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Chapter Twenty One: Surprise

(Koichi's P.O.V)

I yawned as I placed my head in my hands. My class was talking oh so loudly, way too loud for the morning. I looked at my class before sighing. I wish I could go to the same school as Kari, Koji, and Takuya. I got the luck that I had to go to a completely different school so I never got to see them during the school day.

"Still tired huh?" I raised my head and looked to her.

She and her brother are the only friends I have here at school. We grew up together; well she was often out-of-town since her parents traveled a lot so we mostly hung out during the summer. I was used to her being there and then not. Her brother was a bit odd; he slept during class but was surprisingly the top of the class.

"Yeah." When someone laughed I didn't even look, I didn't care to look since I knew it was her brother since everyone else was crowded in the front of the room talking for some reason or another.

"What's so funny huh Evan?" Evan was her brother well actually her twin, they were both fourteen.

"I find it funny that the one day I'm not tired he is." Great, when Evan ain't asleep he usually talks a lot.

"Well don't talk my ear off." I smiled slightly, only she actually dared to talk back to Evan.

"At least I did the project Storm." When he mentioned the project my head slipped from my hands and banged the desk.

"Uh, Koichi are you ok?" I groaned, both because my head now hurt and because I completely forgot about the project that we had to do.

"You forgot the project didn't you?" I raised my head and slumped in my seat before crossing my arms.

"No." When Storm laughed and I sent her a small glare but she just smiled, she didn't get scared when I glared at her whereas others did especially after I got the Spirit of Darkness for some reason.

"You totally forgot about the project." I sighed and hung my head, why do they both have to tease me?

"Hey you were working with Storm so you'll be fine." I looked at Evan, who was trying hard to restrain his laughter but was failing to do so.

"From what you said she didn't do it." At that he lost it and began laughing.

"Oh shut up! Just tell the teacher I have it, I'm skipping at lunch 'cause I have something I need to do." My head snapped to her and I stared at her with wide eyes.

"You're actually going to cut school?" She nodded.

You see Storm may seem like a delinquent and all but she actually a rather good person, compared to some people. Her brownish blonde hair was a total mess; people actually used to think she was a guy when they first met her until she uh got her chest. She usually wore a short sleeve shirt and a pair of ripped pants, which is shown by her current dark blue t-shirt and black pants that had a cut here and there yet I noticed she had a sleeveless white jacket over her book bag.

"Yelp I have some important things that need to be done." We had a history project that was due during the third to last class of the day.

"What's important enough that you would actually cut class?" She smiled but I caught the hint of the dark twist.

"That's for me to know and not for you to know Koichi." I was surprised by that response.

When I heard someone from the front of the room pretty much yelp I turned to look. The three of us sat in the back of the classroom. It was one of the guys who messed with Storm, called her a whole bunch of names because she dressed like a guy and kept her hair short. He was pale and when I heard Storm laugh, her laughter seemed to echo and I saw the guy jump slightly.

"Aw, I guess they found out about your secret Storm." I glanced at Evan and tried to figure out what he meant.

"It wasn't a secret that I knew how to fight, I don't even care that they found out about that after all they started it so it was just self-defense." I looked at her.

That wasn't a secret, well at least not to me. She and Evan fought at times and they literally fight, from what I understand she used to be really shy and weak but after whatever gave her the scar that she has on her arm she learned to defend herself. From what I saw once when our class had a surprise swim class, which the teacher nearly forced her to dress, I saw that she also had a scar on her left shoulder.

"They were two seniors of high school!" I knew she could fight but that surprised me after all she is an eighth grade girl.

"Take your seats and I thought you were told not to disclose details of that Ms. Aleister?" I saw Storm roll her eyes when the teacher called her 'Ms. Aleister', she really hated be called that.

"I didn't disclose anything." The students went to their seats and sat down but Storm, who was sitting on her desk, didn't move.

"Can you sit in your seat not on the desk?" Storm sighed but got off of her desk and sat in her seat.

As per usual the boring reading lesson went on and on. The one thing that was fun was that after this was English, which I had with Storm while Evan got to go off to Math class. Storm knew better English than most of the class since one of the places she went to when she was younger was America so she knew a lot already but they still put her in English I since this was the first year she officially took it.

"Mr. Kimura." I looked to the teacher when she called me while I faintly heard Evan snicker.

"I would expect Mr. Aleister to doze off mid-lesson not you. Also Ms. Aleister I would appreciate it if you paid attention to the book. Read the next paragraph." I looked to Storm was writing something on a piece of paper, not even paying attention to our teacher.

"Ms. Aleister." I had to wonder if Storm was ignoring her or if she was secretively listening to music, it wouldn't be the first time she listened to music in class.

"Ms. Aleister!" Storm's head snapped up and she looked at our reading teacher, both because she yelled her name and because Evan kicked her seat.

"Huh?" I couldn't help by laugh slightly.

"You can have detention since you won't listen in class and guess what, pop quiz!" Our teacher, Mrs. Fujimori, was kinda red in the face and she was really mad.

"Hey, hey hold up a minute!" Storm, who never actually got a detention before, bolted up out of her seat.

"I read ahead of everyone and I know exactly what's going on! You were reading the part where the girl's brother was kidnapped! I was paying attention for your information so don't just assume. I heard 'Aleister' and since Evan had a habit of falling asleep, behind me, I thought you trying to get his attention not mine." Evan was once again trying not laugh, Storm well she was a storm in a way.

