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The picture


"Rainbow monkeys, rainbow monkeys oh so very round and super chunky. Bringing lover where ever the..." slam.

Kuki turned off her purple rainbow monkey alarm clock and lazily opened her autumn colored eyes.

She lifted herself up with her elbows to get a better look at the time; seven am.

"Eugh" she groaned slumping her head back onto the pillow

She really didn't feel like waking up or going to school, or anything at all for that matter today.

She turned to her side, facing her window trying to recall that odd dream she had had. It was all so fuzzy and unclear, as though somewhere in her mind she knew essence of the dream, maybe even the entire dream step by step; and yet she couldn't remember any of the dream at all.

It made her frustrated, making her want to go back to sleep and see if she could catch a glimpse of the dream again, wishing she could force her mind to just remember something. Anything!

"Kuki! Time to get up!" her mother yelled coming up the stairs.

She knocked the door to Mushi's room violently

"You too Mushi!"

Kuki could hear rather annoyed, and very grumpy groan coming from Mushi's room, so loud an piecing and impossible to ignore, so instead Kuki decided that maybe it was better to jut get up and get started with the day.

She tossed her blanket lazily off of her body and was greeted by the chill of not having it upon her, even though it was summer it felt a little chilly not having the blanket on her.

Kuki just liked to have it warm and cozy; and her blanket could always provide that for her no matter what season it was.

She went to her closet picking out one of her favorite green T-shirts and a pair of black slim fits.

She knew she was going to be having it warm when wearing this, but she couldn't help it when these were her favorite jeans.

If she just could remember that dreaded dream.

She sat on a chair in front of a mirror and looked herself eye to eye the mirror as she brushed her hair.

Maybe she should consider cutting her long hair?

It was so warm in the summer, so annoying to wash and brush. It was just too long.

She found an elastic band for her hair and collected it in her neck to put it in a ponytail.

She closed her eyes and concentrated again, trying to see the dream for her.

How come it had seemed so clear just when she came to her wake but now it was all gone?

Lost in a thick fog she would never be able to see anything through.

"I will see you girls after school" Genki cheered, waving at her girls from the door.

Her company had ordered her to take a two week vacation to devote some time to her family instead of always over working herself so much.

Genki was a very strict and career driven woman, who put a lot of devotion to the company she was working for, she tried her best to bring her daughters up by the same traditions she had been brought up with in Japan by her parents.

She wanted her daughters to succeed and be good and get a good job and bring the family honor.

Well honor they probably had enough f, she just wished the best for her daughters by wishing them to have good futures, with good jobs and good husbands who had been brought up by good families and were able to get good positions.

It wasn't' a bad thing, but sometimes Kuki could feel the pressure weighing her down a bit. She had to already start considering her future and considering what to make of herself and become good at mastering that.

And it was that simple thing, of having to plan so far ahead in her future that made her scared, and made her want to just be able to escape from all the tensity sometimes and just be her own person.

Maybe find out where her childhood memories had gone and if she could somehow recall them if she had time to just sit down and not care to think about those things that were so uncertain and so ahead in the future.

"See you later mom" Kuki smiled at her mother

No, she didn't hate her mother and she never would, but sometimes she really wished her mother would enlighten a little and try not to pressure the girls so much.

"Ya ya, see you mom" Mushi grumbled, frowning a little.

Mushi had changed a lot and her behavior was far from the best; maybe her way of rebelling?

Kuki wasn't really sure what it was but something about her sister was just so saddening to witness.

Her sudden change form innocent child to rebellious eleven-year-old girl with an attitude problem sneaking up on her.

"And the prize for spacing out, once again, goes to Kuki!"

The rest of the small group laughed.

Sometimes Kuki didn't fancy her friends too much, not that they were bad people, not at all; not even close. It was just that they could get on her nerves and there were so many things they would never understand about her, things she didn't even fully understand herself.

She looked at the girl who had blurted it out, she had orange hair with a blonde hue to it and ocean green eyes with a blue hue to them; her name was Amber Stanton.

Amber, Sally and Freya were practically inseparable, Kuki had been friends with them since she started in junior high, but a lot of times she felt so strangely left out, no matter how involved she was in everything the four girls did together.

