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Chapter 16: Battle of Hakodate

Chizuru yawned as she slid open the door to her bedroom, after moving to the new headquarters the girls were able to get their own rooms though both Rina and Hane preferred to stay with Chizuru. She currently wore her hair swept to one side, her outfit a white kimono with a pink haori. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at the sleeping girl and cat; she shut the door quietly and made her way down the hallway.

"Morning Chizuru-chan…." A tired voice called out. Chizuru smiled as she saw Aya come out of her room, just as tired as Chizuru was. Aya also wore a white kimono, but her haori was red.

"Morning Aya-chan, did you just get out of bed?" Chizuru asked. Aya nodded.


"Wow Aya-chan, you look like a mess!" Harada commented as he walked over with a grin. Aya turned, her eyes blazing as she raised her fist.


"Ow!" Harada hollered as he clutched his head. Aya's veins popped.

"Telling a lady she looks like a mess is the wrong thing to do Harada-san!"

"I didn't tell Chizuru she looked like a mess, and there's no other lady here."

"EXCUSE ME?" Chizuru quickly walked past the two, not wanting to get caught in their argument. She caught sight of Yukiko and made sure to warn her. Yukiko sighed.

"Those two never stop…." She commented. Chizuru laughed and continued on her way to the kitchen. She made two cups of tea, knowing Hijikata was probably in a meeting with Ootori, and placed them on a tray, making her way to the meeting room. She walked past the garden, but stopped and looked at the garden as she sensed a familiar presence.

Is someone here…? She thought with a frown. Shrugging it off as her imagination, Chizuru continued walking, unaware of the shadow watching her from the protection of the trees.

Hijikata sat at his desk while Ootori sat on his sofa, the two discussing battle plans when someone knocked on the door.

"Hijikata-san?" The familiar voice of Chizuru called. Hijikata gave a small smile, something that didn't go unnoticed by Ootori who smirked.

"Come in." Chizuru opened the door, a tray with cups of tea in her hands. She walked over and handed a cup to Hijikata and then Ootori.

"Thank you Chizuru." Chizuru smiled.

"No problem Hijikata-san." She said. The door slammed open, revealing a panting soldier. Hijikata frowned.

"What is it?" He asked, his soft tone replaced by a more commanding one.

"I apologize Hijikata-san but…..the New Government Army's ships are approaching the bay!" Hijikata's eyes widened as he stood. He ran to the door and looked at the soldier.

"Very well, inform the troops." The soldier bowed.

"Of course sir!" He replied before hustling out.

"Hijikata-san…." Hijikata glanced at Chizuru, who was clutching her haori tightly.

"Please….come back safely to us…." To me she added silently. Hijikata moved over and pulled her close, he planted a quick kiss on her forehead causing her to look up, shocked and red-faced.

"I promise I will return." He whispered before running out. Chizuru smiled.

"Hijikata-san….please return…." She whispered as she walked over to the window. Yukiko walked in.

"Chizuru-sama….." Yukiko said. Chizuru didn't answer, just stared out the window.

"Chizuru-onee-chan, are you ok?" Rina asked as she walked in, her brown hair was tied in a short ponytail and she wore her green jinbei with a yellow obi and straw sandals. Chizuru blinked as she faced Rina, who had a worried expression on her face.

"I'm fine….don't worry." She said with a small smile.

"You know Hijikata-sama won't die so easily….he will return to you." Chizuru blushed.

"Rina-chan why don't you go see if Toru will play with you?" Rina nodded and ran out of the room. Yukiko sighed.

"Chizuru-sama….you love Hijikata-sama don't you?" Chizuru turned redder.

"I-I…I honestly don't know what I feel for him…." She admitted as she glanced out the window.

"If you ask me, it's obvious you love him." Aya said as she walked in with the rest of the girls minus Rina. Chizuru sighed.

"I must admit, it is quite obvious you and Hijikata-san hold affection for each other." Reina said.

"You guys…." Chizuru said. Suddenly, a scream made the girls freeze.


Hijikata slashed a soldier, panting heavily. The Bakumatsu wasn't outnumbered, but the New Government had the upper-hand with their advanced weaponry. Saito and Okita were back-to-back as were Heisuke and Harada. Harada blocked a soldier's attack with his spear before pushing him back and stabbing him in the chest. The soldier fell down and Harada twirled his spear.

"Damn it…we have the numbers, but they have the upper-hand with their advanced weaponry….." Harada cursed. Heisuke nodded as he stabbed a soldier in the chest.

"At this rate, we won't be able to fend them off for long!" He added as he deflected another attack. Gunfire sounded as Hijikata felt a sharp pain in his lower left abdomen; he glanced down to see blood pouring out of his gunshot wound and he winced.

"Hijikata-san!" Saito yelled.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me." He called as he stabbed another soldier in the chest. He panted; his wound was already dragging him down.

"I thought the great Hijikata Toshizo could handle a little gunshot wound." Katsura said as he walked over. Hijikata narrowed his eyes as did Katsura; the two stared at each other as Katsura drew his sword.

"I can still fight you…!" He growled as he charged at Katsura. The two clashed swords and Hijikata pushed himself backwards, wincing in pain.

"It seems even with a gunshot wound you can fight me….." Katsura panted. Hijikata narrowed his eyes and got ready to charge, when he heard a familiar scream.


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