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No One Could Understand Us – Chapter 100 (Beck)

Jade chuckles and turns back to my husband and wife, who are terrified. Cat's crying harder as the gun is directly at her face. "Boom." She says and then suddenly the gun goes off…


Tears leave my eyes as I scream. "NO!"

The gun was originally directed right at Cat's head, which would've gone through and hit Andre's chest, but instead, I see blood streaming out of her shoulder, that was away from Andre's body. My redhead wife is screaming in pain and Andre's trying to keep her calm by shushing her…and what I'm seeing is unbelievable. I see Jade struggling with Robbie for the gun. Robbie's gun is on the ground by the van, while he and Jade are trying to gain control.

What's going on?

Jade growls. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" She yells to Robbie, who's not letting off his grip.

Robbie's just as determined. "You are not killing Cat!" He snarls back at her. Suddenly the gun moves around and it's pointed at Jade's chest, but she twirls it around and suddenly…


Robbie falls backwards, a bullet wound through his chest, where his heart would be. He's gasping in pain.

I'm in complete shock as Cat's screams are deafening.

Jade turns around and points the gun at Cat again, but Andre's trying to cover her. "Cat, if you don't shut the fuck-"



Jade winces, since there's only two guns int eh building. Her gun. Robbie's gun. She didn't shoot hers…so she figured Robbie shot his at her. But when she didn't feel anything, she turend around. I gasp when I see Tori in front of Jade, her hands on her stomach, where two bullet wounds are. Tori falls backwards and Jade drops her gun, catching her. "TORI!" She screams. Tori's gasping for air…I think Robbie hit her lungs. "No! Why did you do that?"

Tori's mouth is coughing up blood, but she attempts to smile at Jade. "I love you…I didn't want you to be hurt…"

Jade's crying…yes, she's crying as she's cradling Tori to her body. "No! No, you shouldn't have done that!"

"Jade…" Tori was trembling violently…even I was crying for her. "Say it back…I can't be in peace until you say it back to me…"

Jade sobs and buries her face into Tori's neck. "I love you!"

I see Tori smile and then her eyes go lifeless as her head limply turns to the side. Her hands drop to her sides and she goes limp. Jade gasps as she looks back to Tori's dead face. "No…no, no, no, NO!" She screams, violently shaking Tori. "NO! NO! WAKE UP! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME! NO! TORI! PLEASE!" She screamed over and over again…I don't think I've seen something so heart-wrenching. Soon, Jade realizes Tori's dead. She growls as she puts Tori's body down and closes her eyes. She grabs her neglected gun and stands up, gripping it. She turns to me with hate filled eyes. "I lost the love of my life." She growls.

I gulp. "I'm sorry…"

"Sorry won't bring her back." Jade gives me a heartless smirk. "But revenge will help me heal." And she turns back to my husband and wife. Andre's staring down at Cat, who's unconscious in his arms. "Looks like she's dead." Andre glares at her. "You're next."

"NO! PLEASE!" I scream.



But after Andre winced and tried to shield Cat again, we're both surprised when no blood is seen, nor does Andre scream in pain.

Jade gasps over and over as she falls to her knees and then falls forward, right in front of Andre. Jade's face is facing me, her eyes open, and lifeless. Two bullet holes are in her back. I look over and Robbie has the gun raised to where Jade once stood. He drops the gun and looks to me. "I hope…Cat…is…okay." He gasps out. "Take…care…of…her…" He's slipping away, I can tell. It's making me cry again. "Please…" And he takes his last breath too.

Suddenly I see movement.

I look up and see Andre walking over to my cage. He lays Cat's unconscious body next to my bars as he goes to Tori, grabs the keys from her hands, and unlocks my door. I jump out and hug him. He hugs me tightly, sobbing into my shoulder. "I think she's gone…" He sobs out. I gasp and release him. He motions to Cat. "She won't wake up this time…I think we've failed her."

I drop to my knees and crawl to Cat's side. She's still bleeding from her bullet wound on her shoulder. "Cat?" I put my head down to her chest, and she's still breathing and her heartbeat is still good. "Andre." I gulp. "Tori has a cell phone. Call 9-1-1." He nods and rushes to Tori's dead body. I look back down at Cat. "Cat…" I lean down and lay beside her, holding her close to me. Her body isn't cold. Her hands and face still have some warmth to them. "Stay with me. Stay with us."


I smile as I curl up to her. "Hi…" I kiss her cheek as she stares back at me. "An ambulance is coming."

She smiles weakly. "Is it over finally?"

I nod, chuckling. "Yeah…" Now that she's brought it up…it is over. My body officially feels free of danger. "They're dead."

"They can't hurt us anymore." Cat whispered back. "We're safe. It's over." And then the worst happens…

Cat's eyes close…

"No…" I gulp as I shake her. "No, Cat, no, you can't do this! NO!" I slap her face a few times out of sheer desperation. "NO! Come on, dammit! CAT! PLEASE!" Tears leave my eyes once again as I cry into the crook of her neck. "CATTTTT!"

A year later…everything went downhill.

Andre and I failed our wife in protecting her, but her last wish to us was for us to stay together forever. We're going on 2 years of marriage and we don't plan on changing that. It's been rough without Cat, of course. One of the puppies, Cutie-Pa-Tutie, died a few months after Cat's death because she was depressed about Cat's death. Ironic, right? We continued to work and take care of the other two dogs.

We go to Cat's grave every day, bring her flowers, and just talk to her when we both get off work in the afternoon. We take Bear and Squiggles too.

We found out that even if Cat hadn't died through that gunshot wound, she would've died another way probably. The breast cancer had still been hiding in her body, and it spread to her heart. It would've killed her within a few months. Either way, we would've lost Cat. But personally, no offense, I'd rather spend more time with her than just lose her like that. But what's done is done.

I can't change the past.

As I look back on all our years as a threesome, we had bad times, yes, but countless perfect times. The lovemaking, vacations, bonding time, and just more…the best years of my life. Andre and I have been taking a few trips here and there to keep our marriage strong. We make love continuously. And don't get me wrong, I love Andre with all my heart. There's just something missing…and it's Cat. But we know she would've wanted us to keep going and we are. Andre and I are meant for one another, we just have to do our part and stick with it.

Only…something happened along the way…

Andre died in a car accident. Along with Squiggles and Bear. We had just left Cat's grave and it was raining. The diesel truck lost control and rammed into Andre's side. He died instantly, along with the dogs. When I woke up from my coma, I was told that my husband and dogs were dead, so I suddenly had just died. I had no point to live, so I guess God thought that'd be a great time to take me home.

So now I'm living here in heaven with my husband, wife, four dogs, and the two children I never got to meet…

Things work out for the best.

And to think…

It was all because No One Could Understand Us.


Beck died, Andre died, Cat died, Jade died, Robbie died, Tori died, the dogs died, and more.

The end.