Alright my first fanfic, I'm so excited…Let's Go!

Luffy continues another adventure of High School with his friends and enemies. Although separated by grade, Luffy enjoys the nice company of his best pals, the so-called Strawhats! They've had many pleasant times together such as playing pirate, but now their in High School and have jobs and whatnot. But somehow Luffy keeps pulling them in weird and sometimes romantic situations.

It's the first day of school for our Straw hat wearing hero. Today starts the 10th year for Luffy , and he was so excited for school so he could meet his friends again, he decided to sleep outside next to the bus stop.

Honk! A car made, making Luffy suddenly wake up alarmed.

"Aaagh!" "What the heck was that?",Luffy screamed.

"Oh, Luffy you're finally up", said a green haired boy.

"Huh?" Luffy said as he looked around, "Oh, Zoro, it's you!"

"S'up Luffy", Zoro said blankly.

"Is that all you have to say Zoro?" "We're starting school again!"

"Yeah, sorry I'm not excited about school", Zoro stated sarcastically.

"You should be sorry", said Luffy, while crossing his arms and puffing his lip, not getting sarcasm.

"Hey, guys!" yelled an orange-haired woman from across the street.

"Oi, Nami!" "Are you as excited for school as I am?" yelled Luffy from the other side of the street.

"Um…sure", she said, not really paying attention, because she was waiting for the light to say 'walk'.

Just then a young man lurked behind Nami, and he put his hand on her shoulder.

"What's up Nami" The boy said which startled the girl not knowing someone was behind her until now.

"Eeeeeeek!" Nami screamed while elbowing the boy in the face, then realizing what nose she almost broke.

"Oh, Usopp" "I'm so sorry" she said half heartedly, because after all he did spook her.

"It's quite alright, said Usopp rubbing his face. "I'm used to you hitting me"

Nami made a slight grin while Zoro and Luffy were laughing at the red elbow mark that was on Usopp's face.

Usopp we can cross the street now Nami said while tugging on Usopp and pointing at the light that said 'walk'.

"Hey Usopp, how have you been!" yelled Luffy while Nami and Usopp were in the middle of the street.

"I'm…" Usopp began as he saw a truck heading straight towards them.

"Holy crap!" Usopp yelled, while Nami stood their in fear.

The car was just a few feet from hitting them, and before Luffy and Zoro could help them, Usopp was kicked to safety, and Nami was in the hands (bridal style) of the cooking gentlemen, Sanji.

The truck that almost hit Usopp and Nami kept driving away, which caused a frown on Sanji's face.

"Who do they think they are", Sanji said as he gently put Nami down and loosened his tie.

"Aw man", grumbled Zoro, why'd you have to come to school", he said.

"What do you mean by that?" Sanji said while staring Zoro in the eyes, "Marimo?"

Zoro stepped up right in front of Sanji, stared at him, and said "I don't like seeing your twirly eyebrow everywhere I go, it's the reason I can't concentrate in school.

What'd you say about my eyebrow! Sanji yelled.

"Guys knock it off, school hasn't even begun and you're already fighting, said Nami a little irritated.

Anything for you Nami-swan, Sanji said with heart replacing his eye.

"Hey why does Nami get gingerly saved and I get a shoe to the face!" Usopp yelled, with a shoe and elbow mark on his face.

Luffy just kept laughing at Usopp.

"Because he loves women", Nami and Zoro said in unison.

"How'd we just do that? Nami and Zoro said in unison again.

"This is freaking me out!, they both yelled in unison

The other three at the bus stop just stared in awe and jealousy (Sanji).

They both put their heads together and said "Quit copying me!

Then they stopped when they heard a voice, "What's all the ruckus guys? Said a cheery girl with blue hair.

"Nothing", Nami and Zoro said in unison, with their heads still touching.

Then Zoro realized how close he was to Nami and blushed and backed away.

'Thankfully she didn't notice the blush', thought Zoro.

"Hey Vivi!" said the cheery Straw hat wearing boy. "Are you ready for school!"

