settle a lost score.' Heed the warning with care Robinstar, for these kits have a greater destiny then the three had."

And with that he faded away into the stars with out another word.

So! what did you think? Good bad? it needs some work but the future chapters shall be better