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Chapter 1:

The Ocean and the Past

The sun began to rise over the Jump City where all of the Teen Titans are peacefully sleeping in their own beds at the tower. All, but except one; in the messy, green room. Clothes are all over the floor, even the leftovers tofu take-out containers which are starting to mold. On the top of the green bunk bed, a green boy, lying on his back to his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling and the tears are forming out of his emerald eyes. He had been dreading for this day to come ever since he was only six years old. He is now fourteen and living in the tower with other four super heroes. His name is Garfield Mark Logan, but he goes as the name "Beast Boy" No one else knows it, in fact no one knows anything about him except that he is the prankster, loves video games and watching television, refused to eat meat. Beast Boy is outgoing, happy, and carefree boy. He always wear a grin on his face, wiggling his pointy ears, but all that was just an act, because eight years ago today, where everything changed before his eyes. Yes, he used to be all that long time ago, but now it was just an act.

Beast Boy slowly moving to sitting position on his bed, then jumped out and fell on the floor full of dirty clothes. 'Just not my day' Beast Boy thought. Slowly walking to the window, opening it then takes in the view.

The view of the ocean, the lighthouse not far away, and the Jump City which the sun is peeking and the rays flow through the buildings; it was beautiful day. Beast Boy loves the view; it always made him happy every morning, but not today. More tears came out of his eyes, he is now crying. 'I hate the ocean' He thought, 'I hate it how they are powerful, making up their own paths, swallows everything who tries to stand against the ocean' His hands clenches at the last thought, 'Swallows everything, even the ones I love'

Eight years ago, Garfield Mark Logan was no longer existed, he became Beast Boy. That won't happen if he never went with his world famous scientist parents to Africa to study new species of animals. Garfield always loved to see new kinds of animals, learning about them. Like his parents, Garfield was bright young boy. (Yep, you heard me right, Garfield is smart, but he often hides his intellect.) Garfield's parents heard about a rare green monkey that is currently roaming around the forest. Excitedly, the parents went to the forest and began to look for the green monkey, along with Garfield trailing behind them. Something caught his eyes while he was walking behind his parents, something in the bush. So, he left his parents and walked toward to the green bush. Discovering none, but he continued to walk further out of the trail. It wasn't long until he got lost, middle of tall trees around him. He was only six, terrified, panicked, looking for his parents. Then he saw a green monkey, lazily swing on the branch of one of the tree. He shouldn't have done what he did. He screamed which scared the green monkey and angers it as well. The green monkey attacked Garfield and bit him on his shoulder. Garfield passed out, who knows for how long. Luckily, his parents found him and bring him back to the tent. Garfield became ill with Sakutia. He was dying; his parents did everything for him. Finally, they found a cure. Garfield recovered, but he wasn't the same; his dirty blonde hair turned into green, his tanned skin turned into green as well, and his formally sapphire blue eyes is now emerald green. He could change into any animals of his choices. His parents didn't care, they were just happy to have him alive and together as family. Unfortunately, the family didn't last long.

In the green room, Beast Boy is now kneeling beside the window, trying to stop the tears from coming out. His sadness turns to anger; he grabs the curtains and closes it. His room darkened, he flopped on his bed once again. 'I hope that nothing happens today so I can just stay like this all day'. Luckily for him, his belt flashed red and the alarm sounded. With his ears, he could hear Robin yelled, "Titans Trouble!"

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