(A/N: To quote an early reviewer: "This story has lots of grammatical errors and needs to be corrected soon". That was like six years ago. I feel like I've grown at least a little. My english was horrible at the time because I was a tiny swedish kid who loved the Septimus Heap-series a little bit too much. Maybe. Ish. I hope this can still be enjoyed in 2018! Also, yes Laurine is a Mary Sue and the plot is kinda meh but this is still my story-baby)

Chapter 1: Beginnings

A Thing sculked along a lonely path. It was winter, and night. The longest night of the year, and the sky was starless. A bad omen, according to some, and considering what would happen on that day maybe they were right. The citizens of the Castle and surrounding grounds, however, were almost all safely at home, in their beds or around their dining tables. They had a few hours still until knowing what would happen to their Queen and ExtraOrdinary Wizard.

This Thing, however, already knew. At least as far as a Thing could know, and it was about as pleased as a Thing could be. Though it was a hungry Thing. The Thing sniffed in the air, looking for something to eat. Anything would work, really. A cat would be good, It thought, or even better a stray dog. Even a simple rat would suffice…

It was then that the Thing heard it. A faint, thumping sound, like a little drum that was beat rapidly. Excited, it stopped. What could it be? Something small it was, for sure. Maybe a cat, or a small dog. Definetly not a rat, it was bigger than that.

Where was the thumping coming from? It sniffed in the air again, and felt something sweet on the air. The smell of something young, something fresh and something that was very much alive. And even, It thought, the faint smell of a little bit Magyk. The latter didn't matter to the Thing, though, and it followed the sweet scent all the way into a small glade.

The scent of Magyk had grown stronger, and the Thing shivered. It was strong, powerful and still pure. No Darke had touched it. What radiated it?

It searched the ground and there, by a fallen tree, laid a baby, wrapped in blankets. The blankets were heavy, but all were clean and whole. It was surprised. Ordinary humans usually didn't leave their babies out in the snow. Now, why would it be laying there?

It got down to It's knees, sniffing around the baby. The baby was still alive, and seemed healthy. There wasn't anyone around to care for it, though. The Thing didn't hear any other heartbeat. Was the parent maybe dead? The Thing lifted the baby from the ground, careful not to touch the skin. Human skin burn Things. Powerful Magyk made the Thing nauseous, the baby was radiating it, like a fire radiates warmth. Maybe, It thought, It shouldn't eat the child just yet. Perhaps It's master would like to take a look, before It ate the child? The Thing pressed the child against It's chest, beginning to walk in the direction of It's master's lair.

Marcia Overstrand, newly outexaminated ExtraOrdinary Apprentice, knocked on the big, purple door to her tutor's flat. Or rather, former tutor's, she thought a little bit sadly, then decided not to think about too sad things. She was there to tell him how grateful she was for all that he'd done for her over the seven years she'd been his apprentice, and was almost already a little bit teary-eyed.

Alther Mella, Marcia thought, was an amazing person. Almost every citizen in the Castle would agree with her.

"Hello, Alther," she said warmly.

"Marcia." said Alther, smiling at her. He hugged her tight, and she hugged him back. Hugs wasn't something that she usually enjoyed, but Alther's hugs had always been different. Caring, in a way. "How lovely it is to see you! And so soon, too."

"It's nice to see you too, Alther," Marcia replied.

"Are you excited for the feast tonight?" he asked, and Marcia nodded. She was… to an extent. Feasts were always exciting, she thought, however there weren't too many that liked her, and she didn't like very many of them back. All the Ordinary Wizards would be there, too, but that wouldn't be for her. Most of them would probably be there because they enjoyed feasts, which under the rule of Alther Mella hadn't been too few. "As far as I've understood, your brother and his wife will be joining us?"

"Briefly," Marcia said. "They're expecting."

"Of course," Alther nodded, and stepped aside. "Please, Marcia, come inside."

"I'd love to, Alther, but I just stopped by to say thank you. For everything," Marcia replied. "I need to do so much, you see. Buy new shoes, and then I would like to-"

Marcia was abruptly interrupted by an Ordinary Wizard, who came running towards them. "Express message for Alther Mella, ExtraOrdinary Wizard," he panted, breathless. "The Queen has given birth."

