E/O Challenge WoW: Easy
Word Count : Just 100
Disclaimer : It's a very poor situation, they're not mine.


Sam encourages Dean to put aside his fears and have a go at something new…

"Easy now...easy."
"Sam! Really. There's nothing easy about this!"
"Look Dean, all you need to do is relax. Try spreading your legs
just a little bit more. It might help...STOP!"
"You need to slow down Dean. Stop pulling so hard! Just...slow
your pace a little."
"Oh, ok...right. Yeah. You're right. That does feel better."
"Now...Just lower yourself down gently Dean. No need to
rush. Down you go...there. That's it. That's it! Just a bit more.
Nearly there Dean. Nearly there."
"Christ! Oh, God...Yes! Finally! Sammy?"
"Gotta admit...I kinda enjoyed that."
"See? I told you abseiling could be fun!"

A.N. I'm sorry? What did you think they were doing? ; )