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Chapter One: 1999

(Kari's P.O.V, August 1st 1999, Nine Years Old)

I stared up at the sky. Why did Tai have to leave before I could tell him? I was hoping that I could tell him but I didn't get to tell him. I jumped though when someone grabbed my shoulders.

"Calm down it's only me Kar. She can only make it repeat for so long and keep both safe." I looked over my shoulder to him.

I sighed though; I really wanted to tell Tai. A worried look crossed his face and he felt my forehead. He reminded me of Tai at times when he got worried. Just because I get sick often doesn't mean anything.

"Where are we meeting the others Takuya?" He stared at me for a few moments before he took a step back.

A smile stretched across his face and he offered me a hand. I smiled and took his hand. He showed up a while ago but to the rest of the world it's the same day as when he showed up. The same day repeated over and over again so that when my brother came back they won't be behind in time also so no one would worry. Yet different things happen each repeated day.

"The park." I glanced at what I wore, pajamas.

"Think I could change first?" He nodded and we started to head back to the apartment.

Takuya Kanbara, he was one of my best friends. I was glad that I met him and became such good friends with him. Despite what came along with meeting him I was happy. I wouldn't change anything either. I had to lead the way since he's never been to the apartment before.

"Why didn't you ever allow us to go to your place?" I glanced at him.

The 'us' he was referring to was him and our other two friends.

"It would be awkward to explain it to my parents should one day they show up randomly." He nodded.

"I guess." He let go of my hands and placed his arms behind his head once we reached the door.

The walk hadn't seemed that long then again time seemed to fly these past few weeks. I opened the door and on my way to my room I noticed the Digivice that was sitting on the table. Tai had his so that means that it's mine. I grabbed it before Takuya saw the Digivice and I went to my room. I hope the reason I have this Digivice doesn't mean that Tai will have to face them too. Once to my room I stashed it under my bed, which should be a safe place. Mom and Dad won't find it should the comeback.

"Hurry up Kari!" I sighed and stood up.

Hurrying I pulled out a pair of pink shorts and a yellow sleeveless top. I put them on and I tied the yellow scarf around my neck. I get that it's important but we could spare a few moments. He could let me relax just a tad after seeing my brother then having to watch him disappear back into the Digital World. I was worried about my brother because he was fighting too.

"Guys we have a problem!" I heard Takuya nearly shriek when the door slammed against the wall.

I grabbed the staff that I had stashed away and I was quick to head to the living room. Koichi, the one who had stated we had a problem was panting. Koji was panting as well. They were also my best friends. Yet like Takuya they weren't from here. I could guess at the problem from their expression. I tightened my grip on the hilt of the staff, it was gray. It had a white gym at the top but it was surrounded by what I could only say looked like a black cloud.

"What's the problem?" Takuya was tense.

We were all nine so I had to wonder. Who even decided these things? Why were a group of nine year olds chosen to be tasked with this? I would probably never learn the answer to it though.

"They're here, we saw them." I gulped.

Today would probably be the finale battle then. We all knew the next time we clashed would be the last. I could only hope that however this may end that it would end without anyone hurt. Yet no matter how it ended someone would be hurt actually. After this was all done with they had to leave too. I wouldn't get to see them anymore once this was done. I would never see them again.

"Why are we standing here then?" Takuya probably didn't fully realize it yet that today would probably be our finale day together.

Koji and Koichi looked at each other. They knew that we had to fight but they probably didn't want to leave yet. We were all finally getting used to each other. I didn't want to say goodbye but we had to fight. We couldn't let this drag out.

"Let's go then." Koji stood straight; he had had his hands on his knees.

"Yeah." Koichi stopped leaning on the wall.

I don't know how Takuya could still smile at times like these but he smiled. He even laughed slightly before he took off. We ran after him, I didn't bother to lock the door when I closed it though since we didn't have the time. Down the hallway, down the stairs, and towards the park we ran. We were following Takuya since he was in front of us. Yet as we ran I realized something, Koji and Koichi showed up at my place. How did they even know where I lived?

"Takuya!" Koji growled his name out when we finally reached the park.

Why did we even come here? I mean they're not here. Yet it was out of the way of most people. Almost no one came here since it was old. There were ghost stories about this place so most people stayed away from here. Kids were usually too scared to even come here.

"What?" Takuya laughed even though he was out of breathe, Koji just glared at him.

"How about we not fight amongst ourselves?" I nodded agreeing with Koichi.

Before anything else could be said someone laughed. I tensed hearing that laugh. I knew who the laugh belonged to. I guess it's starting now. The finale battle will begin. At least we had time to catch our breath right?

"If it isn't the little fighters." I looked over my shoulder slowly, it was her.

"Spirit Evolution: Agunimon/Lobomon/Loweemon!" I was slightly surprised.

They were serious. They weren't wasting their time. Usually either Takuya or Koji made some kind of retort to her but I guess not today. I griped the staff once more. I couldn't fight like them. I was only human. I didn't turn in Digimon like them nor did I have a partner like my brother.

"Do you think you can actually defeat us?" Someone drove me.

I turned around at his voice and before they could react I had held the staff up. It was pointing at him. Balance. The staff was known as the Staff of Harmony, it had strangely morphed from a necklace. What I understood of it was that it had been created within the Digital World for some kind of purpose.

"Light Blitz!" The white gem let off a glow.

It looked like beams of light but they were more like spears, they struck the Digimon that had snuck up behind us in a second. He didn't even have time to react to the attack. I hadn't even planed or thought of the attack. Something happened that I hadn't expected though. It couldn't be that easy. I knew it couldn't be. They were supposed to be super powerful.

