Pairing, word count, rating: Chuck/Casey, 350 words, Mature Adult

"Oh, God, don't stop!" Chuck pushed back into the curl of the older man's hips, moaning as the thick, hard length slid deliciously into him. "So good, you feel so good, please, Casey-" Teeth bit down on the back of his neck and he cried out.

"Don't you ever shut up?" Casey panted, his rhythm never faltering, fucking relentlessly into the slim body in front of him. He gripped Chuck's hip with one rough hand, the other supporting his weight as he arched over the younger man.

"Sorry, no, I'll- Oh, fuck! Yes, there! God, please, please, just touch me," Chuck begged, his fists clenched around handfuls of sheet.

Casey laughed, a low, dark sound that vibrated through them both and made Chuck cry out and shiver. "You'll come from this, just from my cock up your ass," he promised, and the young man whimpered. Suddenly, Casey planted a hand between Chuck's shoulder blades and pushed hard, sending him face-down onto the bed. He straightened up, taking hold of Chuck's hips, and began to piston into him with fast, short jabs that forced moan after moan out of the man beneath him.

With a wordless shout, Chuck convulsed around him, coming hard, wave after wave pulsing through him and out of his dick as Casey tagged his prostate again and again, until he was so spent and overstimulated he could do nothing more than shake. One thrust away from being unbearable, Casey let himself come, buried to the hilt in the younger man's ass. With a grunt, he emptied himself into the condom, then pulled out before he had the chance to go soft. A handful of tissues later, Casey had them both cleaned up and tucked under the comforter.

"Happy birthday," he said softly, pressing a kiss to the sweat-damp curls at Chuck's temple. The younger man sighed happily and snuggled closer.

"Best present ever," he murmured sleepily, his eyes closed and body already falling lax into sleep.

Casey wrapped his arms around his lover and made a silent vow to do everything in his power to ensure Chuck lived to reach his next birthday.