Chapter 33:

Tin Can's Letter

Cyborg and Raven looks at each other, then at the letter. Raven slowly reaches the letter with her shaky hands, the tears flooded her eyes. Before she could grab the letter, Cyborg stops her, "I can go if you want me to."

Raven glances at Cyborg's smiling face filled with tears and nods shakily.

Cyborg sighs, turning to his letter and grabs it. He slowly rip open and takes out the folded letter. Cyborg looks at Robin and Starfire who are sitting so closely, holding hands. He looks at Raven who tries so hard to control herself. Cyborg put his heavy metal hand on Raven's small gray hand, making her look up at him. Cyborg smiles a small smile. Raven takes a deep breath and smiles a ghost smile. Cyborg squeezes her hand before letting go.

He unfolds his best buddy's letter and shakily begins to read outloud.

Dear Cy…

Dear Cy,

Dude, where do I start? I couldn't ask for a better best friend. You are like my big brother I never had. When I first met you, dude, I have never seen anyone so angry. You hated yourself because the way you look. I still remember when you pulled your hood off and told me to take a good long look at your face. You said you were a monster and I mentally chuckled because I know what's it like to be a monster and you are far from being the one. I didn't care how you looked. I was in awed how advanced your technology was. It was far more advanced than Robot Man. That's why I said you looked like a Robot Man 2.0. You were less angry after we formed a team, but the fact that you are half robot still bothered you. No matter how many times I've told you that you are human just like rest of the humans, you still dwell on the fact you are part robot. I was thrilled when you beat Atlas and you beat your limits. You proved that you are more human than robot.

Dude, please remember that. You are human, no matter what they say.

Tin Can, there's no one else I'd be rather to play video games with or playing pranks with or even arguing about how awful meats are. All of my life, I feel like I'm worthless until I met you. You made me feel like I'm somebody. I'll miss you Cy and I'm sorry how things turns out. I know that you probably feel guilty over my death, don't. It's not your fault. I know it's hard to deal with the fact that your best friend was a villain and the fact that I kill. I'm sorry. Now you know why I'm so against meat. The reason why I don't eat meat is because I've been those animals, but also because they remained me of human flesh. The bones, the blood, and the tenderness, all of it makes my mouth drool. Don't feel guilty for eating meat in front of me all of those years, I understand. Meat are delicious, I admit it.

Cyborg, you are my best pal, don't wallow in guilt. Move on, it's better that way. Don't stay in the garage and fix your "baby" and shut your teammates away. Go play a prank on Robin, go to park and BBQ your meat, play video games with Robin and Starfire and Raven if you can, or meet a girl. You will feel better that way instead of trapping yourself in garage in self-pity. I know you Cy… It's ok to fix your car, but don't trap yourself down there for days.

Thank you for being the best big brother, being my best friend, and being there for me throughout.

Make sure that Robin doesn't get too uptight, engage an activity with Starfire, and include Raven with everything you do.

Your Best Friend,

Beast Boy

P.S. Look who got the high scores on Mega Monkey 3. Beat that Tin Can.

Cyborg quickly diverts his attention to the game station, debating whether it's good idea to check at the time like this.

He glances at his teammates who are trying to keep a straight face. Cyborg made an eye contact with Robin, "Hey man, I know this isn't the best time but… I gotta know."

Robin smirks, "Go ahead."

Cyborg walks to the game station and turns it on. The screen flashes the scores on it and Cyborg grits his teeth.

Beast Boy….. 1,567,389,934 pts.

Cyborg…. 2,857,345 pts.

"That's impossible man!" Cyborg flinging his arms toward to the screen, "How did he find time to score that high?!"

Robin laughs, "Seems like Beast Boy got the last laugh."

Cyborg flops back on the couch and mutters, "Man, I've a long way to go to top that score…"

Cyborg takes another look at the scores on the screen, "Or maybe I'll just let him have this one. After all, this is his favorite game."

The rest of teammates follow Cyborg's gaze onto the screen.

"So, that will be the memory of Beast Boy…" Raven smiles a ghost smile, "How fitting."

The teammates chuckle at that remark.

"Indeed" Starfire nods, smiling a sad smile, "It feels like Friend Beast Boy is still here, yes?"

Robin frowns sadly nods, "It does… It's amazing how he can do that."

Cyborg, with his teary eyes glued to the screen, "Amazing…"

The team was quiet, except for sniffling from each, for a while. Cyborg wipes his human eye then picks the remote and turns the TV off.

Cyborg sighs and turns to Raven, "Your turn…"

Raven stares at Cyborg with wide eyes, and then switch the attention to the letters. Raven sniffles and wipes her eyes before picking up the letter.

Cyborg gulps heavily as Robin wraps his arm around Starfire's shoulders, letting Starfire curl on his already soaked shirt.

Raven holds the letter shakily and looks up at her teammates, 'No, not teammates… My family' she thought as she looks at each person.

Robin nods at Raven reassuredly with a small smile. Even though Raven couldn't see his eyes, but she knew that they are puffy, red and filled with tears. Raven and Robin understood each other; they have that bond between them. They are like a twin brother and sister.

Raven turns toward to Starfire who is curling against Robin's chest. Her bright green eyes are full of tears. Despite how girly Starfire is, Raven is glad that there is a girl on the team beside herself. Those endless girl talks, trips to mall, and the mutual understanding between them; despite how much Raven hates it, but she wouldn't have it other way. Starfire is like a sister to Raven.

Finally, she looks at big, half robot man next to her who smiles at her as the tears pouring out of his human eye. Cyborg have always been there for Raven whether it's just to talk or just sitting next to each other in comfy silence. Raven loves to go into the garage and help him with his "baby". Cyborg understood her easily, respect her boundaries, and always there to welcome her. That and his famous waffles that Raven would die for. Raven returns a smile to her protective older brother before redirect her eyes onto the letter.

Raven carefully open envelop as she looks back on her relationship with Beast Boy. Raven knew that when she first met him, she found him annoying. She thought about each relationship with the Titans. Those relationship was different compared hers with Beast Boy. At first she thought he was like her annoying little brother, but it never felt right. Raven sighs, it was only recently when she found out that she loved him, not as a brother, but as significant other.

Raven tries to not to cry as she pulls out the letter.

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