Data leaked off of him, escaped his wounds. Something was off. Something wasn't right. He shouldn't be defeated so easily. That attack hadn't even fazed him the first time we fought so why did it hurt him so badly now? Something had to have changed.

"Why you!" I looked over my shoulder.

She was coming right at me. I was frozen though for some reason. I couldn't move. Takuya grabbed me and jumped out of the way before setting me on my feet while I watched as Koichi and Koji hit her. Koichi's spear struck her which was quickly followed by Koji slicing her with his light sword. They too paused though. She was also fading.

"Something's not right. They're too easy." It came from Koji.

Good then I wasn't the only one who thought so. Something wasn't right with how easy we were taking them down. I don't get what's going on.

"Maybe we just got strong." Takuya sat me down as he laughed.

"Maybe." Koichi didn't seem that sure but neither was I.

Koji stayed silent but he also probably realized it. There were three of them. One of them was missing. Perhaps he had something to do with the fact that his allies had been so easily defeated. He has attacked them before. If they got in his way he didn't hesitate to attack them. I saw Koji's eyes widen and before he could say anything Takuya was sent flying. As I went flying I caught sight of him.

"I was wondering when he would show up." I heard Koji mutter it yet I blushed slightly.

He had caught me. I was glad that he did so because it probably wouldn't have been the best to slam into the ground yet it was still a bit embarrassing. Takuya growled slightly and glared at the last enemy. Koji sat me on my feet but I was a little uneven.

"Oops I missed." He laughed and something told me he hadn't truly aimed for us, he probably had something in mind.

"Pyro Darts!" I wanted to yell at Takuya for attacking him so recklessly.

He was planning something, what I don't know. I knew he was planning something though. He dodged Takuya's attack like it was nothing. So after a few dodged attacks he came at us but I saw Koji smirk. I'm guessing they had a plan.

"Howling Laser/Shadow Meteor/Pyro Punch!" The three attacks clashed and they went hurling at the surprised cocky leader.

Even I was surprised. When did they come up with that or was it just all a coincidence? It hit him but I had a feeling that it wouldn't enough. I raised the staff and I pushed everything that I had left into it.

"Concord!" That received a glance from Koji and Koichi.

It was something that I hadn't used before. I didn't really know what it would do, it just seemed to come to me and something seemed to have told me to use it. Light came from the staff like it did for Light Blitz but shadows also joined it this time. Light and Darkness the elements that always come to mind when one thinks of Harmony. It took a few moments for it to clear, he was fading but he was laughing.

"I underestimated you measly DigiDestineds!" Those were his last words before he vanished.

Underestimated us, what does that mean? Did he mean that he hadn't expected us to win against him or was there something else?

"Ha take that we beat him!" Takuya laughed and jumped as he reverted.

"It was fun Kari." Koichi said it when he looked at me, he had reverted back.

"Yeah, I guess it was." Takuya stopped when he heard Koji's words.

"What's wrong you guys? We managed to defeat them which also means that this world is safe." He was smiling but I couldn't find the strength to smile.

"It also means we have to go back Takuya." His smile dropped the moment Koichi said it.

"It also means that our memories will be wiped." We'll forget about each other.

They would forget all about me. They would forget all about this battle. Everything we learned would be erased from our memories. I hated the gut feeling that I had though because something told me our enemy wasn't gone and defeated forever. I think we've only defeated them momentarily. If we have to fight them again will we fight together with our memories or would it be like when we first met and we would all be strangers again?

"We'll meet again Kari." I looked to Takuya; even now he had his smile.

I watched as they seemed to start fading away. I didn't want them to go but there wasn't anything that I could do. I didn't want to forget them but it would probably be easier to forget them. Even if Takuya promises that we'll meet again it's next to impossible. Even if we met again there would be no guarantee that we would remember each other at all. I gripped the staff tighter but it faltered and then I felt it disappear but I could feel some kind of charm clutched in my hand. I glanced at it and found that once again I held the necklace that it had once been somehow.

"Our memories won't be wiped, only suppressed so we'll remember each other when we meet again." I looked to Koji surprised by his words, when we meet again.

"Stay strong until then." Koichi even managed to find it somewhere in him to smile.

I clenched the necklace tighter remember when I had gotten it. I bumped into these three the day that had been on repeat since they came. They had rescued me from a Digimon, well I wasn't quite sure if it was a Digimon since it was shadow like and they weren't that sure if it was Digimon either. After that it seemed like we always bumped into each other and the next time a Digimon attacked me the necklace that had been worn by Koji shined and it morphed from the necklace to the staff for me. Since that day it was mine. The necklace was a simple yin-yang charm attached to a string.

"See you three later." I took a lot but I managed to give them a smile right before they vanished; surprisingly my memories didn't vanish for some reason.

Just keep them a secret and you'll keep your memories.

I shook the voice out of my head; I wasn't sure where it came from. I gripped the necklace tighter and held it to my chest. I should probably go home before Tai gets back since something told me he'd come back sooner than last time. I'll pretend I never met them while I have to pretend to know nothing of Digimon. With a heavy heart and a bitter sweet smile I started to go home, glancing at the sky as I went.

It was a few hours later when Tai came back home, this time he was here to stay more than likely. I had hidden the necklace away so not only would it keep Tai from questioning but hoping maybe it would help me to cope a little. I'll see them again one, I just had to. I'll keep the promises that I made to them as well. I won't let them down so when we meet again we can be friends.