Hide and Seek

I never thought I'd write one of these.

I have no experience with this pairing, so I'm winging it.

It was nighttime, most people were now asleep.

Although, the night meant playtime for the nocturnals.

Marceline crouched, balancing on the branches of a tree in the woods, looking around, listening closely to the air. She jumped to another tree and clung to the branches.

The Vampire Queen let out a soft growl as she looked over shoulders.

"I know you're around." she said softly.

Marceline jumped from the tree she was on, toward another, and grabbed the tree trunk, hanging on with her claws. Then she dropped to the ground.

She hissed, looking around as she crawled through the undergrowth.

As Marceline crawled over a nearby log, a hand wacked her on the head.

"You're it." Marshall Lee stated.

"Ah," Marceline responded, "I didn't even see you."

"That's the point," the male vampire said, hanging upside down from a tree, "now you gotta find me."

He turned himself invisible, but his laughter could be heard as he flew away.

Marceline went the opposite way through the underbrush to begin searching.

Marshall Lee saw Marceline fly off the ground to search in the air.

"While she searches up high," he said, "I will go low."

He dropped down toward the ground.

Marshall Lee started digging a hole in the ground until it was big enough for him to fit in, then he crawled his way around under the earth.

Meanwhile, Marceline continued her search up high.

"Hmm," she growled, "where are you, Kingy?"

The vampiress continued hopping through the trees.

She stopped.

"All right, rethinking," she said, "I should not focus only on the above ground."

Marceline got down on the ground.

"All right terra frima," she sighed, "speak to me."

Underneath the earth, she could faintly pick up the sound of Marshall Lee clawing at the dirt.

"Suicidal much?" Marceline wondered.

In her wolf form, she dug a large crater in the ground, just as Marshall was crawling through.

When he reached the crater, he rolled out of the wall of dirt and onto the ground.

"What are you doing?" Marceline questioned, "You could've suffocated down there."

"I wasn't down there that long." Marshall Lee retorted.

"One more thing." Marceline said.

"Huh?" Marshall replied.

"You're it." she informed.

Then she laughed, turned invisible, and bolted.

"All right then." he said.

Then he took the form of a snake and slithered off into the shrubbery.

Eh, not really the best thing I've ever written.

I'm not all that good with this pairing.

I'm still a Fiolee/Finnceline supporter.