The Earth Needs More Halflings.

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Hey! This is my attempt at a sequel to 'Is She Psychotic or Sane?' I would strongly recommend reading that first if you haven't. If you have, sit back, relax, and enjoy this sequel of mine. I may do a little bit of jumping through time from the end of season two to season four. But that's okay with you guys, right? Let's get cracking!

The day Sam called to tell her that they had managed to kill Yellow Eyes was very close to the happiest day of Lucy's life. She sat there speechless for a few moments, just trying to process what she had heard.

"He's gone?" She whispered into the phone.

"Yes. Are you okay?" Sam said, worried.

"Yes. Just a little shocked." She said, breathless.

"It's okay to be sad. He was your father, even if you did have a bit of an estranged relationship."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm happy. Just a little shocked. How did you guys do it?"

"Do you remember when we told you about the Colt?" She did remember them calling and saying that they had something to kill him with.


"We got him with that. And, there's something else." This got her worried.

"What is it?"

"The gates to Hell were opened briefly; it was Yellow Eyes' plan. But, we saw your mother and our father. Their spirits ascended into somewhere better, maybe Heaven. You don't have to worry about her any more!" A set of tears slipped down her cheeks.

"Thank you. Thank you both so much. There aren't even words." She muttered out between tears.

"I know. Take care." She nodded, even though she knew they couldn't hear her. "Hey, Lucy?" He asked her.


"We're nearby, do you want us to stop by and say hello? We could meet at that diner in town."

"That would be great."

"Perfect. We'll be there around noon tomorrow. See you then." And they both hung up. Marie marched into the room that was now Lucy's at their house and saw the tears on her face.

"What's wrong?" She asked, laying a hand on Lucy's shoulder. Tears came spilling from her eyes and she laid her head on Marie's shoulder.

"Yellow Eyes is dead. My father is dead. And my mother is okay; it's all okay now." She laughed and cried, and Marie, even though she wasn't sure what she meant by 'My mother is okay now', she laughed and held Lucy, glad her friend would finally get closure. Lucy told Marie of her plans to meet up with the brothers tomorrow for lunch and asked Marie to come along, which she agreed to. Marie asked her mother for money for lunch, which she reluctantly gave, and drove them to Big Papa's Diner. At the diner, they sat in a booth, the booth that had come to be Marie and Lucy's booth, because they sit in it every time they go there. When the brothers came into the diner and sat down, they did not look as happy as Lucy thought they should have. They had just killed the demon that made it his life mission to ruin theirs!

"Are you guys okay?" Lucy asked them, giving them concerned looks.

"Yes, we're fine." Muttered Dean.

"No, we're not fine!" Yelled Sam. "Tell Lucy what you did!"

"What did you do?"

"Nothing. Can we not talk about it here?" Dean was practically begging him.

"Dean made a deal with a demon. I died so he made a deal to bring me back. And now he's going to Hell in a year." Lucy gasped. She knew how deals had ruined all their lives.

When it was Dean's last day on earth, they stopped by at her new home with Marie. They were on their way to try to stop the demon holding Dean's deal in Indiana, and they wanted to stop to say goodbye; just in case. Dean stood at the door with an exhausted look on his face. He knew if Lucy answered the door he might see her demon form, because he could at this point in time, but when she opened the door, it was just Lucy, with her bright green eyes and her bouncy brown curls. He was grateful that she did not have an alternative demon form, and he knew, because she is half human, that that was who she really was; her true form. So they hugged and said their goodbyes, and she met Bobby Singer for the first time. When Dean died, she came to his funeral at Bobby's house. It was a long trip, but she knew it was worth it, to say goodbye to an old friend who had saved her on many occasions. She stayed at Bobby's for a few weeks, trying to bring some comfort to Sam, but he was closed off. He didn't want her help. She was okay with that. She just wanted to be there in case he opened up. She made dinners for them and baked cookies. She left after a while, though. Sam would never say it, but she knew he didn't want her there.

One day, about four months later, there came a knock at the door. Lucy was tired, so she made Marie get it. "Lucy, you should come see this." Was all Marie yelled, but she got up and went to see what was so important. At the door stood Dean, Sam, and Bobby Singer. But her eyes were glued on Dean.

"You- You're, I mean, I thought you were-" Dean just smiled.

"Not any more." Lucy didn't care how. She was just glad there weren't anymore people important to her in Hell. She hugged him so tightly that she thought she was killing him and the tears from four months ago began to fall from her face again. She went back to Bobby's house with them and stayed there to try and help figure out what had brought Dean back. In all honesty, it really didn't matter to her. She only really cared that he was home again, but the handprint on his shoulder was freaking her out, so she decided to help.

"I would guess demon, but is there one powerful enough? And, if there is, why would they want to get you out?" Sam inquired while flipping through some books on legends and superstition. Before they could figure it out, Lucy had to go back home. The school year was starting up again and she couldn't miss it.

"Call me if you find anything, okay?" She told the brothers before she got on her plane home. They agreed. After the first day of school, Marie and Lucy sat at their kitchen counter eating more ice cream from Belle's Iced Creams (They had gotten the golden membership after Lucy's mother died). The doorbell rang and Marie moaned.

"I nominate you to get it. I'm so full, if I move I'll explode." So Lucy got the door. And what she found there was more astounding that anything she had seen in the last few months.

It was the woman in white from her dream.