"I'm sorry okay" Kuki accidentally snapped "I just... I had such a strange dream and it's I can't remember any of it! It's annoying!"

"Okay okay, chill" Amber said raising her hands defensively, yet teasingly.

The other two girls laughed a little.

Kuki looked first at Sally, who was half American half African, then at Freya who was all Scandinavian.

Freya said something about her having moved to America when her father got transferred two years ago, but because English was a world language she had had it since the age of ten; still she had a but of an accent when talking sometimes.

She had that very typical characteristic Scandinavian look, blond hair, blue eyes, Caucasian.

Sally was not really anyone you could place under any 'typical' stereotype what so ever.

Her skin had a light 'chocolate' color and her hair was black, thick and smooth. It almost looked like silk when the sun beamed just right on it. Her eyes were chocolate colored as well, and sometimes when the light hit them they could look almost orange.

Kuki rolled her eyes a little at them, they would never understand her. No one would.

Not her parents, not her sister, not her friends, not herself; no one.

Why did she always end up feeling so empty? So hollow? So alone?

She knew her family loved her, and she knew her friends loved her, and she was pretty sure she liked who she was, or who she thought she was.

She needed to know where this feeling of emptiness was coming from, where it had it's roots, if it had anything to do with her memory loss from her childhood.

If she could just remember that dream!

She didn't know why, but she felt so certain that it held some kind of key to understand her feeling of missing something, or maybe someone in her life.


Fireworks exploded somewhere in the distance, all he colors of the rainbow enlightening the sky, blasting off, but something was different about them. But for some reason she didn't make her feel excited.

They seemed dangerous and cold and it seemed as though they were aiming, downwards?

Her dream self, who was just ten-years-old, squeezed her eyes together to get a better look at the fireworks.

They were aiming downwards, directly towards her!

She was numb, nailed to her spot on the soft cold grass.

What was she even doing out so late?

The fireworks came closer and closer to her, burning red an dangerous, she could almost fell the heat of them when someone took a firm grip around her wrist, and dragged her away.

She could feel on the size of the had, that whoever pulled at her was probably no older than she; and suddenly she fell to the ground and the fireworks hit the empty spot where she had been standing just five seconds ago.

But as she fell she never hit the grass. She just kept on falling and a falling and falling.


Kuki landed hard on the floor of her bedroom and got woken by the sudden impact of solid ground beneath her.

She rubbed the side of her left arm which had hit the ground first and sat up looking around her. Her hair was a cascade of mess and she felt sweaty and tried to catch her breath.

Again she had had that strange dream, it still seemed so foggy but at least this time she could make out some of it.

Fireworks, and someone pulling at her because something about it had gone horribly wrong.

She rubbed her head and looked at her rainbow monkey alarm clock, it was only eight am, and it was even Saturday.

She groaned in annoyance and dragged herself back to bed; she wanted to have some more hours of sweet sleep.

As she lay down and pulled the cover over her she wished inwardly she wouldn't fall through the ground and down to her bedroom floor if she ever had that dream again.

She knew she had to hurry, she had to hide it, she had to make sure that she could keep at least some of the things that really meant something to her.

She knew it was against the rules, and she really hated violating the rules, but she hated the thought of losing that prized photo even more than that.

She knelled before her closet and crawled into it; removed a few of he most prized rainbow monkeys and opened a secret room in the closet.

She got out a little box and took one last look at the photo.

Kuki could feel her dream self smile with a few regrettable tears in her eyes as she looked at the picture; but her tears fogged up all the faces on the picture so much she couldn't make out any face but her own.

Her own face was smiling happily to her dream self, holding her arm around some orange goo.
Even though her dream self was obviously very happy to see this picture, her subconscious mind felt so confused what about this picture, and the orange goo, was so special.

She put the picture in the box, hid it in the secret room of her closet, closed it and put her rainbow monkey in front of it and then; she suddenly was on the grass field again seeing fireworks coming in her direction, and an orange goo figure took hold of her wrist dragging her away, and he fell on the ground, and the fireworks exploded, and the grass field set on fire, and suddenly she was trapped in the middle of a circle of fire.

It was closing in on her, heating her, burning her and she screamed, but suddenly no one was there but her alone.

So she kept on screaming and screaming and screaming.

So warm

Help! Help!

