In Azria, Tesseras explained that the monsters there dropped grand amounts of money. They were at least ten levels above the rest of the team, and so they gathered in a party to fight while Tesseras stood by.

When they had all caught up to him (which wasn't very long due to the high level gap), a break was suggested so that everyone could catch up with each other.

Khaos dusted off a rock and sat himself on it, pulling Caela onto his lap. He hadn't caught eyes with Elliot when he did this until now.

Despite telling himself that he hadn't been around long enough to have developed emotions, he felt a pang of regret.

'I trusted you,' Elliot's eyes said.

Khaos was the one to break the stare, but he could tell Caela had seen Elliot's heart break, because she kissed her leader right then and there. He shook it off, wrapping his arms around her as he addressed the team.

"Alright. Anyone got and cool stories to tell?" he looked over at Tesseras, silently asking him if he was comfortable sharing. Tesseras looked away, indicating his answer as a no. He scanned the rest. Everyone seemed nervous.

"I guess I should break the ice." he folded his hands in front of Caela, looking around. "I'm from the year 3002. I've been sent back to... look for error." he had to stop himself. There was no way he could let them in on the actual reason. Candis grew interested. "3002?"


"What's it like?"

"I can't tell you," he said. "Paradoxes. Risky enough telling you I'm from the future."

He could feel Caela fidgeting in his lap, and he reassuringly kissed her neck before looking back at the team. "Anyone else?"

"Are you guys telling stories?" a girl squeezed herself in between Tesseras and Elliot, sitting down in the snow. "I've got one. Anyone heard of Inkky?"

"Who are you?" Khaos asked.

"Desdemona. STA knight. I—"

Tesseras held up his hand. "What do you know about Inkky?"

"I'm his best friend."

Everyone except Tesseras seemed lost. The Billposter stood. "What do you know?"



"I can't tell you. He's in hiding like always."

"Why can't you? Do you have any idea who he is, or are you just a crazy follower?"

"Wait, wait." Khaos said, standing Caela and getting up. He looked to Tesseras and the Knight girl. "Explain Inkky. What class is he, and how do you know him?"

"Khaos, no." Tesseras shot him a warning with his eyes. "He's an Elementor, and true that these two are the last classes we need. But Inkky... he's been on the bounty list for months now, slowly making his way to the top."

"But he hasn't killed me! In fact, he sent me here. I'm more charming, he says."

Khaos and Tesseras looked to her with piqued interest.

"Inkky's got a proposition for you. He'll make you an offer you can't refuse." she began walking around the area they all sat at, her hands folded behind her back. "In return for letting him join your team, he will not kill all of you."

"Two birds with one stone," Khaos said. "The last two classes we need."

"W-Wait, Khaos..." Elliot stood, extending his hand towards the leader. "He's a killer, and we all know that now."

"It's been established that the Elementor is a killer," Khaos said, locking eyes with the Jester. "Now imagine one of Madrigals's most wanted on our side. Perhaps we can get him to focus his adrenaline on Masquerpets instead of people."

"Do you think you're the first one to try that?"

Desdemona waved her hands. "Listen, mister Jester, Inkky and I want in on your team. Mister Blade says we're the last two classes you need, so there's no reason not to. He can be a great PK defense and a great scare tactic if anyone bothers you."

"Using a killer as a scare tactic is bad for our reputation," Khaos told her. "But you have an excellent point. You and Inkky are welcome." as the Knight ran off, Khaos turned to Elliot. "Don't you think people would respect us if we can control him?"

"This is so bad, Khaos..." Elliot began pacing. "We could have fallen right into a trap."

"If he tries anything, he's outnumbered."

Candis put a hand up. "Actually, Elementors have AOE spells."

"Shut up," Khaos said sternly. "No need to make him stress." he looked to Elliot again. "Look, we also have his friend on our side. We'll be fine."

"Not if they're both in on it!"

"Your paranoia isn't cute," a voice came from behind Elliot, and he spun around. He was met with a smile almost sincere if he hadn't know this was Inkky.

The Elementor locked eyes with each of them, nodding in turn, observing their reactions. He then bowed his head to them, tipping his hat.

"I'm sure you all know me."

Tesseras had been glaring, and now Khaos noticed. He, Elliot and Cephei were the only ones who seemed worried. He placed a hand on his shoulder. Inkky stood straight, holding his staff across his shoulders. "Tesseras, why do you glare so?"

The Billposter scoffed and stood. "You're my level, guys. We should start fighting."

This seemed to set Inkky off. "Tesseras, I never hurt you or anyone you knew!"

"I don't have to know anyone to care about them, Inkky."

"I helped you in the war, you ungrateful brat!"

Khaos stepped forward and Tesseras pushed him back, approaching Inkky.

"I was the one who went and got a Ringmaster when you were felled by an enemy soldier! I CARRIED YOU! That could have been Shade that killed you, not simply another human! I left my Guardian Staff on the battlefield for you. When we were back, it had been stolen. And of course! It was an Ultimate! A gift to me from the guild! I had to use a stupid little Ruofl Staff because I sacrificed my Ultimate Guardian Staff to take care of you. And look at you! You still have your Guardian Knuckle! You were my partner! We killed others together! Why do you have such a grudge against the man who helped you do so much for Madrigal?"

It was clear that everyone had wanted to stop them, but the history was interesting them. Khaos stood by, chewing his lip. It was then that Tesseras slowly removed his Guardian Knuckle, dropping the overarm on the ground. Considering his next move, he had no intention of killing the man before him.

Tesseras's unarmed fist met Inkky's jaw in one swift motion, and that was all it took for Khaos to pull the Billposter away. Being trained in strength, he could definitely throw a better punch than Inkky could trained only in stamina and magic.

Desdemona was trying to pin Inkky to the ground. They were wrestling, the weapon between them Inkky's staff. As Tesseras watched this struggle, he slowly stopped squirming in Khaos's grip. Something about finally seeing that wide, feral glare in the killer's eyes directed at him made him nervous. And he was still fighting despite being weighed down by a knight in heavy armor and his own staff.

Desdemona eventually pinned him at the throat with his own weapon. He looked hopeless now despite his wide glare still haunting his countenance.

Khaos released Tesseras, but Desdemona kept Inkky pinned. His cold eyes remained locked with the Billposter's as he slid the knuckle back over his arm. Inkky seemed to grown, and Desdemona started stroking his hair. "Shhh..." she whispered.

Caela tilted her head at the other magic user. To see someone with power like hers lying so low as to be pinned by a Knight upset her, even if it was only slightly. His eyes started to drift and they found hers. She looked over at Khaos.

No one said a word as Desdemona lifted his staff from his neck, getting up off of him. She helped him to stand, handed him his staff, then picked her axe up off the ground. Inkky was staring at Caela now as she moved over to Khaos and took his hand. Khaos sighed, lifting his head towards the sky.

"Anyone think we have enough for a guild house by now? Likely not, but counting won't hurt."

There were a few nods of agreement. Desdemona stepped forward.

"Money isn't an object. I have a perin to spare. We're a team now, so I'm only happy to share it."

"Desdemona, I'm not going to make you do that."

"No, a guild house is a benefit to me as well. If you won't buy it with my money, I will."

"Only the leader can."

"Khaos, just take my money."

Khaos looked over Desdemona and Inkky. An odd pair they were, but generous nonetheless. Hopefully this gesture would convince the rest of the team that this duo wasn't a bad thing.