Warnings: spoilers for Season 7 finale - rated T for a bit of colourful language

A 3 x100 word triabble by Amberdreams, Dizzo and Edina Clouds (not necessarily in that order)

Challenge word is ease. Our word is eye.

Disclaimer: We don't own them however much we plot and scheme.


Dean takes stock of his situation and, well, as if things weren't bad enough already ...


Huh. So apparently Purgatory was full of monstrous souls, and he was standing in the middle of it armed with one Colt 1911 (a pearl handled beauty but only one gun against every damned monster he'd ever ganked) and a couple of knives.

Shit , if he'd realised this would be his and Castiel's ultimate destination, he'd have brought a present (or two) for every member of his welcoming committee.

Skin crawling, Dean eased himself around, counting off each pair of glowing eyes, snuffling growl, dark creeping shadow that surrounded him.

"Fuck, Cas, I could really use some help right now…"


He tried to recall all he knew of this desolate place; the dangers that he would be facing - alone.

Bobby had briefed them once, told both him and Sam all he could find in the lore.

That thought reminded him of his brother (he hoped he was okay); reminded him of Bobby (would he find the older hunter here?).

The undergrowth rustled; he eased the Colt from his jacket.

And then glowing yellow eyes appeared amidst the plethora of red and he knew he was (really) screwed.

"Hello, Dean," Azazel growled, stepping into the light. "Did you miss me?"


"You." Dean spat the word like an insult. He glared at the figure before him; eyes burning with hatred.

"I hoped we'd meet again one day Dean," Azazel drawled with a disingenuous smirk; "sink a couple of beers, chew over old times ..."

"I'd choke before I drank with you, you piss-eyed sonofabitch," Dean snarled, his fingers easing futilely around the colt.

"Oh Dean, that's a fine attitude for someone who's alone and helpless."

"Alone maybe," Dean snorted with more confidence than he felt; "not helpless."

Through the trees, angry grey eyes stared out of a bearded face.

Not alone either.



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