"Looks like your plans have been re-arranged." Alther said, smiling at his former apprentice. Both of them knew very well that it was their duty to go look after the newborn. Marcia sighed. She did not know how she felt about that.

Queen Cerys couldn't have been more happy. When Marcia and Alther entered the room, she was smiling happily, even though she looked exhausted, with a red face and her hair in a mess. She was holding the infant-princess in her arms, and waved at them when they entered. "Isn't she beautiful?" she said.

At once, Alther set into action, as he did. In his everyday life Alther was cheerful and easily distraught, but once he begun working there was no one more focused than him. Marcia watched him, still impressed by his skill and experience. For a short few seconds, Marcia was thinking about how it would be to be there herself. Maybe one day, she would do the same for the infant princess laying in the Queen's arms. If she was lucky.

Alther was too occupied with the herbs and charms to notice the woman who rushed into the room. Marcia looked at the woman distraught. Her hair was messy, and she wore black robes. The robes of an assassin. Unfortunately, she didn't recognize these and didn't care to tell Alther about the stranger. She supposed that it was a messenger of some kind, something she would regret to the end of her days. The Queen, however, knew exactly what was going on. Cerys opened her mouth as to scream something, but before she did, the woman pulled out a silver pistol.

After that, everything seemed to slow down. The Queen was shot, and as she was, she dropped the child. Marcia just managed to catch her in time. The assassin ignored her, thinking she was just a Midwife, and turned to Alther, who just had begun to Chant a Protection Spell, and shot him as well. Marcia hurried to finish the Spell, then rushed to her tutors side.

"Alther!" she cried. She was about to attempt to Heal him, not caring about how much time it could take, but he shook his head. To her shock and mild disgust he was smiling. Why was he? He could die!

"No, Marcia." he said. "Run. Take the princess with you. Run!"

As he spoke, he reached out and took off the Akhu Amulet, the sign of his position as ExtraOrdinary Wizard, then pulled it into Marcia's hands.

"But Alther-" Marcia protested, even though she knew it was useless. The look in his eyes was determined, she recognized it. There was no use in arguing.

"No, Marcia," he repeated. "Go!"

Marcia knew that the Spell, just like every other spell, would wear off. By the look of the Shield that Alther had put up, it would happen very soon. She swallowed her tears and rose up, shakingly. Then, she ran off, through a backdoor behind the throne. The assassin, Marcia would never forget her face, was still blocked by the shield.

With the child in her arms, she pushed a bookcase so that it fell, leaving an obstacle for the assassin, in case it would follow her. Marcia ran and ran, quickly trying to find a way out of the Palace, which to her seemed like a maze.

Soon afterwards, Marcia found herself breathless and in the robes of the ExtraOrdinary Wizard in the Wizard Tower. She was still clutching the infant princess to her chest when she spoke to Endor, her best friend. The only one she felt safe talking to at the moment. "She can't stay here," Endor said, very wisely, Marcia thought. "It won't be long until the assassin comes here to look for her."

Marcia sighed deeply, thinking as hard as she could. "I might have an idea." she said, thoughtfully chewing a lock of her hair; an old habit of hers. "But we'll have to be really lucky."

The Thing was, finally, back in It's master's lair. Slowly, It limped into It's masters study. DomDaniel, It's master, was often there, reading books, or writing in his journal. Biding time. DomDaniel had been plotting the assassination of the Queen and ExtraOrdinary Wizard, his former apprentice, for a very long time. And finally it had happened. DomDaniel had, however, not counted with that the Infant Princess would survive the assassination.

"What do you want?" DomDaniel asked harshly, glaring at the Thing, not seeing the baby in the Thing's arms at first. He cackled when he did. "What is this? Dinner?"

"Magyk," the Thing answered, trying to push the baby into DomDaniel's arms. "Found it. Magyk."

It was a Thing of few words, but DomDaniel understood. "And why on earth would I need this?" DomDaniel snapped. "As if I didn't have enough with that Heap pup coming here and-"

At last, DomDaniel felt the Magyk that the Thing had felt. He carefully took the baby from the Thing, holding it, carefully feeling the potential of Magyk resting like a bear, waiting to be woken once the child grew up. "Maybe," DomDaniel murmured, "We could make place for another child, along with the Heap son."