Chapter 10

Firehearts POV

"Hey Fireheart want to go hunting?" I heard Kestrelwing ask.

"Sure Kestrelwing I would love to so where are you thinking about going?" I asked.

"Hmmmm, how about by the windclan border? No cat has been hunting over there in a while and we might get lucky and find some rabbits, or maybe we can catch your apprentice." she let a meow of laughter at the thought of catching my apprentice.

"Ok sounds good to me, how is your apprentice comeing along?"

"Brackenpaw is coming along great, I believe that he will be a truely valuable warrior when he gets older, and he is wise and noble for his age and a keen learner."

"Thats good. Blazepaw is coming along well too, she is strong and a great hunter."At the praise I thought I might of seen a flash of sadness cross her eyes.

"Thats good."She murmured.

"Yeah and I wanted to ask you something." I gulped.

"What is it Fireheart?" She asked.

"Well I wasnt sure if there is any cat that you like right now but I really love you and was wondering if you would, well maybe become my mate?" I asked hoping. Then I saw her eyes flash with joy.

"I love you too Fireheart and of course I will be your mate!"She exclaimed.

"Well great now I will race you to the border!" Then I sped off with her at my paws, wow she is a great runner I thought.

"I won!" I called.

"What do we have here? Thunderclan cats spying on us?" A mew came from the Windclan border.

"Looks like it, Breezestorm shall we chase them away?" A new apprentice asked.

"Kestrelwing, be careful we dont want to start a fight." I murmurred.

"I know Fireheart."

"Greetings Breezestorm, is this your apprentice?" I asked really not caring.

"Yes he is, and I am sure he can beat you any day along with that pretty she cat hiding behind you." He growled.

"Dont you talk to my mate that way you piece of mouse dung!" I growled.

"Oh is that a threat? What will you do if I cross this border?" And he crossed.

"I will do this!" I growled and lunged for his throat. I was bigger then him so I easily pinned him. and he was snarling while Kestrelwing held down his apprentice.

"We will take you back to our camp as prisoners." Then I gave him some scratches and hurt him so he couldnt escape, and I had Kestrelwing lead the we reached camp I growled into Breezestorms ear.

"Dont you dare try anything and dont think your clan mates will come looking for you cause we hid our scent so they wont know we had anything to do with your disapearance." I growled.

"Fireheart! What have we here?" Gorsewind ran up to me.

"Kestrelwing, go get Robinstar I will explain."

"Ok Fireheart."

"So what are these two Windclan cats doing in our camp?" He asked.

"They crossed our border and when me and Kestrelwing tried to get them to leave they attacked us so I brought them here to be prisoners to teach Windclan a lesson." I replied.

"Well good job but thats up to me to decide Fireheart." Robinstar mewed as he walked over to us.

"Of course Robinstar I apologise." I said as I dipped my head in respect.

"Now why dont you go find Kestrelwing its getting late so get something to eat. By the way your apprentice is a great hunter she brought back lots of prey at sunset."

"Thank you Robinstar and I will tell her of your praise." I mewed as I walked off to find my new mate.

"Kestrelwing can I sleep next to you?"I murmured as I walked in the den up next to her.

"Sure, night Fireheart."

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