Living in Silence

I concentrate on the other trainer's lips, zoning out everything else in the stadium. Go.. Chi.. Chikorita! Where'd she get one of those? It's a Johto Pokémon, and we're fighting in Kanto!
I glance at the Poké Balls on my wrist. I toss out a Ball, Growlithe and Chikorita stand in the grass apprehensively.
The trainer's lips move again. Vine.. Whip! I sign to my twin sister, Jo. She yells out the attack, and a spurt of flame issues from Growlithe's mouth. The Chikorita struggles to stand, but it falls over, unconscious. Its trainer hops over the side of the trainer's box, picks it up and recalls it. Once she's back up, she pulls out another ball. Sui.. SUICUNE?!? I thought it didn't exist! This trainer has one of the Legendaries?
The umpire puts his hands up, signaling a time out. I collapse in relief, and Jo and I start a rapid sign language conversation. Growlithe and Suicune pace each other, still slightly suspicious, and Growlithe a little over-awed.

The umpire walks back to the arena. He shouts something out, and Jo translates it to me. Yes, a Legendary battle is legal...
I recall Growlithe. He wouldn't last a minute against a Water type, let alone a Water Legendary. I think a minute, then throw another Poké Ball out. Jolteon leaps out of the Ball and stands silently. More signing, the race is fierce. Suicune is very fast. But Jolteon is faster. The Pokémon are barely visible.
I make the motions for Double Team, and Jo calls. There are more Jolteons on the field. I sign Pin Missile: the Suicune, cornered by the multiple Jolteons, faints from the electic pins sticking into it. I grin. Just beat a Legendary at Indigo Plateau.. Now that's not something you hear every day. The Suicune is recalled. Its trainer has one Pokémon left. Knowing her style by now, I know she will send out either a Rock, Ground, or Fighting type... But I am ready for her.
Hitmon... Top. There's something new. It's a Hitmon, so it's obviously a Fighting type. I recall Jolteon and toss out another Ball. The small Hitmontop is easily overwhelmed by the giant Scyther in front of it, its eyes grow wide and it flees from the field. I am declared the winner.

Later, I see the Hitmontop and its trainer. It is mildly scolded, then the pair go out to train. Jo and I smile. This trainer is the fastest to get over losing to us yet, she is obviously a caring trainer.
Silently, as I have been living for fourteen years, we turn to head back to the Center.