Jenny and master Chubb fight

"Out of my kitchen Chubby! I'm gonna cook my turkey as I see fit!" Jenny waved her formidable fist in Master Chubb's face. He didn't back down though.

"Yes? Well I seem to recall being your TEACHER; so maybe you should do what I say!"

Jenny greatly respected her former mentor and friend, but cooks will clash, and neither took it personally. In fact, it seemed they actually enjoyed dueling.

"I seem to recall that I graduated from your tutelage this year! So there!" she retorted.

"It is, however, actually my kitchen young lady. And I will not stand to see a turkey prepared thusly in it!"

"Then sit down to see it," said Jenny with a smirk.

Chubb's face turned red. "Insolent girl! That's it! Draw your ladle!" He drew out his own with a formidable flourish; four feet of polished hard oak, gleaming in the sunbeam that streamed through an open window.

Our brave heroine was not, however, intimidated by this spectacle.

"With pleasure sirrah! Have at thee!" she cried, pulling forth her equally long redwood ladle, whose bowl was reinforced at the bottom with a thicker curve of wood than Chubb's. Jenny had known it would come to this when she'd had Will whittle it for her. Lunging at the fat chef, her sunbeam hair streamed out behind her almost as dramatically as this narration.

In a blur of polished wood and temper, the ladles clashed with a resounding crash, whilst flew the food and…rhyming. Yeah, the authoress just broke into rhyme. Deal.

Lurking in the corner, the edges of Will's mouth quirked.

Finally, they are too distracted to keep an eye on that turkey…now's my chance.

He melted further into the shadows, working his way around the room as the battle raged amidst the confusion of kitchenware and food. Ducking under a table just in time to dodge a scalding hot potato, Will took a moment to regroup his thoughts and plan his final strategy.

"Soon, soon the turkey will be mine. All mine," he crooned.

Jenny leapt upon a table, and kicked a weighted sandbag at Chubb. Chubb spun to the side; he was surprisingly nimble in the heat of battle. Their ladles clashed constantly, the long shafts of wood became blurs of motion, and the two chefs migrated further and further away from the unsuspecting turkey.

Now! Screamed Will's mind.

He jumped forth, sack in hand to contain the turkey.


The resounding whack of double ladles rung in Will's ears. His vision swam, he swayed unsteadily, and fell.

Jenny and Chubb stood behind the unfortunate Ranger, poised alike unconsciously: ladle in right hand, other fist on hip, shoulders back and an indignant glare down their nose.

"Humph!" they humphed in unison.

"Young rip thinks he can steal my turkey, does he?"

Jenny coughed importantly.

"Actually, it's mine. You disowned it, remember?"

Lying blearily on the floor, Will groaned and squinted up at the two chefs. They were already debating heatedly.

"Here we go again," he mumbled.

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