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Entry One

I can't believe my life. One day I was celebrating my 18th birthday with Shane- my gorgeous, handsome, loving boyfriend, and the next… well I'll stop rambling and get to the point. Myrnin turned me. The lunatic actually turned me! I guess this is what comes from working with a bi-polar vampire that has mental health problems. The hardest part of this, whether I want to do it or not, is telling Shane. Usually, he goes absolutely crazy if Myrnin does so much as ruffle my hair. Hopefully that is how he's going to act when I summon the courage to tell him, although I have this terrible feeling in my gut that's trying to inform me that he won't act all protective. I know this is true, but I refuse to believe it. Shane has grown up hating vampires after what they had to do with Alyssa's death, and if he hates vamps he's never known, surely he wouldn't want a vampire girlfriend? This cannot be happening to me. Thinking about this is just driving me crazy and I definitely do not want to go down the same road as Myrnin did. I never got a chance to tell Shane yet: Myrnin made me stop at his lab- or 'the spider's lair' as Gramma Day likes to call it- so he could run a few 'tests'. I immediately knew this would entail blood loss, and boy was I not up for that after Myrnin drank at least five pints of my blood. That was why he turned me- I'd lost so much blood by the time he finished draining me (he had a flashback from the disease and it made him lose his mind and attack the nearest person- me) that I was dying, and he really didn't need one of Amelie's lectures about 'killing your assistants' on his mind. So here I am. Curled up in Myrnin's king-sized bed, smothered in a thick, red, velveteen duvet, while Myrnin attempts to fit his lanky limbs on the small sofa bed. We had an argument over who slept where: even though he turned me, he's still my friend and I really did not want him to fall off the sofa bed and hurt himself. But Myrnin won in the end, having to carry a kicking, bawling me into his bedroom and tuck me in tightly. Very tightly, in fact, as now that I had super-human strength I could easily get back up again. But I am a young vampire and have not truly uncovered my strength, but Myrnin is one of the oldest vampires in Morganville, alongside Amelie and Oliver. He is much stronger than me, so my kicks were feeble in his mind. I have to go: its morning now and I think Myrnin is attempting to make breakfast- I just heard him curse the toaster. Hopefully, sooner or later, I'll gather the courage to speak to Shane.