(A/N You don't have to read about when Septimus/boy 412 finds out who his family is, but I should recomen that you read the part when Laurine finds out who she is.)

Chapter 19: Supper And Wishes

Laurine took a deep breath. It was night and full moon. She, boy 412, Marcia, the Heap family, aunt Zedla and Alther Mella had settled down outside Zelda's cottage. Marcia clapped her hand and everyone went silent. "This is an important night to us all, and I should want to welcome my two new apprentices." she said and everyone clapped their hands, "I'm not a friend of long speeches, but however there's somethings that I got to say. In ten years I've been searching for an apprentice and I've seen many Hopefuls, but no one of them had the right skills. And now I just didn't find one apprentice, I founded two." Marcia turned to Laurine and boy 412 and gave them their apprentice diary's. "I hope that this will be a lovely time for us." she told them and smiled. Laurine answerd the smile, but boy 412 just blushed. "Don't break her as I did, sweetie." a male voice seemed to whisper in her head. Laurine turned around and looked for the voice's owner. "Laurine..?" boy 412 said. "Nothing... nothing." Laurine mumbled, "Sorry Marcia, I didn't mean to interup you. Go on." she continude. "It's an old tradition that the tutor gives the apprentice what he or she wants as a replace ment for the seven years and one day that the apprentice spends on his or hers apprentice ship." Marcia said and looked at her apprentices, "So what do you wish?" she asked. "I think that I wants to know who my family is." Septimus answerd. Laurine shrugged. "I think I should want to know that to." Laurine said and smiled.

"It's a lovely night for divination, full moon and the water in the Pond is still." aunt Zelda said. She stared into the Pond and mumbled; "Sister moon, sister moon, give us the honour to se boy 412's family.". The refelection of the moon growed bigger and bigger... until they saw their own refelctions again. Everyone exept Marcia and Laurine muttered dissapointed, they had seen something that the others haden't noticed. "Everything isn't always what it seems, boy 412 what exactley do you want to se?" aunt Zelda asked. Boy 412 thought about it for a while. "My mother." he answerd. "Sister moon, sister moon, give us the honour to se boy 412's mother." Zelda mumbled lowly. They looked in the Pond and their reflections stareted to dissapear until only Sarah's was left. Sarah looked at her reflection and wondered when it should dissapear, but it never did. "Septimus?" she whispered and looked at boy 412. "Mother?" he answerd and they hugged eachother. "Let's se who is Laurine's family now." Zelda said and turned to Laurine, "What do you want to se, Laurine?" she asked her. Laurine bit her lip, she begun to feel nerveous. "M-my father." she stammerd and founded herself shaking. She was sure that her father was a murder like herself. "Sister moon, sister moon, give us the honour to se Laurine's father." aunt Zelda mumbled. Their reflcetions replace by an man in the middle of the thirties. He had thick, darke and curly hair. His eyes were emerald green, and across his face laid a friendly smile. Marcias breath stuck in her throat. "Joseph!" she exclaimed and everyone looked at her. "It's my brother, but... he's dead." she said and looked at the reflection with a sad smile. "Sister moon, sister moon give us the honour to se Laurine's closest relative." aunt Zelda mumbled and Marcia's refelection. Gold letters appeard in the Pond and formed the name Odale Overstrand. Laurine (or Odale) gasped and got pale. Marcia smiled to her. "You really looks like your father." Marcia said and Odale felt like she belonged somewhere for the first time in her life.