"Of course", she replied. "Not to be rude, Luffy, but why are you so excited to go back to school? Don't you always get into trouble?"

"Yeah, but I don't care about that. To me this is another year of adventure."

"In detention", Nami added.

"Yeah, but that's fine because one way or another you guys eventually join me in detention." Luffy remarked.

"We know!" they all said in anger.

"U..uummm….excuse me" said a little voice the caught their attention.

"Is this the bus to One Piece High", a shy voice said.

"Oh! It's our little deer friend from this summer", said Nami

"Oh Hey dude", said Sanji

"Oi Chopper! How's it going?" said Luffy.

Chopper face became cheery after seeing his three friends. "Hey guys!" he said.

"I'm sorry who is this", asked Zoro and Usopp in unison.

"Not again", Zoro grumbled to himself.

"Oh, right you guys haven't met Chopper yet!" said Nami.

"Me, Nami, and Luffy met him over summer in the ice cream shop", said Sanji.

"I made him join our little group", said Luffy with a huge grin, "Isn't he just so awesome!"

"Yeah he is certainly awesome" said Vivi with a puzzled look, "…but he's a deer that can talk." "That's a little strange", she said.

"Yeah but its not that uncommon", said Usopp, "remember our music teacher and our engineering teacher?" Usopp reminded Vivi.

Oh, right. Vivi said which caused her to sweat drop when she thought about it.

"Oh yeah Chopper I've been meaning to ask you, were your parents a human and a deer?" asked Luffy.

Chopper nodded his head 'yes' and said "I don't really like talking about".

Luffy started laughing, "Your family is goofy. Hahaha."

Everyone else at the bus stop pictured a male deer and a female deer, and just stood their ashamed of what they were thinking until the bus came.

"Why has everyone been so quiet?" asked Chopper to Luffy as they were getting on the bus.

"I don't know" said Luffy as he sat next to Usopp in the front.

Chopper looked around nervously on wear to sit. He was embarrassed cause he thought people were staring at him…which they were.

"Hey Chopper we've got room for one more" said Luffy as Usopp grinned to Chopper.

"T-Thanks guys" said Chopper as he sat down.

Nami and Vivi sat nearer to the back, with Sanji sitting behind them secretly smelling their hair.

Vivi heard a slight 'sniff' and she chuckled.

Nami heard a slight 'sniff' and she reached behind, grabbed Sanji, and then knocked him out.

Zoro sat second to the back and was already asleep, unaware the people next to him were drawing a moustache on his face.

"Nice", said Johnny

"I know", said Yosaku

Everyone on the bus talked excitedly for school until they heard a boy start singing and of course the boy was Luffy.

"School, school, school, schooool!" sang Luffy while getting out of his seat.

School is a grand place!

School is so much fun!

When I'm with my friends, school is awesome!" Luffy kept singing out of any kind of tune.

"Who are your friends you dork!" Said someone on the bus.

"They're probably lame people too", said another.

"Well my friends aaaarrrreeee!" Luffy began to sing again.


Zoro suddenly woke up yelling "Is it morning already?"


Usopp excitedly waved his hand around.


Vivi just looked into her window with an embarrassed face.


Chopper just grinned in excitement because he was included.

My sweet Nami, Luffy screamed out another name!

Nami had embarrassment on her face with a little bit of confusement not knowing what Luffy meant by 'his sweet Nami'.

The people on the bus just laughed their butts off hearing about Luffy's friends.

Luffy then sat down next to Chopper and grinned.

Sanji sighed in relief when his name wasn't called.

Luffy stood back up and said "Oh, yeah and Sanji too!

Sanji began faintly crying when he heard the other kids laughing at him.

Vivi turned around, patted him on the head and said. "There, there, Sanji. You almost made it."

Sanji continued crying only because he wanted Vivi to comfort him.

Luffy chuckled and sat back down then he pointed outside. Look Chopper there's our school!

Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp all giggled as they approached One Piece High.

Alright one chapter done. Can't wait to get to the next one!