Ok so I deleted my Charmed and Hakuouki one because I heard about the new game called Hakuouki: Bakumatsu Musouroku and I wanted to make a fanfic for that. Since the game hasn't been released yet, I'm not exactly sure of the plot so I'm kinda just basing it on what it shows. Please, please feel free to share with me anything you know about the game as I'm not very sure. Anyways enjoy and I do not own Hakuouki.

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Chapter 1: Mysterious Girl

"These guys just don't die do they?" Harada Sanosuke asked as he stabbed a soldier in the chest, and then pulled it out, the guy dropped to the ground as blood poured from the wound. Beside him was Saito Hajime, who stabbed one guy in the neck, blood spurted out from his neck and splattered on the walls, he fell to the ground, a pool of blood forming.

"Take this!" Heisuke Toudou yelled as he slashed a guy in the chest, he fell to the ground. Hijikata Toshizo slashed a guy as he charged at him, then turned and stabbed another.

"Retreat…!" A man yelled, the soldiers retreated, leaving Heisuke and Harada to fist bump.

"That didn't take too long." Okita Souji stated. Hijikata nodded.

"Yes, let's head back." The six men headed back to their headquarters and sat down in the meeting room.

"So is there any news from Yamazaki on the subject of where Katsura Kogorō is?" Heisuke asked. Hijikata shook his head.

"No, he hasn't seen him since our last fight." He replied. He dismissed the other men and they left.

"Are we losing the battle…?" He asked himself.

Chizuru Yukimura ran through the streets, her brown hair fell a bit past her shoulders and her brown eyes were darting, trying to find a place to run.

"How did I get roped in with these goons?" She thought to herself as she hit a dead end. She cursed and turned around to face them, three men wearing hakamashitas of different colors but the hakamas were brown.

"Look here little girl, we don't want to hurt you." One of them said.

"Yeah right…" She glared at them.

"Leave me alone." She stated. The three men narrowed their eyes.

"We were going to leave you alone but since you seem to have an attitude…" They drew their katanas. Chizuru's hand fell on her katana, ready to unsheathe it. But the three men fell to the ground with stab wounds in their chests.

"What the…?" A man stood before her, wearing black and purple clothing and a samurai headband. He had long black hair and violet eyes.

"Who are you?" The man asked. Chizuru blinked.

"Shouldn't I be asking you that? You did save me." She said. The man narrowed his eyes.

"I'm Hijikata Toshizo, commander of the Bakumatsu. Now that I've introduced myself, do you mind telling me who you are?" The man said.

"Chizuru, Chizuru Yukimura." Hijikata's eyes widened.

"Are you Koudou Yukimura's daughter?" Her eyes widened, how did he know her father?

"How do you know my father?" Hijikata looked at her, suspicion evident in his eyes. What did this girl know about her father? Did she know what he did?

"He was a doctor, correct?" A doctor…is that what he had been, the lie he had told? She smiled weakly.

"Yes…why, did something happen to him?" She had been taught to play the innocent act when questioned.

"There was a fire at his clinic, no bodies were found and he disappeared." A lie, she recognized it instantly as she gave a gasp.

"No…!" Hijikata grabbed her by the arm; she was ready to hit him with the hilt of her katana and run.

"What are you doing with me?" She asked. He looked at her as he dragged her away.

"I'm taking you back to headquarters. I can't let a girl wander around on her own." She knew there was no point in resisting this man, he was to strong. They walked down the streets, the only light coming from the moon and lamps. They stopped in front of a building and they headed in. Chizuru was brought to a room and instructed to sit down.

"Stay here, this is your room. You'll meet everyone else tomorrow, for now, get some rest." She blinked his tone…it was kind. Hijikata shut the door and Chizuru changed into her white nagajuban and settled into the futon, seeming to fall asleep as her eyes shut.

Hijikata walked into the meeting room where the five men were joined by a young man dressed in ninja attire sat to the side. Okita looked at him, curiosity in his eyes.

"Where were you?" He asked.

"I found Koudou-san's daughter." The men's eyes widened.

"What? Did he send her to spy on us?" Heisuke asked. Hijikata shook his head.

"No, I don't believe she's even aware he's working with the new government. She believes he's a doctor who went missing and she must've come to look for him." He stated.

"Should we keep her here? If she finds out we're her father's enemies…" Harada hinted. Saito shook his head.

"She will stay here because if the new government finds out his daughter is here, they may try and capture her for some reason, like leverage for Koudou-san to continue working for them." The ninja stated.

"You're right Yamazaki; the girl may be in danger on the streets." Unknown to them, as they talked Chizuru had snuck out, only pretending to be asleep, and was listening at the door. She felt her heart beat quicken.

"So it is true…Oto-san did betray us and begun working for them…" She spoke in a quiet voice. She had heard the rumors but didn't believe them; she had left Edo for the sole purpose of finding out if they were true.

"I should go check on her." Her eyes widened and she was up in a flash, disappearing in less than a second. Hijikata stepped out and frowned, seeing the wind move as if someone was just there. Chizuru breathed a sigh of relief as he checked on her and she shut her eyes, sleep taking over her this time.

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