Chapter 1:The Beginning

The thing sculked along the path. It was winter and freezing cold, but well things don't cares about weather. Suddenly it heard a heart beat, and it started to search,and at last it founded what it searched after;a newborned baby. First the thing didn't knew what to do,but then it felt the babies strong magyk and deceided to take it to it's master,DomDaniel.

Marcia Overstrand,out examinated Extra Ordinary Wizard apprentice sighed happily. She haden't been drawed to a queste. Now she could stop fear that,and celebrate that her seven years long apprentichip was over."Said so mother!"she thought happily,and smiled. She sat in favourite chair in Althers living room. Someone knocked at the door. "Express message to Alther Mella. The Queen has gave birth to and girl." the ordinary wizard gasped breathless. Marcia was shocked. "Alther!Cerys has borned a baby,we've got to get there now!" she shouted into the apartment. "Thank you." Marcia said, and smiled to the ordinary wizard. She closed the door and sighed, she wasen't so happy now. She haden't any problems with Cerys at all,but Milo... Marcia sighed again,why did she always fell for the wrong guys? "Alright, I'm going down now!" Alther said. He had combed his hair and fixed with his beard. "FInally you does something against it." Marcia muttered, and they walked to the Palace.

The Queen couldn't be more happy. "Isn't she beutiful?" she just said, and smiled. Alther fixed with his herbs and prepared a few things for the newborned so he didn't se the woman in black robes who rushed into the room. Marcia thought it was an message of any kind, and looked at the woman. But the Queen didn't seem as she was expecting the woman, infact she looked scared. She opend er mouth to yell something, but it was too late. The woman had picked out a silver pistol, pulled in a bullet and shot the Queen. Screaming the baby girl roled out of the Queens arms, and Marcia captured her before she reached the floor. Alther turned around, saw what was happening and begun a safety spell, but the assassin shoot him too. Marcia ended the spell and ran to her mentor. "Alther!" she cried, and tried to heal him. Smiling Alter shook his head, and pulled his amullet into her hands. "Marcia...take the princess and run..."he said strained, but Marcia refused. "But Alther..." she tried, but he cut her of. "The spell will soon fell, then you got to get away from here,Marcia." he said, and this time Marcia listend. She ran so quick she could.

You may not think so,but at that time Marcia was very quick. Surprised she founded herself breathless, and dressed in the Extra Ordinary Wizards robes at the Wizard Towers hall talking to her friend Endor. "But she can't stay here!" Endor said, "The assassin will soon be here.". Marcia thought about it. "Hm, I think that I've got a plan..."Marcia answerd and nerveousley chewed her hair.