I woke up screaming from nightmares of mutts and white roses. I thrashed around screaming and crying telling my loved ones to run. My eyes open, I expect to see an evil mutt glaring down at me hungrily but, instead I find a pair of soft blue eyes that seemed to sparkle even in the dark.

"Peeta" I breathe

"Shhh, Katniss its okay it was only a dream. Go back to sleep." Something seems to be troubling peeta you could see it in his eyes but I quickly let it go and relaxed in his arms.

I seemed to have dozed off for around half an hour. I woke to see peeta was still there wide awake gripping my arm,

"Well, I can't sleep, so it looks like you're stuck here 'till morning." Peeta laughed and we sat in an awkward silence until he finally spoke

"Katniss" he whispered,


"Do you really…" he shook his head dismissing the thought

"What is it peeta?" he shook his head

"Peeta, let's not keep things from each other." I said, trying to sound stern but failing

He breathed looking nervous "well, remember when you were having those nightmares?" I nodded, I remember but I wished I didn't

"Well," he said smiling slightly "you spoke in your sleep," I groaned, he probably caught me saying something embarrassing or disturbing, he might be suggesting I go to a mental hospital or something.

"What did I say?" I asked somewhat reluctantly. He hesitated, and then opened his mouth to speak

"You said I love you peeta."

I froze suddenly remembering everything it hit me full force, I was back in the arena, glistening deep purple berries in my hand, I looked at peeta and the world for the last time before putting the berries in my mouth. When Claudius Templesmith announced us as winners I sighed with relief. My plan worked, I turned to look at peeta, his eyes were wide with fear, "what is it peeta? I asked

"I swallowed them Katniss." He said, I freaked out screaming at him to spit them out, but he collapsed on the floor and I realised it was futile. I gripped his hand as he lay on the floor.

"I love you peeta." I said, he just managed to smile before he went limp in my arms and his cannon boomed.

I hadn't replied, so he took a breath, filling his lungs with air,

"You love me, real or not real."

I looked into his eyes, very deeply, they reminded me of the sky cloudless and bright, and there was a whole world in there. Did I love him? I remembered him and gale talking "Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can't survive without." Gale had said, I realised who I can't survive without, its peeta I will surely go mad without him to protect me from the nightmares, I need him, I need my dandelion in the spring.

I realised that I hadn't replied, and peeta eyes were dark and disappointed, like the sun had set on the perfect world in his eyes, I take a deep breath and say "real."

Peetas eyes lit up, night was short in the world in his eyes, and the sun has risen again. He pulled me into a hug, nearly breaking my ribs. But I just manage to whisper in his ear,

"Peeta Mellark, I think I always have."