"HELP!" she woke with a start, startled by her own screaming

Her mother cam in the room, a mixture of tiredness and panic painting her face

"What's happening Kuki dear?" she had been rushing out of bed and had a white silk robe pulled over her night dress.

Kuki's father, Kani, was right at her heels wearing a brown bathing robe with blue stripes. He looked ready to tear the head of whoever had made his oldest daughter scream in such terror.

"Nothing" Kuki said, catching her breath "I just had a bad dream; I got caught in fire"

Her father mumbled something about summer heat headed back to bed, but her mother looked at her a little worried.

"Do you want me to get you a glass of water? I need to get started with the day soon anyways"
"Thanks mom" Kuki smiled "That would be really nice"

Genki went down the stairs and looked at her alarm clock; to think she had been sleeping for tow more hours. It felt as though she had only had five more minutes of sleep.

Her mother came up with her glass of water and Kuki started getting up; she looked around in the room and it was as though it was only now she noticed the amount of plushies she had laying around in here.

She knew she had a lot of space in her closet and she knew she already had a few rainbow monkeys in there, she ought to put them all in boxes to make sure they didn't become too dusty.

Kuki went downstairs in her nightwear and saw her mother making coffee for herself as well as Kani and readying some breakfast for Kuki and Mushi.

"Mom do we have any moving boxes I can get, I need to put some of my plushies in them so I can put them in my closet. They are every where"

"Sure Kuki, right inside the closet under the stairs we have a bunch of moving boxes, take as many as you want"

Kuki took out about four boxes and started heading upstairs again

"Don't you want some breakfast first?" Genki asked

"Nah, I'll come down later mom"

And with that she went upstairs to pack.

She had already packed down the rainbow monkeys in her closet, and most of her plushies scattered around her room. She only needed to pack down her last rainbow monkeys, the plushies she had most of, her ultimate weakness.

She looked from one to the other, to the third, to the twentieth, or maybe even thirtieth.

"Ooh" her eyes felt watery "Don't look at me like that "She pleaded one of her red rainbow monkeys.

It seemed to look at her accusingly, with the fact that she might toss it away for good.

"I won't be that far away, I'll be right here it's just, I'm not a kid anymore and I need to make my room more... Presentable.

Not that you aren't pretty! You are very pretty and well kept and... Aaw, will you please stop giving me those eyes?"

The monkey stared emptily at her

"I know! I love you too and I'll miss you so much" she hugged the monkey tightly into her chest and put it in the box, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand.

Kuki hen let out a sigh and looked at her other monkeys; this was going to take a while.

She had picked out three rainbow monkeys to stay in her room

Her My first rainbow monkey, her Detective rainbow monkey and her Fun with fruits rainbow monkey which was orange and even smelled like oranges when you sniffed it.

These where the three she had kept out in the open, the others she had packed down, and now all that was left to do was to get those boxes in her closet.

She remembered her second dream and started wondering whether or not there actually was some sort of secret room in her closet. The thought of it seemed somewhat exciting though.

Kuki Sanban, the girl with a secret room in her closet, a room that held the secrets of... Well of what she didn't really know.

She crawled over to her closet, not bothering to take her boxes filed with plushies with her, she opened the closet and crawled inside of it, tossing some of her shoes in the opposite direction.

Surely enough, there was a small lid in here, a secret room!

Kuki felt it as though she could feel her heart pounding in her throat, and she had to swallow to get it back in place. She softly bit her lower lip and took the edge of the lid with shaking fingers; her nerves and curiosity was on edge.

She slowly and breathlessly opened the room, wondering what kind of secrets it would behold and why she couldn't remember having it there at all.

The lid was removed and time seemed to stand still, as Kuki saw a small box in he room. She look it out slowly and carefully, her throat dry from excitement, her hands shaking and her curiosity and senses on max.

She put the small box on her lap, took of the lid and looked inside.

The content made her heart sink a little, but still it creep her out to now that she had been dreaming about having a picture in her closet, and here she was, in real life, looking in her closet and finding the exactly same box with the exactly same photo in it.

Except this photo wasn't blurry and filled with goo figures around her, this picture was clear with other kids around her. All of them, including herself, were about ten years old, and she had absolutely no idea who the other kids in this photo were.

End of chapter one of "Operation reconnect"

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