Derek never thought he would be doing this: lying here in bed next to a human teenage boy, just staring at the way the morning sun makes his skin turn almost cobber and makes his eyelashes cast long shadows on his cheeks.

If Stiles had been a girl Derek would have called him beautiful. Instead he just calls him beautiful inside his own head, so he doesn't risk severe verbal retribution. And Derek is pretty sure that if Stiles ever found out how much time Derek spends just staring at him, he would be a little freaked out, but maybe also a little flattered. Because no one has ever managed to wedge their way into Derek's heart the way that Stiles has.

This one little, hyperactive human, who just keeps giving, but never gives up; always has everyone's back, but never backs down and who - for some obscene reason that Derek will never understand - decided that he wanted Derek Hale of all people.

Derek leans over, placing a gentle kiss to the scar tissue on Stiles' shoulder, hearing the teen's pulse rise instantly, even though he knows Stiles isn't awake yet.

He lets his tongue run over the spot again and then continues down Stiles chest, planting soft kisses as he goes, stopping when he reaches the long, white scars that continues down to Stiles' hip.

They've healed, but they're still very prominent, especially now that Stiles has been spending some time outside with out a shirt. The five white lines gives off a slight silver glow, nothing a human would ever notice, but Derek does. Because it was him that closed those scars up and they carry a bit of him in them.

Just like the rest of the scars carry a bit of both Jackson, Danny and Scott in them. If Stiles were ever to doubt that he is part of the pack, this is proof enough to set him straight.

Derek lets his tongue follow the line of one of the scars, tracking the movement with his thumb to dry away the wet trail left behind.

Under his touch Stiles shivers and Derek looks up to see that the teen is awake. When their eyes meet Stiles lets out a content moan and smiles.

"What's so funny?"

"You." Stiles replies instantly. "Derek Hale. Lying half-naked in bed with the Sheriff's underage son."

"I'm not doing anything illegal." Derek points out, just as his hand moves down Stiles' side, ending on his thigh where his fingers finds the next scar: Two bullet holes, close together.

"If I know my dad, and I do, he wouldn't stop to ask." Stiles says, and when Derek raises his eyebrows at him, Stiles can't help but squirm a little. He hasn't really gotten used to being the center of Derek's attention.

But there is nothing and no one Derek would rather give his full attention, and he lets Stiles know by moving down, so he can place kisses to the scars on the outside of Stiles' thigh.

"We just have to be very quiet." Derek whispers and pushes Stiles leg up so he can reach the mirroring scars on the inside as well and smiles when Stiles jerks at the mouth-on-sensitive-skin contact.

Stiles actually huffs out a nervous laugh. "I am really, really never getting used to this."

"Should I stop?" Derek offers, but he doesn't really expect Stiles to take him up on it. Stiles, however, is an eternal source of surprise.

"Well, yes. Actually." Stiles answers and he wraps his fingers in Derek's dark hair, pulling the Alpha up to claim his mouth with his own. For a moment Derek's world narrows down to the feel of Stiles' tongue against his and he groans in frustration when Stiles breaks the kiss.

But Stiles just smiles against Derek's lips and trails his mouth down the Alpha's jaw. "If you want to stay a good, law-abiding citizen I suggest you keep your mouth out of that general area."

Derek moans in frustration, but doesn't argue. Instead he leans down, nuzzling into Stiles' shoulder and throat, breathing in the scent of the teen. "Are you really going to make me wait to touch you until you're eighteen?" He mumbles and Stiles lets out an amused breath.

And then Stiles is moving, pushing against Derek until they've changed places and Stiles is straddling Derek's hips. When Derek lifts his head to seek out Stiles mouth Stiles grips the Alpha's hair and yanks his head back on the pillow. "I'm going to make you wait until I'm sure my dad won't shoot you." He says and brushes his fingers trough Derek's wild mane.

"So forever, is what you're saying?" Derek growls, but Stiles just huffs out more amusement and bites Derek's earlope gently, but hard enough to make the Alpha jump.

"Derek. I'm a teenage boy. I have needs, you know." He mutters into Derek's ear, and Derek groans and folds completely under the teen as Stiles moves to repay the attention that woke him up.

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