Storm could be calm one moment and then lash out the next. She might lash out with words or physically attack you, only if you're Evan. When she got angry and silent then oh she was brooding and that wasn't good for anyone at all. When she gets like that I usually give her space since I remember the last time I was the poor person she snapped on, if it hadn't been for Evan playing mediator we might not have been friends right now.

"Oh really now, hm let's see." I watched as Mrs. Fujimori look over the class before she smiled and her eyes settled on another kid who always messed with Storm, a girl named Miyako Inoue.

"Ms. Inoue ask Ms. Aleister a question." When I heard that I think she asked her on purpose since it was common knowledge that Miyako absolutely hated Storm's guts.

"I know just the question. What's the girl's brother's middle name?" It had been said a few moments ago and Storm narrowed her eyes at Miyako.

"Admit it that you don't know it so we can continue with class." Storm growled ever so slightly and I saw Evan face palm and I actually did to when it dawned on me, Storm was pissed off.

"His middle name is Andrew." She nearly spat the words out.

This is lovely, I get to deal with an annoyed Storm until after lunch. I really don't think it's a good idea to make Storm mad. It's never a good idea to make her or Evan mad actually.

I quickly caught up with Storm and Evan, as quietly as I could. I wanted to get them back for scaring the shit out of me a few weeks ago. They showed up a few weeks ago suddenly and I didn't even know until they popped up out of nowhere when I was in the middle of my thoughts.

"…that feeling earlier on." I blinked and I thought about what I could have possible caught a part of.

"I know Storm but just keep your head down for now. It's best that you don't get mixed up with that." With Evan's words I had got a feeling they were talking about when Miyako tried to make Storm fight her after the third class.

"But they pissed me off so badly! I understand where you're coming from don't get me wrong Evan but still I can't believe them! I want to fight them but I won't, not until you say I can at least but you are aware even I have a point of no return." I smiled and I placed one of my hands on each of their shoulders.

They both jumped but I regretted my actions a few seconds later. I groaned when my feet were kicked out from under me and I crashed to the ground. Oh god that hurt. I rubbed my lower back and I looked up at them. Storm's brownish red eyes were wide and she had her mouth covered while Evan just sighed and ran his figures through his blonde hair while I could tell that he found his funny since his red eyes danced with unexpressed laughter.

"You really shouldn't have snuck up on us Koichi." I just shot a glare at Evan but Storm offered me her hand.

"Sorry 'bout that." I accepted her hand up and once I was up I glanced out the window.

I thought back to the text that I had gotten last class from Kari. Apparently earlier on today Daemon had stalked them so they skipped school. She also told me that Chrono, the white-haired girl from the train station that day, was actually the same Chrono that had wielded the bow. Chrono was on our side so that was good to know but now that she was spotted with them she might become a target of the Demon Lords. I sighed, I might regret this but she did say that we needed to discuss something important so if I could I should try to get away from school or I had to go straight to them after school.

"Something wrong Koichi?" I looked to Storm and I noticed that Evan had a far off look but his red eyes were narrowed and they now had a dangerous gleam to them.

"If I promise not to get you caught, think you can help me sneak out after lunch?" Storm seemed completely surprised by my request but then again I always followed the rules at least when it came to school at least.

"Why?" I thought of how to explain it the best I could without making them worry, I owed them the truth since they might just become targets for hostages or something.

"It's just, I got a texted from a friend last class and I need to meet up with her." I noticed that the small smile that Storm had gained fell before it came back but weaker and a bit forced.

"Who's your girlfriend?" I looked to Evan who had decided to rejoin our world once again.

"Her name's Kari Kanbara, she's Takuya's sister." After I spoke the words did I realize what Evan had said.

"So you're with Takuya's sister, I thought he only had a brother?" I narrowed my eyes at him and he smirked.

"Kari isn't my girlfriend! She's a friend, a friend that just happens to be a girl! Oh why am I even trying to explain this to you?" He laughed and I heard Storm sigh.

"Yeah I'll spring ya from jail." I looked at her for that one was referring to school as jail really needed?

"Follow me after lunch and we'll be gone, they probably won't catch us unless someone tells them and well if someone tells on me Evan's getting hit for being a tattle tail." We began towards the lunch room but my mind drifted back to Kari's text.

I couldn't believe what else she had told me. Takuya had been controlled, he had nearly hurt her and she managed to hurt her wrist more. I also recalled that she had somehow managed to use darkness to repel him, darkness was my element. At that thought I smiled slightly, the darkness wasn't always evil. The darkness can also be a force that can protect just as much as it can be a force to destroy. Also how she ended the text, I never really texted her before so I don't know if she ends all of her texts that way.

"Koichi!" I jumped and I looked to Storm who was once again in a bad mood, her arms her crossed and I could tell she was brooding and I just prayed that I wasn't the poor person she let her anger out upon.

"Yeah Storm?" She sighed and shook her head.

"Never mind, go get your lunch." That surprised; I watched as they went to our normal table and sat down.

Storm pulled out a lunch box as did Evan. Storm usually spilt her lunch with me so I didn't waste over half of our lunch waiting in line to get a lunch that I would more than likely not get to eat. Her shoulders were tense and I could tell she was ranting to poor Evan again. I turned around and headed towards the lunch line.

"…nerve of some people! They think I have to take their shit!" I just shook my head when I heard that little bit of her rant.

She really hated it when people messed with her and it's been a struggle for not to get into a fight. She managed somehow to keep her school record scot clean so far which was an impressive feat for how much people haven messed with her. I really was waiting for the day that either I or Evan would have to pull her off of someone. I looked at them, they were odd but they were really good friends.